Grandpa's Day - Grandfathers get their own special day in Poland — Grandfather’s Day. Read on for gift ideas, celebration activities, recipes, and more!

Grandpa's Day 2025 – January 22, 2025

Grandfather’s Day, celebrated on January 22 in Poland is dedicated to the wisest, humblest, jolliest man in our lives. Being a grandparent is fun; the restrictions and strictness that come with parenting are relaxed, and after a certain age, a childlike wonder sets in, which is why grandparents and children bond so well. The values instilled in us by our grandparents shape us for the better, which is exactly why people in Poland feel so grateful towards their grandfathers and grandparents.

History of Grandpa's Day

Grandparenting is like a job sometimes, except that the rewards are the bundles of joys in their lives; the grandchildren. Grandparents frequently watch after their grandchildren while their parents are at work. While most countries commemorate both grandfathers and grandparents on the same day, certain countries, such as Poland, have separate holidays for grandfathers and grandmothers. Grandparents are always there for us, whether it’s to nurture us with love and good morals, to be our biggest supporters when it comes to pursuing our ambitions, or to persuade our mothers and fathers to be gentle with us.According to the Center for Economic Analysis (CenEA), after Greek grandparents, Polish grandparents are the second most dedicated grandparents in the European Union. They spend nine hours a week on average with their young grandkids, which is three hours more than grandparents in other nations. Grandpas and grandmas, or ‘babcia’ and ‘Dziadek’ as they are known in Polish, are known for treating their grandchildren with lavish dinners and sweets.As hearty food and sweets were likely a luxury in the times of their youth, grandparents love to sneak in a sweet or two now and then. It is also commonplace to send the kids to grandma and grandpa’s rather than to the daycare or leaving them with the babysitter. This strengthens the nuclear family and bond between generations in Poland. ‘Dzień Babci’ or Grandma’s Day was created by the magazine “Kobieta i Życie” in 1964. Soon after, a day to celebrate grandfathers was also created.

Grandpa's Day timeline

One for the Ladies

Grandma’s Day is created by the Kobieta I Życie magazine.

A Holiday is Born

Grandpa’s Day celebrations take place for the first time on January 22.

The Numbers

Nine million citizens over 60 years old live in Poland.

Go, Grandpa

The CenEA reports Polish grandparents as the second most devoted grandparents in the European Union.

Grandpa's Day FAQs

What day is grandmother's day in Poland?

Grandmother’s Day is celebrated on January 21 in Poland.

How do you say Happy Grandparents Day in Polish?

‘Szczęśliwego dnia Dziadka!’

Who is the founder of Grandparents Day?

Marian McQuade – Marian McQuade started a movement in 1970 to establish a separate day to honor grandparents. She was able to reach out to civic, business, religious, and political leaders as a result of her efforts, and she started a statewide campaign for Grandparents Day.

Grandpa's Day Activities

  1. Show your gratitude

    Even if it is just verbal, tell your grandfather what a great man he is and all the things that you appreciate and love him for. We don’t get to say it often nor do grandparents get to hear it frequently, especially after grandchildren cross the adolescence age.

  2. Host a family gathering

    Arrange a lunch or dinner for the whole family, but the focus of the gathering should be on grandpa! Prepare all his favorite dishes and spend quality time with him.

  3. Get a gift

    Gift something thoughtful to grandfather. It can be small which is just sharing a sentiment or something that will make his life easier such as a massager or tools.

5 Interesting Facts About Grandparents

  1. While the parents are away

    Approximately 15% of grandparents look after their grandchildren while their parents are working.

  2. More grandmas than grandpas

    The number of grandmothers is more than the number of grandfathers.

  3. They have great stories to tell

    A common trait shared by grandparents around the world is that they have a lot of stories to tell.

  4. Their home is the best

    There is something just so comforting and nostalgic about eating at our grandparents’ home.

  5. Solution to everything

    They have ancient remedies and words of wisdom to solve almost everything.

Why We Love Grandpa's Day

  1. Grandparents are special

    People come and go but some bonds are once in a lifetime. Grandparents are a relation that is gifted to us only once in our lives and we must treasure them.

  2. Grandfathers shape our values

    All that time spent with grandpa in the garage not only develops our sense of cars and using tools but the advice that he gives is valuable for the rest of our lives.

  3. A chance to spend quality time with them

    Grandchildren who are all grown up may not get to spend much time with their grandfathers. A dedicated day for grandfathers brings the family together to celebrate this great man.

Grandpa's Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 January 22 Sunday
2024 January 22 Monday
2025 January 22 Wednesday
2026 January 22 Thursday
2027 January 22 Friday