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Gervonta Davis's Birthday 2024 – November 7, 2024

Gervonta B. Davis, born November 7, 1994, has caused havoc in the world of boxing. He is one of the best boxers around who is defined by his wins and zero losses. He has held numerous world championships and earned a first-round knockout victory defending his W.B.A. title against Hugo Ruiz. He holds the record with 20 knockouts and got signed by Floyd Mayweather Jr. He has held the title of National Golden Gloves Champion. He has been a rising star since the beginning and today we’ll help you celebrate his special day.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Gervonta B. Davis



Birth date:

November 07, 1994


29 years, 6 months

Zodiac Sign:



5' 5.35"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$6.0 million

Gervonta Davis's Social Media:


Gervonta Davis, better known as Tank, was born November 7, 1994, in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A. His zodiac sign is Scorpio. He grew up in one of the most crime-infested neighborhoods of Baltimore. He was always a focused individual, which is why when many of his peers went into crime, he remained in school. He attended high school at Digital Harbor School. Even though he dropped out to focus on his boxing, he went and earned his G.E.D.Davis made his debut in 2013 and by August 2014 he had a record of eight wins, all within five rounds, and no losses. He continued to dominate the ring, beating the likes of Mario Antonio Macias with just one punch in a fight that lasted 41 seconds. Not all of his fights were won as quickly as the others, like when he defended his title for the first time against Liam Walsh; critics believe the ref stopped the match too quickly. Perhaps his most questionable fight was against Francisco Fonseca, where Davis allegedly hit him at the back of his head.It is not only his professional career that shines bright. Davis was also impressive in his amateur career as a boxer. Davis as an amateur boxer has a record of 206-15, winning the National Silver Gloves Championships three times in a row from 2006 to 2008, the National Junior Olympic gold medals, and the Ringside world championships twice. It seems that Davis is not stopping anytime soon.

Career timeline

He Wins His Debut Fight

He wins the fight in the first round with a knockout.

He Ends Israel Suarez’s Winning Streak

He wins the fight by knock-out in the first round, defeating Suarez.

He Wins His First Championship

He beats Jose Pedraza to be the I.B.F. Super Featherweight Champion.

Winning Back His Title

Davis is stripped of his title for refusing to step on the scale for the fight to defend the title and wins it back against Cuellar.

Moving Up to Lightweight Champion

He wins the W.B.A. lightweight title by beating Yuriorkis Gamboa by T.K.O. in round 12.

He Fights His Toughest Opponent

Barrios is unbeaten coming into the match, but Davis beats him for the super lightweight championship.

Gervonta Davis FAQs

Has Davis lost a fight?

He stands at a record of zero losses.

Is Davis left-handed?

He has a very powerful left hand and has always been a southpaw.

How much does Davis earn per fight?

He makes approximately $1 million per fight.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He was mentored by Floyd Mayweather Jr.

    Mayweather liked Davis after seeing him train and immediately invited him to join The Money Team.

  2. He was trained by Calvin Ford

    Ford is an ex-convict who learned boxing while in prison and decided to coach people upon his release, eventually meeting Davis and becoming his coach for life.

  3. He was a foster child

    His parents suffered from drug addiction, so four-year-old Davis was taken from them to a foster home to protect him.

  4. He began training at five

    After being separated from his parents, he spent most of his days at Uptown Boxing Gym in Baltimore at age five.

  5. He smoked marijuana

    Influenced by his brother, he smoked marijuana, but it was not to his taste so he had it only once.

Why We Love Gervonta Davis

  1. He rose above his situation

    Although his childhood was not one that any child dreams of having, Davis rose above what would’ve been of him. He went from being a foster child separated from his parents to become one of the best boxers with an unmatched gift.

  2. He’s the best boxer

    He has lost zero matches and won about 25 in his entire boxing career. It has been hard for other boxers to bring Davis down. He has won two National Junior Olympics gold medals, three National Silver Gloves Championships, and a National Golden Gloves Championship.

  3. He’s determined

    Davis lost his title of I.B.F. World Super Featherweight, but tweeted later that he “will have a belt again.” This shows a lot of determination and hunger to be nothing but the best. He never rests because he knows he deserves the best out there.

Gervonta Davis’s birthday dates

Year Date Day
2022 November 7 Monday
2023 November 7 Tuesday
2024 November 7 Thursday
2025 November 7 Friday
2026 November 7 Saturday