Festival of Learning Have a Go Month - The Festival of Learning Have a Go Month is an excellent time to celebrate learning, so why not read up about this special month?

Festival of Learning Have a Go Month 2024 – September 2024

The Festival of Learning Have a Go Month happens every September, and it’s a time to appreciate learning and its benefits. It’s been almost 30 years since the Adult Learners’ Week campaign was initiated. The idea behind the campaign was to encourage adults to pursue education, no matter their age. This was done to inspire people to learn and transform their lives, eventually leading to the creation of the Festival of Learning Have a Go Month, a campaign with innovative methods to make education accessible to adults.

History of Festival of Learning Have a Go Month

In 1992, Adult Learners’ Week was created to open doors to more opportunities for adult learners. It aims to improve the quality of education they receive. People were asked to help the stakeholders and decision-makers improve the adult standard of education. Soon, this campaign became a celebration of adult learning and helped attract more attention. As the years passed, the campaign saw greater participation rates.The Festival of Learning Have a Go Month was created in 2013 as an extension of Adult Learners’ Week to provide more opportunities to learners, policymakers, and stakeholders. The 25th anniversary was celebrated in 2017 with H.R.H. the Princess Royal, patron of the Learning and Work Institute. Since then, the Festival of Learning Have a Go Month has continued expanding and inspiring more adults to learn.In 2020, another initiative, Lifelong Learning Week, was set in motion to drive home the point that there is no age limit for learning. The Festival of Learning Have a Go Month has many programs, events, awards, and various ways to join the initiative. Educators, sponsors, providers, tutors, and other learners can participate and make a difference, while organizations can sponsor the awards or events. Every November, nominations are opened for the award ceremonies.

Festival of Learning Have a Go Month timeline

ALA is Born

Adult Learners' Week is created in the United Kingdom.

The Festival of Learning

The Festival of Learning campaign is initiated as a part of Adult Learners' week.

The Anniversary is Celebrated

The 25th anniversary of Adult Learners’ Week is celebrated with the H.R.H. the Princess Royal in attendance.

The Month is Established

Festival of Learning Have a Go Month is initiated to encourage more adults to continue learning.

Festival of Learning Have a Go Month FAQs

What does being a lifelong learner mean?

Being a lifelong learner means you have an unquenchable quest for learning. You are always curious and never stop learning, regardless of age. Learning is your decision, and you are self-motivated.

Why is learning important in life?

Learning helps us develop psychologically, improving our lives personally and professionally. It keeps us knowledgeable, which is essential for survival and gives life a purpose.

What are the three types of learning?

Fundamentally, there are three types of cognitive learning. They are auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. There are common characteristics to each of these types. Some people learn better with one over the other.

Festival of Learning Have a Go Month Activities

  1. Start learning

    If you are an adult who never got a chance to finish your education, this is your time to do it. It's never too late to start learning. Take the first step today, and see your life change before you.

  2. Spread the word

    Encourage other adults to learn with you. Find a partner to learn new things with and keep each others’ motivation flowing.

  3. Contribute to the cause

    Help the campaign reach a wider audience and impact the lives of thousands. Contribute to the cause or participate in its events.

5 Facts About Adult Learning That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Learning capacity increases with age

    Studies show that the human ability to learn increases with age because of brain plasticity.

  2. No one’s a master of multitasking

    Even younger digital learners can't multitask without impacting other areas of their performance.

  3. Adult learners know themselves well

    Unlike children and teenagers who choose courses to mimic their parents or friends, adult learners decide for themselves.

  4. Adult learners are experienced

    Adult learners are more experienced and can think independently without being affected by outside influences.

  5. It is the new norm

    Today, about 40% of undergraduate students are adult learners.

Why We Love Festival of Learning Have a Go Month

  1. It motivates people to start learning

    Many adults shy away from learning, fearing what society might think of them. This month attempts to break negative stereotypes and encourage people to continue learning, regardless of age.

  2. It changes lives

    When people start learning, new opportunities open up for them. By completing professional courses, one can completely transform their lifestyle and do better financially. It eliminates the need for them to depend on others for their livelihood.

  3. It is an opportunity to do something for the community

    The Festival of National Have a Go Month gives people the chance to do something for their community. By helping and contributing to the events, you are improving educational standards and transforming the lives of thousands of adults.

Festival of Learning Have a Go Month dates

Year Date Day
2023 September 1 Friday
2024 September 1 Sunday
2025 September 1 Monday
2026 September 1 Tuesday
2027 September 1 Wednesday
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Festival of Learning Have a Go Month
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