Humorous Day - Humorous Day is here and we should spend the day doing things that make us laugh and bring joy to us.

Humorous Day 2025 – April 19, 2025

Humorous Day is celebrated on April 19 and is a day dedicated to finding humor in whatever situation comes our way, no matter how difficult. It is a day that encourages us to look on the bright side of life. It is a reminder that we can have a good time with humor and laughter, which is said to be the best medicine. Read on to find out more about this fascinating and fun holiday right here at National Today! The origins of this holiday are largely unknown but it has been attributed to The Carmel Institute of Humor’s director Larry Wilde, who first declared April to be Humor Month in 1976.

History of Humorous Day

Humorous Day was inspired by National Humor Month and as such falls in April too, with April Fools’ Day kicking off the month.Humor has many benefits and plays an important role in our overall health. It allows people to breathe in more fresh air and stimulates the functioning of their lungs and respiratory system. When you laugh hysterically, you are releasing physical tension from the muscles in your body. Laughter has also been shown to improve heart health by boosting the heart rate while simultaneously lowering blood pressure. Natural ‘painkillers’ are produced by your body when you laugh.The immune system is strengthened as a result of extensive laughter, making you more immune to diseases in general. By giggling, you are raising the number of antibody-producing cells in your body and increasing the efficacy of your T cells. Humor provides comfort and relief from physical pain, as well as assists in the reduction of stress. From a social standpoint, aside from bringing people together, humor has also been shown to improve conversation quality and help people manage emotions like worry and fear, and come to terms with grief.

Humorous Day timeline

Written Record of the Word Humor

The first documented mention of the word ‘humor’ appears in Middle English.

The First Sitcom

“Mary Kay and Johnny” (DuMont 1947), a domestic drama about a couple of newlyweds from New York, becomes known as the first American sitcom.

“The Flintstones”

“The Flintstones” premiers and is widely considered to be the first example of the animation humor genre.

Beginning of Humor Month

Humor Month begins because of Larry Wilde.

Humorous Day FAQs

What is the longest-running comedy show?

The longest-running television show is the “Simpsons,” which has been airing since 1989.

How long was the longest stand-up comedy show?

David Scott, dubbed The Midnight Swinger, set a world record for the longest stand-up comedy show performed by a single human when he performed for 40 hours and eight minutes.

Is it possible to have a condition that causes you to laugh?

Pseudobulbar affect (P.B.A.), often known as laughing disorder, is a syndrome that generates uncontrollable bursts of laughter or tears at odd times.

Humorous Day Activities

  1. Watch funny animal videos

    Pets can be a huge source of entertainment with their playful antics and can bring so much joy if you have one. However, they can be just as entertaining when you watch videos of them on YouTube or TikTok.

  2. Go to a comedy show

    We have all heard that laughter is the best medicine and a good way to prove that is to laugh your heart out at a comedy show. You can go with friends and make it a fun day out.

  3. Do a group hangout

    Everyone has that one embarrassing story or multiple stories that bring out a belly laugh from others. You can tell the story to your friends and have them do the same. You can also exchange memes and jokes with your friends.

5 Hilarious Facts About Humor And Laughter

  1. The study of laughter

    Gelotology is the study of laughter as well as humor and how it affects the body.

  2. Gelotophobia

    Gelotophobia is a fear of being laughed at.

  3. Agelast

    } An agelast is a person who laughs infrequently or never at all.

  4. Laughter is contagious through audio

    Listening to recorded laughter may cause listeners or viewers to burst out laughing, which is the reason television studios employ laugh tracks on sitcoms to elicit laughter from the audience.

  5. Laughter yoga

    Laughter yoga is a style of exercise that incorporates laughing, deep breathing, and joyful movements.

Why We Love Humorous Day

  1. Strengthens relationships

    Research suggests that laughing together increases the likelihood of couples being together for a longer period. Finding a mate with a good sense of humor is not as crucial as being able to generate humor with your significant other. Parent-child bonding and communication are enhanced through the use of tickling and laughter.

  2. Increases health and well-being

    In addition to boosting the immune system, it also helps relieve stress and burn calories. It alleviates pain, lowers blood sugar levels, promotes glucose tolerance in both diabetics and non-diabetics, enhances employee productivity, and fosters community.

  3. Activates the pleasure sensors

    The same pleasure receptors in the brain that are triggered when we consume chocolate are also stimulated when we discover something amusing. When we see or hear something hilarious, our dopamine pleasure centers and connections in our brain are activated.

Humorous Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 April 19 Wednesday
2024 April 19 Friday
2025 April 19 Saturday
2026 April 19 Sunday
2027 April 19 Monday