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David Lynch's Birthday 2025 – January 20, 2025

David Lynch, born January 20, 1946, has achieved so much in the entertainment and creative industry. He has received several awards including, Academy Honorary Award, three Academy Award nominations for Best Director, Cesar Award for Best Foreign Film twice, Palme d’Or at Cannes Film Festival, and Golden Lion Award for Lifetime Achievement at the Venice Film Festival. His first feature-length film, “Eraserhead,” released in 1977, became a huge success in the midnight movie circuit. In 1990, he created his own Television series, “Twin Peaks” which ran for two seasons. He has also thrived as a musician releasing several albums. He is also known for his painting, photography, and written works. We are immensely honored to be celebrating him today with you.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

David Keith Lynch

Birth date:

January 20, 1946


78 years, 4 months

Zodiac Sign:



5' 10"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$70.0 million

David Lynch's Social Media:


David Keith Lynch, born January 20, 1946, lived in Missoula, Montana with his father, Donald Walton Lynch, and mother, Edwina ‘Sunny’ Lynch. His father worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture and his mother was an English Language tutor. He grew up as a presbyterian. His family moved a lot when he was young depending on where the U.S. Department of Agriculture would post his father but this did not affect Lynch as he had no trouble making new friends. While still in school, he joined the Boys Scouts and rose to the highest rank, ‘Eagle Scout.’ This allowed him to be among the boys that went to the White House for the inauguration of President John F. Kennedy when he was 15 years old.He was intrigued by painting and drawing at a young age and wanted to follow that path as a career. After high school, he joined Corcoran School of the Arts and Design in Washington D.C. but in 1964, he transferred to the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. He later quit, to travel around Europe with a friend, Jack Fisk, in the hopes of training with Oskar Kokoschka, an Austrian Expressionist painter. When that didn’t happen they returned to the United States. He began creating films in the late 1960s and his first feature-length film “Eraserhead” became popular in the Midnight Movie circuit. He went on to create “The Elephant Man” in 1980, “Dune” in 1984, and “Blue Velvet” in 1986 consecutively. In 1990, Lynch created his own television series, “Twin Peaks” with Mark Frost which ran for two seasons. Going deeper into surrealist filmmaking, his next films, “Lost Highway,” “Mulholland Drive” and “Inland Empire” all employed the dream logic of nonlinear narrative structures. In 2017, Lynch collaborated with Mark Frost again to create season three of “Twin Peaks” which aired on Showtime this time around. He restated his role as Gordon Cole while co-writing and directing every episode.He also shone as a musician, releasing three studio albums, “BlueBOB” in 2001, “Crazy Clown Time” in 2011, and “The Big Dream” in 2013. He also produced music for a variety of his films. He has also done photography, painting, and literary work including advertisements such as the promotional film for Dior “Lady Blue Shangai” in 2010. Being a fervent facilitator of Transcendental Meditation, he founded David Lynch Foundation in 2005, which seeks to grant the teaching of Transcendental Meditation in schools and to widen its reach to other at-risk demographic.

Career timeline

He Releases Eraserhead

Lynch releases his first feature-length film dubbed “Eraserhead” which becomes a success in the midnight movie circuit.

He Creates Twin Peaks

Together with Mark Frost, Lynch creates his own television series “Twin Peaks” which runs for two seasons.

He Releases His First Album

Lynch releases his first album entitled “BlueBOB.”

He Releases Twin Peaks Season Three

He reunites with Mark Frost to create and release season three of “Twin Peaks” which airs on Showtime.

He Receives the Academy Honorary Award

He is named the recipient of the Academy Honorary Award.

David Lynch FAQs

How would you describe David Lynch’s movies?

Lynch’s movies are noted for their surrealist style incorporating alternate worlds. This is as prevalent in “Eraserhead” as in any of Lynch’s other movies.

Did Lynch take his name off “Dune?”

Lynch asked for his name to be omitted from certain cuts of the film where instead, he was credited under pseudonyms.

Is David Lynch a vegetarian?

Lynch was initiated into Transcendental Meditation in1973. The practice requires that you adopt a vegetarian diet, and give up smoking and alcohol consumption.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He was roommates with Peter Wolf

    In 1964, after transferring to the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, he became roommates with the musician, Peter Wolf of J. Geils Band fame.

  2. He drew a popular comic series

    In his drawing and painting pursuits, he drew a comic series that was featured in the “Los Angeles Reader” from 1983 to 1992.

  3. Had his own set of cellphone ringtones

    In 2006, he launched his own set of cellphone ringtones that can no longer be downloaded but can be found on fan websites.

  4. He has his own brand of coffee

    Lynch pushes for and markets his own brand of legendary coffee.

  5. Fellow filmmakers praise him regularly

    People like Mel Brooks and Stanley Kubrick have publicly commended and applauded a number of his films.

Why We Love David Lynch

  1. We love his creativity and passion for new ideas

    His creations are never boring. He equates idea hunting to fishing where you have to have an open mind. The abstract hypothesis and his readiness to trust the universe to guide him often lead him to where he wants to go.

  2. He is devoted to his craft

    Lynch has dedicated his life to art. His energy lies solely in creating, and this may have cost him several relationships, but one can’t help but admire his devotion to his work.

  3. He gives back

    He started the David Lynch Foundation in 2005 to help generate funds for Transcendental Meditation to be taught in schools. He planned to also help reach the marginalized and at-risk demographic including the homeless, veterans, and refugees.

David Lynch’s birthday dates

Year Date Day
2023 January 20 Friday
2024 January 20 Saturday
2025 January 20 Monday
2026 January 20 Tuesday
2027 January 20 Wednesday