Buzzards Day is celebrated on March 15, and we’re here to tell you how you can celebrate the day in the best possible way. Do you know that it has been more than 64 years since it was noted that the buzzards returned from their migration to the south during winter at the same time every year? Buzzards Day was created to celebrate the return of these wonderful birds from migration every year. It is particularly popular in Ohio, as there is a local history associated with the buzzards.

History of Buzzards Day

In 1957, a patrolman for Cleveland Metroparks named Walter Nawalaniec informed Robert Bordner of the Cleveland Press and local historian, Miss Eunice Morton of Richfield, that he had observed that the buzzards returned each year after their migration on the same day every year. Though he knew that the buzzards returned at the same time, he was thrilled to note that they returned on the same calendar date every year. This was also true during a leap year.That year, it was recorded that almost 9,000 visitors came to see the birds return from their expedition. Since then, every year, Ohio receives thousands of bird lovers who visit to witness the return of the buzzards and, thus, Buzzards Day was created. The Chamber of Commerce decided to welcome these birds in a special way. A traditional American breakfast of sausages and pancakes was made to welcome the birds and Spring’s coming. Since then, Buzzards Day has been celebrated by enjoying pancakes and sausages for breakfast.Buzzards are marvelous species of birds that have qualities that are not found in other scavengers. For example, buzzards vocalize throughout the year. However, there is a slight difference between the word buzzards used in the U.S. and other countries. In the U.S., when someone says buzzards, they mean turkey vultures which are a part of New World vultures. In other parts of the world, buzzards are a part of the Old World Vultures. In North America, the term refers to hawks or buzzard hawks.

Buzzards Day timeline

9000 B.C.
Vultures Start Appearing.

Vultures start appearing during the end of the glacial epoch.

7000 B.C.
Buzzards Appear

Buzzards, a variant of vultures, start appearing.

Walter Nawalaniec Makes His Report

Nawalaniec observes that the buzzards return from their migration on the exact date every year.

Buzzards Day

Buzzards Day is created to celebrate the return of buzzards and the coming of Spring.

Buzzards Day FAQs

Why did buzzards go to Hinckley, Ohio?

Buzzards went to Hinckley, Ohio, to feed on the dead animals killed during the Great Hunt of 1888.

What do buzzards mean spiritually?

Buzzards are symbolic of defense and protection. It is said that if a buzzard flies into your life, it is a warning to protect your loved ones. Many regard buzzards as their spirit animal that teaches them to overcome challenges in life.

Do buzzards attack humans?

No. There have been no reports of buzzards attacking humans. Though carnivorous in nature, buzzards eat animals that are dead and do not hunt for themselves. Some vultures spew vomit as a defense mechanism when they feel threatened.

Buzzards Day Activities

  1. Make the Buzzards Day special breakfast

    Buzzards Day is incomplete without a traditional American breakfast consisting of pancakes and sausages. So start the day by making some delicious pancakes and sausages and have a great time with your family.

  2. Share it on social media

    Let everyone know that you're celebrating Buzzards Day. Make a post about buzzards, facts about their migration, and the celebration of Buzzards Day, and share it on your social media page. You can post related pictures and videos as well.

  3. Read more about buzzards

    Take Buzzards Day celebrations to the next level by reading and collecting more facts about Buzzards. You can also choose to watch documentaries on these amazing species of birds. This day is a great day to expand our knowledge of birds and the animal kingdom in general.

5 Important Facts About Buzzards

  1. The first description

    Buzzards were first formally described in “Systema Naturae” by Carl Linnaeus in 1758.

  2. There are many subspecies

    Archer's Buzzard, Forest Buzzard, Madagascar Buzzard, and Himalayan Buzzard are some of the subspecies of Buzzards.

  3. They are Buteo in behavior

    Buzzards are Buteo in behavior, meaning they soar in the sky using their broad wings.

  4. They vocalize all year round

    Common buzzards vocalize all year round, unlike other migrants that vocalize only during the breeding season.

  5. Northern Goshawk is its biggest enemy

    Northern Goshawks, a species larger and more aggressive than buzzards, are the buzzard's biggest enemy.

Why We Love Buzzards Day

  1. It gives recognition to these amazing species

    There are about 700,000 pairs of buzzards in the world. They have a huge impact on the ecosystem and the food chain. This day gives due recognition to these wonderful species of birds.

  2. It allows us to learn more about buzzards and other birds

    This day allows us to read more and expand our knowledge. As we read about buzzards, we encounter some fascinating facts about them and other species of birds and animals.

  3. It allows us to make merry with our family

    Buzzards Day starts with a sumptuous breakfast of sausages and pancakes. This day provides us an opportunity to sit together with family engage in laughter and conversation while having a delicious breakfast

Buzzards Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 March 15 Wednesday
2024 March 15 Friday
2025 March 15 Saturday
2026 March 15 Sunday
2027 March 15 Monday