Dream Your Sweet Day - On Dream Your Sweet Day, we tell you how to spend your day making your Valentine's Day a memorable one.

Dream Your Sweet Day 2025 – February 13, 2025

Dream Your Sweet Day is celebrated on February 13 every year, a day before Valentine’s Day. Essentially, it is a day when you get into the mood to celebrate the next day with your sweetheart. You think of only your beloved on this day and the great time that you will have with them on the next day. But then, why the reference to ‘Dream’ in the name? This is so that after you spend the entire day prepping for Valentine’s Day, you go to bed dreaming about the fabulous time that you’ll be spending together.

History of Dream Your Sweet Day

When you want something badly, you have to visualize it clearly in your mind and follow your visualizations to reality. The same is the philosophy behind Dream Your Sweet Day. You dream and visualize spending some quality time with your beloved and, in a way, invoke the cosmic powers to bring your dreams to life.The idea of Dream Your Sweet Day is to channel your anticipation into productive thoughts to make your Valentine’s Day special. Since you want to make the big day special, it helps to get into the mood and plan for the day ahead. If Valentine’s Day is about spending time with your sweetheart, Dream Your Sweet Day is about spending time planning and prepping for that time. You plan, discuss, and prepare about how you’ll spend the big day. After making the preparations, go to bed and drift off into dreaming about the great time you’ll be spending the next day.For single people, it’s a great time to dream about the presence of your future love. Rather than wallowing in self-pity, often the case when you anticipate loneliness on Valentine’s Day, it is better to switch on positive thoughts. Go to bed with happy images of celebrating Valentine’s Day in the near future with the love of your life.

Dream Your Sweet Day timeline

February 14, 496 A.D.
The First Valentine's Day is Celebrated

The martyrdom of Saint Valentine is celebrated by Christians in Rome as the festival of love and romance.

The First Mass-Produced Cards are Sold

A businesswoman, Esther Howland, begins mass producing and selling Valentine’s Day cards in America.

February 13, 2016
Planning for the Big Day

As the popularity of Valentine's Day increases, couples start feeling the anticipation from the previous day resulting in them drifting off at bedtime with sweet dreams about the best time that they will spend together on the big day.

February 13, 2019
The Tradition Continues

The world continues to celebrate the tradition of dreaming about their sweethearts the night before Valentine's Day.

Dream Your Sweet Day FAQs

Is Dream Your Sweet Day celebrated on the same day as Valentine's Day?

It is celebrated a day before — on February 13, to add warmth to Valentine’s Day.

How is Dream Your Sweet Day related to Valentine's Day?

It is about visualizing how you would make Valentine’s Day memorable.

Do single people celebrate Dream Your Sweet Day?

There is no reason why single people cannot dream about the time that they will have someone to love. You don’t quite need to be in love to dream about it. Just dream about the time when you would be close to a special person.

Dream Your Sweet Day Activities

  1. Write or draw about how you feel

    The anticipation of Valentine's Day is bound to make you go mushy. Write down your thoughts. You don't need to write a treatise on love; just be truthful and write it in whichever way it comes out. If you like to draw, sketch a picture of the images on your mind. You'll be surprised as to how vivid and detailed your thoughts are.

  2. Discuss, plan, prepare, and then doze off

    Discuss and plan the big day with your beloved. Go over every detail to ensure that it is memorable. However, once you've planned it, don't ruminate, fret, or double guess about whether the Day will be true to expectations. Go to bed with a smile and happy thoughts about the quality time that you'll spend.

  3. Stay away from negative events or people

    If a bike scrapes your car on the way to work, just ignore it. If your neighbor's dog barks at you for no reason, just smile. Stay away from situations that could lead to a potential run-in with anyone. The idea is to stay away from negative emotions and turn on positivity.

5 Interesting Facts About Valentine's Day

  1. Romantics send letters to ‘Juliet’

    On Valentine’s Day every year, thousands of people send letters to Verona, Italy for ‘Juliet.’

  2. The chocolate tradition started in the 1900s

    The tradition of giving a box of chocolates to loved ones was started by Richard Cadbury in the 19th century.

  3. The first Valentine’s gift came from prison

    An inmate, Charles, Duke of Orleans, wrote the first Valentine’s Day love letter to his second wife from his cell.

  4. Americans spend billions of dollars on gifts

    In 2019, it was recorded that Americans spent $20 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts.

  5. Jewelry is the most popular Valentine’s gift

    In 2020, $5.8 billion was spent on jewelry as Valentine’s Day gifts, making it the most popular gift given on February 14.

Why We Love Dream Your Sweet Day

  1. Dreams strengthen the relationship

    Often, the best part about a mushy relationship is dreaming about each other. It is a great idea to think about the good time that you spend with each other. It bonds the couple and keeps the relationship going despite the minor hiccups.

  2. What you visualize is often what you get

    If you dream about some good time together, you are bound to get it. Visualize as vividly as possible about your big day. Magic happens when you want it to happen!

  3. The anticipation makes the wait worth it

    When you go to bed dreaming about your beloved and the nice time you are going to spend together, it builds up the anticipation. And that makes waiting worth it. Years later, when you tell bedtime stories to your grandchildren, you can reminisce about those memories and smile a bit.

Dream Your Sweet Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 February 13 Monday
2024 February 13 Tuesday
2025 February 13 Thursday
2026 February 13 Friday
2027 February 13 Saturday