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Diane Keaton's Birthday 2025 – January 5, 2025

Diane Hall Keaton was born on January 5, 1946, in Los Angeles, California. She is an American actress known for her eccentric personality and fashion sense. Throughout her six-decade career, she has received numerous awards, including an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, two Golden Globe Awards, and the A.F.I. Life Achievement Award. Keaton’s stage career began with the original Broadway production of “Hair” in 1968. In 1970, she appeared in “The Godfather,” and in 1972, she appeared in “Play It Again, Sam.” Her most well-known roles were in the romantic comedies “Annie Hall” in 1977 and “Sleeper” in 1973.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Diane Hall Keaton

Birth date:

January 05, 1946


78 years, 5 months

Zodiac Sign:



5' 6"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$100.0 million

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Diane Hall Keaton was born in Los Angeles, California as Diane Hall. His mother is Dorothy Keaton, a housewife, and amateur photographer while her father, John Newton Ignatius “Jack” Hall, was a real estate broker and civil engineer. Her mother raised Keaton as a Free Methodist. Her mother won the “Mrs. Los Angeles” pageant for housewives. According to Keaton, she first wanted to be an actor and wanted to work on stage because of how theatrical the event was. She has also cited Katharine Hepburn as an inspiration for her portrayal of strong and independent women.Keaton graduated from Santa Ana High School in Santa Ana, California in 1964. During her time there, she was a member of the school’s singing and acting clubs, and she played Blanche DuBois in a school production of “A Streetcar Named Desire.” She attended Santa Ana College and later Orange Coast College as an acting student after graduation, but dropped out after a year to pursue a career in the entertainment industry in Manhattan. When she joined the Actors’ Equity Association, she changed her surname to Keaton, her mother’s maiden name, because the name Diane Hall was already registered as an actress.Two years later, in Francis Ford Coppola’s 1972 film “The Godfather,” Keaton was cast as Kay Adams, the girlfriend and eventual wife of Michael Corleone played by Al Pacino. Coppola stated that he first noticed Keaton in “Lovers and Other Strangers” and cast her because of her reputation for eccentricity, which he desired for the role. Her performance in the film was loosely based on her real-life experience making the film, which she described as being “the woman in a world of men.” “The Godfather” achieved unparalleled levels of both critical and financial acclaim, topping box office receipts for the year and earning the Best Picture Oscar in 1972. Keaton also performed a singing act in nightclubs for a short time, reprising her nightclub act in “Annie Hall” in 1977. She made a cameo in “Radio Days” in 1987 and starred in “And So It Goes” in 2014. In 2017, Keaton co-starred in the British dramedy film “Hampstead with Brendan Gleeson.” She co-starred in “Book Club” with Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen in 2018. The romantic comedy received mixed reviews but went on to become her most commercially successful film since “Something’s Gotta Give.” In 2019, Keaton starred in the comedy “Poms” as a cancer patient who forms a cheerleading squad with the help of other female residents of a retirement home.

Career timeline

Her Breakthrough Role

Keaton is cast as Kay Adams, Michael Corleone's girlfriend, and eventual wife, in Francis Ford Coppola's film “The Godfather.”

She Wins an Academy Award

Keaton receives an Academy Award for Best Actress for her part in "Annie Hall.

Her First Feature Film

Keaton directs and edits her first feature film, "Heaven," a documentary about the idea of an afterlife.

She Stars in “Smother”

Keaton co-stars with Dax Shepard and Liv Tyler in Vince Di Meglio's dramedy "Smother," playing the role of the overbearing mother of an unemployed therapist.

She Appears in “Hampstead”

Keaton stars in the British dramedy film “Hampstead,” opposite Brendan Gleeson.

She Stars in “Poms”

Keaton stars in the comedy "Poms" as a cancer patient who forms a cheerleading squad.

Diane Keaton FAQs

What type of cancer did Diane Keaton have?

At the age of 21, Keaton was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma (B.C.C.), the most common type of skin cancer. She was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, the second most common form of the disease, several years ago.

Does Diane Keaton have a daughter?

Keaton is the mother of a son and a daughter. Dexter Keaton, her daughter, was born and adopted in 1995, and Duke Keaton, her son, in 2000.

When did Diane Keaton become a mom?

When Keaton reached her fifties, she decided it was time for a new kind of love story. Keaton adopted her daughter, Dexter, in 1995, and went on to adopt her son Duke in 2000, five years later. She stated that becoming a mother helped her grow as a person.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She fell in love with Al Pacino

    In her 2012 memoir, "Then Again," Keaton described her onscreen husband as charming, hilarious, and a nonstop talker.

  2. She is not bothered by being single

    Keaton has no regrets about being single because she doesn't think her life is any less because of not being married.

  3. She had a relationship with Woody Allen

    Their relationship began over dinner after a late-night rehearsal and they soon began living together, but had ended the arrangement by the time they began working together on “Annie Hall.”

  4. The “Annie Hall” outfits were from her

    Keaton sourced the majority of her “Annie Hall” wardrobe from her closet; baggy men's pants, vests, assorted ties, bowler hats, owlish eyeglasses, and an oversized watch.

  5. She is a skilled photographer

    Keaton’s "Reservations: Photographs by Diane Keaton," a quirky coffee-table book featuring 44 full-page black and white photos taken inside hotels, was published in 1980.

Why We Love Diane Keaton

  1. She discusses her incredible love life

    In her book, Keaton discusses her relationships with Hollywood stars such as Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, and Al Pacino. She admitted having regrets about marrying.

  2. She's open about her age and limitations

    Keaton's age isn't an issue for her; she's still a fantastic actress. Matt Lauer, who is 12 years younger than her, once told her that she is beautiful and fascinating.

  3. She enjoys giving compliments

    Keaton enjoys praising and complimenting others. She explained in an interview that she tries to think about what is beautiful about others because her book is about beauty.

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