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Duncan Joseph's Birthday 2024 – November 7, 2024

Duncan Joseph, born on November 7, 2002, gained popularity when his humorous videos on the social media platform TikTok went viral in 2019. He started making a range of different videos, all of which gained thousands of views and helped him gain fame. He soon started uploading videos to his YouTube channel, where they reached a larger audience. Joseph is also very popular on Instagram. Join us as we celebrate this funny TikTok star’s special day right here!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Duncan Angiuli Joseph



Birth date:

November 07, 2002


21 years, 8 months

Zodiac Sign:



5' 10"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$3.0 million

Duncan Joseph's Social Media:


Duncan Joseph is one of the most popular and hilarious TikTok stars who has gained fame in a short time. The funny TikTok star was born on November 7, 2002, in Seattle, Washington, United States (U.S.). His zodiac sign is Scorpio, while his ethnicity is American. His parents’ names are unknown, but he has two siblings: a sister and an older brother.Joseph began uploading videos to his TikTok account called Duncanyounot in 2019. One of his videos, in which he attempted to eat a snack, quickly went viral and gained over 60,000 views. He collaborated with fellow TikTokers Jason Nash and Trisha Paytas in June of the same year, which helped his follower count on the platform rise to a few million. His content soon diversified and began including lip-syncing, dancing, P.O.V. acting, and funny content, most of which is related to “The Sims,” a well-known worldbuilding game. In 2020, Joseph also began uploading videos to his YouTube channel, which had been created a year earlier. His first video, “Quirky YouTubers Randonauting,” gained more than 200,000 views, and this encouraged Joseph to expand his YouTube channel. His videos mostly involve pranks, where he pretends to be a mother, and rants on various Facebook groups and the online chat website, Omegle.He also made funny YouTube shorts, which mostly gained thousands of views in a short time. His 2021 video, “I pretended to be a Mom on Facebook groups AGAIN…,” got 2.7 million views and is the most popular video on his channel, which is also named Duncanyounot. He uploaded his latest video, “Trolling Conspiracy Facebook groups as a mom,” in June 2022, and it gained more than 100,000 views. He has uploaded 655 videos on TikTok and 108 on his YouTube channel so far, which have over four million followers and over 500,000 subscribers, respectively. His Instagram account has also gained hundreds of thousands of followers. The TikTok star is currently single, and he seems to be focusing on his career at the moment.

Career timeline

Joseph Goes Viral

He starts uploading videos on TikTok, where his video of him attempting to eat a snack receives 60,000 views.

He Uploads to YouTube

Joseph uploads “Quirky Youtubers Randonauting,” which gets 242,000 views within a few days of upload.

Joseph’s Most Popular Video

“I pretended to be a Mom on Facebook groups AGAIN…” gets 2.7 million views, becoming his most popular video on the platform.

His Repeated Success

His other video related to a mom and the Facebook group, titled "Trolling CONSPIRACY Facebook Groups as a Mom," again gain success with hundreds of thousands of views.

Duncan Joseph FAQs

What health problems did Duncan Joseph have as a newborn?

Joseph was born with asthma and several allergies.

Did Joseph Duncan get a Silver Play Button?

Yes, he received his Silver Play Button from YouTube in 2021.

Is Joseph Duncan’s TikTok verified?

Yes, his TikTok account has been verified.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. His siblings are equally talented

    Joseph’s sister is an expert equestrian, which means she is adept at horse riding, while his brother is a music producer.

  2. Joseph’s grandfather

    The TikToker’s grandfather was an Olympic–level ice skater!

  3. He has always been an actor

    Joseph often acted in plays that his school organized, and he had a main role in most of them.

  4. Joseph’s wig collection

    He has an incredible wig collection, most of which are featured in his YouTube and TikTok videos!

  5. He is a sportsman too

    Joseph is a very active basketball player and loves playing many sports; it is in his blood, after all!

Why We Love Duncan Joseph

  1. Joseph’s personality is personable

    His videos have one thing in common. They all show Joseph’s true self, and he never changes any aspect of it for the sake of more views. He also doesn’t care what people think of his content; he is unapologetically himself.

  2. He doesn’t care about haters

    Many people have criticized his videos for their subject matter, but Joseph never paid any attention to them. He ignores any unnecessary comments, but in case he makes a mistake, he recognizes it and corrects it immediately.

  3. He has a sense of humor

    He is genuinely funny. He doesn’t have to try very hard to make his audience laugh, and this is because his jokes don’t cross a boundary and make anyone uncomfortable or offend his viewers.

Duncan Joseph’s birthday dates

Year Date Day
2022 November 7 Monday
2023 November 7 Tuesday
2024 November 7 Thursday
2025 November 7 Friday
2026 November 7 Saturday