Be Electrific Day - Be Electrific Day honors the birthday of Thomas Alva Edison and the greatest invention attributed to him — the light bulb.

Be Electrific Day 2025 – February 11, 2025

Be Electrific Day is celebrated annually on February 11. It is a day to honor and celebrate Thomas Alva Edison, one of the greatest scientists and inventors to have ever lived. However, Be Electrific Day is about so much more. ‘Electrific’ is an abbreviation of Electrification Project, which means to put light where light has not been before. It tells us to discover the electricity within us. Join us as we take you through the history and real meaning of this day.

History of Be Electrific Day

Be Electrific Day was invented by professional speaker, body language expert, and speech pathologist Carolyn Finch in 1988. She created this day to encourage people not only to learn more about electricity but also to explore the electricity in our own bodies. By this, she means “to put light where light has not been before.”Our bodily functions depend on the electrical currents that pass through our nervous systems. These send signals through our bodies and enable us to move, think, and feel. In fact, our whole body contains huge masses of atoms causing us to generate electricity that ensures our survival. Thus, electricity within our bodies is crucial to keeping us alive.As this day is also the birthday of Thomas Alva Edison, who fuelled the growth of technology and the modern world with his inventions, especially the modern light bulb, this day is also celebrated in honor of Edison.His inventions include the light bulb, phonograph, the motion picture camera, and hundreds of other gadgets. Edison is a genius inventor who greatly contributed to technology during the age of electricity. It was his inventions that paved the way for the modern technological advances of our age. Be Electrific Day is the day to celebrate his birthday and the electricity within our bodies. So, if you’re waiting for a day to be electric, today is the day.

Be Electrific Day timeline

The Birth of an Inventor

Thomas Alva Edison, one of America’s greatest inventors, is born.

His First Lab

Edison sets up his first lab in New Jersey.

The Legend Passes Away

Edison dies of old age in New Jersey

The First Be Electrific Day

Professional Speaker Carolyn Finch invents Be Electrific Day.

Be Electrific Day FAQs

How many inventions did Edison have?

Edison acquired a record number of 1,093 patents in 84 years.

Did the Civil War really inspire Edison to invent?

According to history, yes, the Civil War inspired Edison’s interest in inventing.

How many times did he fail before inventing the light bulb?

According to him, Edison failed 1,000 times before inventing the light bulb.

Be Electrific Day Activities

  1. Educate others

    This is your chance to educate your friends and family. Teach them about the significance of Edison in the history of the development of this world.

  2. Unleash the inventor in you

    Take an old toy motor car, experiment with it, or take out your motorcycle or any other gadgets in your home and experiment with them. Whatever you do, make sure you invent something.

  3. Organize an online event

    Organize an online event and invite others to talk and share information about their favorite inventions. You can also invite modern-age inventors or budding inventors in your locality to make it really interesting.

5 Important Facts About Edison And Electricity

  1. A patent for a vote-counting device

    Edison’s first patented invention was a vote-counting device that he invented in 1869.

  2. He had a poor hearing

    Edison became completely deaf in one year and partially deaf in the other as he grew older, and he thought this helped him concentrate better.

  3. He did not invent the light bulb

    Contrary to popular belief, Edison was not the sole inventor of the light bulb, a British inventor, Warren De La Rue, created one of the earliest light bulbs in 1840.

  4. Edison began the “cute cats” revolution

    Edison made one of the world’s first cat videos in 1893.

  5. Electricity is fast

    Electricity can travel at speeds of 6,696,000 miles per hour.

Why We Love Be Electrific Day

  1. It encourages us to be greater

    Be Electrific Day encourages us to be electrific and do what others think can’t be done. It makes us greater.

  2. We discover new and useful information

    In a world where most people think electricity is limited to cables and sockets, it tells us about the importance of electricity for the normal functioning of the human body. That’s electrifying!

  3. It is an ‘ode to’ a great inventor

    Not everybody knows about Edison’s valuable contribution to mankind and the world we see today. He has invented useful things beyond light bulbs, and this day serves to honor him.

Be Electrific Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 February 11 Saturday
2024 February 11 Sunday
2025 February 11 Tuesday
2026 February 11 Wednesday
2027 February 11 Thursday