AFL Grand Final Friday - It's Aussie Madness as a nation of footy-crazed fans celebrate their most popular sporting event!

AFL Grand Final Friday 2024 – September 27, 2024

If it’s Friday in Australia, then it’s Aussie Madness as a nation full of footy-crazed fans gets ready to celebrate its most popular sporting event on September 29, the AFL Grand Final Friday! On the final Friday of the month, at midday, a spectacular parade in Melbourne kicks off the Australian Football League Final that actually takes place the next day. It’s a public holiday in Victoria and the parade is a real crowd-puller. Fans line the streets to watch players, mascots, marching bands and other entertainers.  Yep, they do it big in Australia!

AFL Grand Final Friday timeline

VFL holds the first tournament

The Victorian Football League, which later becomes the AFL, holds the first round robin tournament among four teams.

League name changes to AFL

With the change in name, the competition begins including football teams from all the states in Australia.

Declared "Most Popular" by "Sweeney

The "Sweeney Sports Report" concludes that AFL is the most popular sport in Australia with the largest attendance and TV audience.

AFL Grand Final Friday Activities

  1. Watch the parade at midday

    First-come, first-served; so find the best seats by getting to the parade early. It starts at the Old Treasury Building and ends at Yarra Park.

  2. Wear your team colors

    Don’t just turn up for the parade — get into the game! Wear your team’s jersey, or beanie, paint your face or wear a mask. Today is all about the fans.

  3. Gear up for the final on Saturday

    The three Fs — footy, food and friends make the perfect backdrop for the most epic game day face-off. So, let's play ball!

5 Things Only Ballers Know About The AFL

  1. Footy was invented by cricketers

    We’re bowled over by the fact that three cricketers invented this game as a way to stay fit in cold weather. Wow!

  2. Some of the oldest football leagues are Down Under

    Melbourne and Geelong are two of the oldest — formed in the 19th century.

  3. It's all sorts of sports, actually

    Australian rules football or footy has been influenced by soccer, rugby, and even by a traditional Aboriginal ball game called Marngrook.

  4. Nobody likes winning the wooden spoon

    Nope! Not even when it’s imaginary. The team that finishes last is awarded an imaginary wooden spoon. Eat your shame!

  5. Beware the pig!

    Yes, you heard right! A pig inside the grounds once brought the game to a temporary halt. Snort!

Why We Love AFL Grand Final Friday

  1. AFL Football is Numero Uno!

    The AFL Grand Final attracts larger crowds than any other sporting event in Australia. (Uh, you have to be Australian to truly understand the excitement. But if you aren't, well, never mind.)

  2. You can watch the parade and see your favorite team

    Marching bands, a colorful motorcade, participating players, and roving entertainers. It's all about getting hyped over the big game.

  3. Grand Final Eve is a holiday

    Residents of Victoria love their holidays just like anybody else. Time to mingle and throw a prawn on the barbie (not the doll but the grill, just in case you're reading this outside of Australia and you're a little bit confused.)

AFL Grand Final Friday dates

Year Date Day
2021 September 24 Friday
2022 September 23 Friday
2023 September 29 Friday
2024 September 27 Friday
2025 September 26 Friday