Belly Laugh Day - Want to celebrate Belly Laugh Day? Let’s chuckle, chortle, giggle, guffaw or politely titter our way through this important day.

Belly Laugh Day 2025 – January 24, 2025

Belly Laugh Day is on January 24, and we’re here to help you celebrate the day in a way that will probably give you stomach cramps. Did you know that it has been more than 15 years since this day was first celebrated? Belly Laugh Day is a day to chuckle, laugh, and celebrate the good things in life. As Maya Angelou said,“ Just imagine if we laughed more frequently, if we had the unmitigated courage to touch each other, it would be just the beginning of paradise — now.”

History of Belly Laugh Day

Laughter has been a topic of interest for most philosophers and thinkers throughout history. According to the ancient Greek writer Herodotus, laughter was mainly classified into three types: “those who are innocent of wrongdoing, but ignorant of their vulnerability,” “those who are mad,” and “those who are overconfident.”In the 20th century, Henri Louis Bergson, a French philosopher, published his work, “Laughter: An essay on the Meaning of the Comic.” Ramon Mora Ripoll in his study which was named “The Therapeutic Value of Laughter in Medicine” believed that laughter had therapeutic and healing properties and could be used to treat certain ailments in patients. He believed that it was a tool to be shared, and also realized the importance of letting more people know about the benefits of laughter on the human body.In 2005, Elaine Helle, a professional yoga teacher, came up with the idea of Belly Laugh Day to celebrate laughter. Elaine believed that we celebrated many things in life, such as love and gratitude, but we often neglect the importance of laughter. And thus, Belly Laugh Day was born on January 24.

Belly Laugh Day timeline

900 B.C.
Solomon Writes A Proverb

King Solomon pens, “A cheerful heart is a good medicine” in what is now Proverbs 17:22.

452 B.C.
Herodotus Studies Laughter

Herodotus classifies laughter into different categories.

Henri Bergson Publishes His Book

Henri Bergson publishes “Laughter: An essay on the Meaning of the Comic.”

Laughter is found to be therapeutic

Researchers prove that laughter has a therapeutic effect on the body.

Belly Laugh Day

Elaine Helle creates Belly Laugh Day.

Belly Laugh Day FAQs

What does it mean to have a Belly Laugh Day?

On Belly Laugh day, we have a good, deep laugh. Laughter has been known to cause the tissue lining our blood vessels to expand and increase blood flow. This makes you feel more positive, boosts your immune systems, and you will feel generally happier!

When is Belly Laugh Bounce around the world?

On January 24 at 1:24 p.m. (local time) smile, throw your arms in the air, and laugh out loud. Join the Belly Laugh Bounce Around the World.

What do I do on Belly Laugh Day?

Belly Laugh Day traditions could be any activity that can make people laugh and smile. These can include the sending of emails, putting up posters, telling jokes, or clean and funny pranks.

Belly Laugh Day Activities

  1. Laugh out loud

    Laughter is shown to reduce blood pressure and release serotonin, which makes you feel good. Hence, just start laughing. You can either sit with friends and recall funny incidents, or you can just start laughing for no reason. Soon, everyone in the group will be laughing — it is contagious!

  2. Share it on social media

    Let everyone know that it's Belly Laugh Day and motivate them to laugh and smile. You can also share pictures of the activities you did on Belly Laugh Day and share them with friends and family on social media.

  3. Watch or read something funny

    What better way to celebrate this day. Watch a funny movie with your family or close friends and get on the laughter train. You can also read a funny book to laugh and relax.

5 Facts About Laughter That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. It boosts immunity

    People who laugh more are less likely to fall sick.

  2. It fights stress

    Laughing releases endorphins that elevate your mood and make you feel good.

  3. It burns a lot of calories

    Studies have shown that laughing for 10 minutes can burn up to 40 calories.

  4. Gelotology is a science

    The study of laughter and its effect on the body is called Gelotology.

  5. Three hours of laughter

    Belachew Girma from Ethiopia holds the World Record for the longest laughing session, which lasted for three hours and six minutes.

Why We Love Belly Laugh Day

  1. It makes us realize the importance of laughter

    We get so engrossed with our work that we often forget to laugh and be happy. This day is a reminder to take a break from all the stress in your life and laugh to your heart's content.

  2. It is healthy

    Studies have shown that laughter significantly reduces stress. Hence, Belly Laugh Day not only allows us to laugh and have fun but also improves our cardiovascular system and overall health.

  3. It allows us to bond with others

    Research has shown that people who laugh together are more likely to develop strong bonds with each other. Couples who laugh more are also said to have healthy relationships. Hence, this day not only allows us to laugh out loud but also helps us strengthen relationships.

Belly Laugh Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 January 24 Tuesday
2024 January 24 Wednesday
2025 January 24 Friday
2026 January 24 Saturday
2027 January 24 Sunday