Do Kyungsoo - Doh Kyungsoo’s talent in singing and acting has gained him well-deserved fame and recognition! Here’s all you need to know about the rising star.

Do Kyungsoo's Birthday 2025 – January 12, 2025

Doh Kyungsoo, born on January 12, 1993, has risen to stardom with his exceptional talent in singing and acting. Born in Seoul, South Korea, the “Pure Love” actor started his career as a singer in EXO, a popular South Korean boy band, before venturing into acting. He made his acting debut in 2014 in the film called “Cart,” and has since risen to prominence as he made his appearance in various television series, web series, and movies. He has received two nominations for his acting at the 51st and 52nd Grand Bell Awards, and won his first film award, a ‘Blue Dragon Film Award,’ in 2017. In 2021, the talented singer released his first solo album, topping the Gaon Album Charts! Where to next for this rising star?

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Doh Kyung-soo


D.O., Heenjabuja, Pororo, Umma

Birth date:

January 12, 1993


31 years, 5 months

Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$10.0 million

Do Kyungsoo's Social Media:


Doh Kyungsoo, professionally known as D.O., was born on January 12, 1993. He is a well-known South Korean singer and actor. Born in Seoul, South Korea, he developed an interest in singing at a young age and pursued his passion in primary school. During his high school career at Baekseok High School, he entered singing competitions. After winning one competition, he was encouraged to go to singing auditions for SM Entertainment, a South Korean multinational entertainment company. Following his successful auditions, he began training with the company. His professional singing career started in 2012 when he joined the boy band, EXO. In the same year, released the Korean version of ‘What Is Love’ with fellow singer, Baekhyun. In 2013, he featured in ‘Goodbye Summer,’ a song by the girl group f(x), from their album “Pink Tape.”In 2014, he ventured into acting and made his acting debut in the South Korean movie “Cart” playing the role of a high school student. Besides acting in the movie, he also produced the soundtrack for the film called “Crying Out.” In the same year, he made his television series debut in an SBS drama called “It’s Okay, That’s Love,” and was nominated for the ‘Best New Actor’ award at the 51st Grant Bell Awards. In 2015, he continued acting and starred in another television series called “Hello Monster,” where he brilliantly played the role of a psychopath. Within the same year, he was nominated again at the 52nd Grand Bell Awards for the ‘Best Supporting Actor’ award for his role in his very first movie “Cart.”For this rising actor, 2016 was quite a busy year as he landed the lead character role in a romantic South Korean film called “Pure Love” and later that year starred in a popular web drama series called “Be Positive.” Within the same year, he starred in the film “My Annoying Brother,” and recorded the film’s theme song ‘Don’t Worry.’ He also recorded a duet with singer Yoo Young-jin called ‘Tell Me (What Is Love).’ In 2017, he won the Blue Dragon Film Awards for ‘Best New Actor’ for his performance in “My Annoying Brother.” Within the same year, he starred in two more movies, a comedy thriller “Room No.7” and “Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds.”In 2019, he joined South Korea’s military service until 2021, when he was discharged. That same year, he continued his rise to stardom and released his first solo album, which was a massive success as it topped the Gaon Album Chart.

Career timeline

He Starts His Professional Singing Career

He joins EXO and starts his professional singing career.

He Lands His First Acting Role

He stars in a movie called “Cart.”

He Stars in His First Television Series

He stars in his first television series, an SBS drama called “It’s Okay, That’s Love.”

His First Award Nomination

He is nominated for the ‘Best New Actor’ award at the 51st Grand Bell Awards.

He Wins His First Acting Award

He wins the Blue Dragon Film Awards for ‘Best New Actor.’

Military Service

He joins South Korea’s military service.

He Releases His First Solo Album

He releases his first solo album, which tops the Gaon Album Chart.

Do Kyungsoo FAQs

Who are D.O. Kyungsoo’s parents?

His father was a professional painter, and his mother was a hairdresser.

Does D.O. Kyungsoo have a brother in the military?

There’s not much information about his brother, but when his brother was in the military, he wrote a letter to him.

Is D.O. Kyungsoo in the Korean Actors 200?

In 2021, he was selected as one of the 200 Korean Actors that best represent the present and future of Korean films in the global film industry.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He was the eighth member of EXO

    When he joined EXO, he was introduced as the eighth member.

  2. He has several nicknames

    Besides D.O., some of his other nicknames include Pororo, The Pop Out Eyes, Orchestra Boy, Umma, and Heenjabuja.

  3. He’s obsessed with two things

    He is very particular when it comes to cleanliness and orderliness.

  4. He doesn’t take stress well

    When stressed and edgy, he tends to forget and misplace things.

  5. His English is perfect

    He knows various languages, and English is one of his best with perfect pronunciation!

Why We Love Do Kyungsoo

  1. He never limited his options to singing

    Although his career started off with singing, he also tried his hand at acting! Take the leap of faith, you never know where it will take you!

  2. He has an amazing voice

    His talent for singing bloomed from a very young age, and it’s a talent he never neglected. He continues to wow his fans with his mesmerizing singing voice.

  3. His acting is exceptional

    He ventured into acting and is exceptional at it! He’s gained thousands of fans and earned well-deserved awards.

Do Kyungsoo’s birthday dates

Year Date Day
2023 January 12 Thursday
2024 January 12 Friday
2025 January 12 Sunday
2026 January 12 Monday
2027 January 12 Tuesday