Have a Party with your Bear Day - Got any plans for Have a Party with Your Bear Day? Allow us to help. We've got you covered with our amazing tips and tricks on how to have the best party with your bear!

Have a Party with your Bear Day 2024 – November 16, 2024

Have a Party with Your Bear Day is celebrated on November 16 every year. Do you know that it has been 120 years since the first toy teddy bear was created? The real meaning of Have a Party With Your Bear Day is questionable. It might either be the obvious one of having a party with a toy teddy bear or maybe ‘bear’ here has a metaphorical meaning. Or something very different; a real bear perhaps. For simplicity’s sake, let’s consider this day a day to have a party with your teddy bear.

History of Have a Party with your Bear Day

It is a well-known fact that the term teddy was named after President Theodore Roosevelt, who was fondly called Teddy. But the story of how this name came into existence is not widely known. It is said that one fine day, Theodore Roosevelt went hunting with governor Andrew H. Longino near the Mississippi. Some men from President Theodore Roosevelt’s team were hunting a big black bear. After many hours, which involved a dramatic chase with the hounds, the men finally caught the bear and tied it to a willow tree. President Roosevelt was asked to take the final shot and mark the end of the hunt. But President Theodore was a man of honor. He believed that it would not be fair, as he had not made any serious contribution to its capture. Hence, he refused to kill the bear and instead asked his men to do it.This news quickly spread across Washington. Cartoonist Clifford Berryman made a cartoon depicting the scene of President Roosevelt’s hunting expedition. The bear initially was made exactly like an adult bear, which was later turned into something a bit cute. Morris Michtom, a candy shop owner in Brooklyn, saw this cartoon and was inspired to make a soft toy bear to put up in his shop’s window. This quickly drew the attention of people and soon Michtom opened his toy company where he sold ‘Teddy’s Bear.’ And thus the teddy bear was born.The teddy bear is one of the most popular toys among kids all around the world. It is a symbol of cuteness and affection, and often it is used as a gift exchange between lovers. The teddy bear has had a great impact on movies and culture. Many cartoon characters based on the teddy bear were made. Have a Party with Your Bear Day was created to encourage kids to spend the day with their teddies and have a good time.

Have a Party with your Bear Day timeline

President Roosevelt Goes Hunting

President Theodore Roosevelt goes hunting and refuses to kill a bear caught by his men, an incident that would feature in a cartoon story.

Teddy's Bear Is Born

Morris Michtom makes the first soft teddy bear toy, inspired by the cartoon in the newspaper.

The Roosevelt Bears

'The Roosevelt Bears' is written by Seymon Eaton.

Have a Party with Your Bear Day

Have a Party with Your Bear Day is created for the kids to celebrate the day with their teddy bears.

Have a Party with your Bear Day FAQs

Which is the most famous teddy bear?

Steiff Teddy Bears from Germany has been making teddy bears since 1903 and is considered to be the most famous and sought-after teddy bear

Which is the most expensive teddy bear?

The Steiff Louis Vuitton bear sold in 2000 is considered to be the most expensive teddy bear. “Teddy Girl” and “Titanic Mourning Bear” follow next on the list.

Do teddy bears have tails?

Bears have short tails and not long ones because they do not need long tails for balance. Hence, teddy bears are also made with a short tail or sometimes with no tail at all.

Have a Party with your Bear Day Activities

  1. Party with teddy

    Have a party with your teddy bear. Or join the party with your kids and their teddy bears by making arrangements for snacks and drinks. Don't forget to give the teddies their share!

  2. Share it on social media

    Let everyone know that you're celebrating this day. Take pictures of you and the kids having a great time with teddy bears, and share them on social media. You can also write articles on Have a Party with Your Bear Day itself and post them online.

  3. Read more about the history of teddy bears

    Improve your knowledge. Read more about the story of the origins of teddy bears; how it was named after President Roosevelt — stories of his dislike of the nickname "Teddy" and other interesting stories associated with it.

5 Facts About Theodore Roosevelt That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. He witnessed Lincoln's funeral

    Roosevelt is said to have attended the procession of Lincoln's funeral as a kid in 1865.

  2. He and Franklin were cousins

    Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt were fifth cousins.

  3. He won the Nobel Prize

    Theodore Roosevelt was the first President to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

  4. He was a great writer

    Theodore Roosevelt was a passionate writer, having written about 35 books in his lifetime.

  5. He suffered a boxing injury

    Roosevelt suffered from a detached retina after a boxing bout.

Why We Love Have a Party with your Bear Day

  1. It gives us a chance to bring out the kid in us

    This day allows us to take a break from being boring adults, and have fun with the kids. This party is a respite from our mundane daily activities. It is a great stress buster.

  2. We spend more time with our kids

    Today we get to spend quality time with the children. We often get too busy with work and careers and forget to spend time with the kids. Having a party with your kids and their teddy bears is the right way to have fun with your little ones.

  3. We improve our knowledge

    Learn something new today. Learn more about the origins of the teddy bear. It also gives us a peek into the life and times of President Theodore Roosevelt, one of the best Presidents of the United States.

Have a Party with your Bear Day dates

Year Date Day
2022 November 16 Wednesday
2023 November 16 Thursday
2024 November 16 Saturday
2025 November 16 Sunday
2026 November 16 Monday