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Daisy Dares You's Birthday 2024 – November 5, 2024

Daisy May Keeley Coburn, who uses the stage name Daisy Dares You, was born on October 27, 1993. She is a British songwriter, rock singer, and multi-instrumentalist. She comes from a musically-inclined family, as her mother once performed as a backup singer for the bands Duran Duran and The The. As a result, Coburn learned how to play the piano and guitar at the tender age of six. In 2010, Coburn was signed to a record company called Jive, a subsidiary of Sony Records.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Daisy May Keeley Coburn


Daisy Dares You

Birth date:

November 05, 1993


30 years, 7 months

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5' 8"

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Daisy Dares You, born Daisy May Keeley Coburn, is a British songwriter, rock singer, and multi-instrumentalist. When she was only 14 years old, she performed a song she’d written, titled ‘Hurt,’ to an audience made up of family and friends who had gathered on Boxing Day. Matthew Marston, a friend of her mother’s, heard the song and invited Coburn to record it in his home studio.By 2009, she had begun performing using the stage name Daisy Dares You. By then, her popularity had increased to the extent that an article written in “The Guardian” claimed that “every label in Christendom — and, believe us, in some Muslim and Semitic lands, too — is desperate to get her on their books.” A spokeswoman from her management company, Empire, was quoted as saying, “We’ve never experienced anything this quick.” In 2010, Coburn was finally signed to a record company called Jive, a subsidiary of Sony Records. This was made public after she’d been made the subject of widespread promotional coverage as a young artist to look out for in 2010 in news media such as “The Times,” “The Guardian,” and the B.B.C.Her debut single, titled ‘Number One Enemy,’ was released on March 1, 2010. It peaked at number 13 on the U.K. Singles Chart and number 40 on the European Hot 100 Singles chart. Unfortunately, she was dropped by Jive in 2010. In 2013, she joined a band called Pink Lizards as the lead singer and guitarist. Two years later, she formed a band called Clever Thing alongside Rich Fownes.

Career timeline

1999 — 2000
Coburn Learns to Play Instruments

She begins learning to play the piano and guitar at the tender age of six.

The Music Journey Begins

Coburn performs her song titled ‘Hurt’ to an audience of family and friends on Boxing Day.

The Unique Stage Name

Coburn begins performing using the stage name ‘Daisy Dares You.’

The Record Deal

Coburn is signed to Jive, a subsidiary of Sony Records.

The Band Member

Coburn becomes a member of Pink Lizards.

The New Band Debuts

Coburn and Rich Fownes form a band called Clever Thing.

Daisy Dares You FAQs

Where was Daisy Dares You born?

She was born in Great Dunmow, Essex, England.

How old was Daisy Dares You when she got a recording deal?

She was 14-year-old when her mother’s friend offered to record her in his studio.

Is Daisy Dares You married?

No, she is not married nor is she currently dating.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She collaborated a lot with Marston

    Coburn recorded many more songs with Matthew Marston, who recorded her first-ever song in his studio.

  2. Her stage name is from a show

    Daisy Dares You is a reference to a character of the same name in the ‘90s British T.V. show called “ZZZap!”

  3. She learned an instrument all by herself

    After retreating from the pop scene, Coburn taught herself to play the drums.

  4. One of her albums was never released

    “Rush,” supposed to be her initial debut album, was never released for unknown reasons.

  5. She is influenced by Indie singers

    Coburn once said her writing was influenced by singers like Florence and the Machine and Bat for Lashes.

Why We Love Daisy Dares You

  1. Coburn is a multi-instrumentalist

    Just think of the musical dexterity required to create music with multiple instruments. Coburn is capable of playing the drums, piano, and guitar. She taught herself to play the first and learned the latter two at the age of six!

  2. Coburn is a versatile musician

    Making a transition from one genre to another is no mean feat. At a young age, Coburn transitioned from being a pop icon to a rock n’ roller and we think this is pretty amazing.

  3. Coburn stayed true to herself

    Interviews with Coburn point to the fact that she is a genuine lover of music. This has made her stay true to herself and not allow others to put her in one mold.

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2022 November 5 Saturday
2023 November 5 Sunday
2024 November 5 Tuesday
2025 November 5 Wednesday
2026 November 5 Thursday