Independent Artist Day™ - We’re celebrating the global community of independent artists and their unparalleled creativity.

Independent Artist Day™ 2025 – April 3, 2025

Started by the online art marketplace Minted, Independent Artist Day™ on April 3 recognizes the valuable contributions of independent artists to the art community and supports their work by presenting it to millions of people worldwide. Whether you are a graphic designer, painter, first-timer, or just a connoisseur of contemporary art, today’s the day to appreciate artists and the role of art in social, economic, and cultural spheres.Home to one-of-a-kind art by independent artists from all 50 states and over 100 countries, Minted is an online arts and design marketplace where artists unleash their creativity, and art lovers discover talent they won’t find elsewhere. Celebrating 15 years this year, Minted invites you to participate in their first annual Minted Independent Artist Day™. What’s more, enter your work and stand a chance to win one of Minted’s design challenges. Minted brings artists’ creative vision to life on physical products. 

History of Independent Artist Day™

Often, the best types of art are works that haven’t been discovered or recognized yet. While many artists get their lucky breaks, others struggle to showcase their art to the right audience. Then, there are art lovers who hunt for art that resonates with their style. Minted understands the needs of the artist and the art lover, bringing them together on their unique platform. Mariam Naficy deeply believes that great art can be discovered anywhere and everywhere. This is where Minted’s brand story begins. From a very young age, Naficy was surrounded by spectacular art, which she discovered during her travels. She also believed that the internet was a fantastic means for talented individuals around the world to unleash their potential and make their art accessible to the right customers. In 2007, she founded Minted, which rapidly grew and became a world leader in the arts and design marketplace. Today, more than 75 million homes are graced with art discovered on the platform. The best thing about Minted is that it not only empowers the artists but the customers as well. Through its crowdsourcing technology and Design Challenges, artists and buyers vote on featured designs. This ensures that the winning designs that Minted produces represent the freshest global trends. Buyers get the most exclusive, fresh designs, and independent artists get their breakthroughs. A win-win for all! At the core of it all, Minted is all about art; discovering, promoting, and, most importantly, supporting creative expression. To commemorate 15 years of this love for art, Minted has established Independent Artist Day™ on April 3.  

Independent Artist Day™ timeline

The Beginning of a Brand

Minted is founded by Mariam Naficy.

Changing Tastes

Minted launches wall art prints and party decor.

Personalized Art

Minted launches its on-demand home decor service.

Independent Artist Day™

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, Minted establishes annual Independent Artist Day™.

Independent Artist Day™ FAQs

Are Minted cards good?

Premium photo cards developed by Minted are high quality, vivid, and beautiful, with optional trimmings for a more personalized statement. 

Is Minted real?

Yes! Minted is an authentic art platform with a unique business model. Its transparent voting system determines the best art trends and provides a space for artists to channel and showcase their art. 

How much money do you make with Minted?

Artists can earn generous revenues and royalties of up to 6% on all future sales of their art. 

Independent Artist Day™ Activities

  1. Support an artist

    Show your support for an aspiring artist by buying their art. Alternatively, you can encourage artists to showcase their work on the Minted platform.

  2. Vote for your favorite designs on Minted

    Take your support a step further and vote for your favorite art designs on Minted. Winners will get their art produced into decor, stationery, cards, and more, so every vote matters.

  3. View the winning entries

    On Independent Artist Day™, view the winning works of art of Minted’s Design Challenge. You may even be inspired to make a purchase.

5 Reasons Why You Should Support Independent Artists

  1. The art is unique

    Platforms such as Minted feature exclusive one-of-a-kind art from independent artists.

  2. You’ll be helping an artist

    Your support will contribute to the success and career of aspiring artists.

  3. Their art reaches a bigger audience

    One purchase can generate a much greater reach through word of mouth and sharing on social media platforms.

  4. The art community thrives

    The overall art community is kept alive by supporting relatively small artists.

  5. Supporting an artist’s vision

    An artist’s vision is turned into reality through the support of their patrons.

Why We Love Independent Artist Day™

  1. Appreciating independent artists

    Independent Artist Day™ thanks all the artists, designers, illustrators, painters, and more who express themselves through their art, keep their dreams alive, take risks, and aim high. Their determination and contribution are valued and the world would be far less beautiful and inspiring without their vision.

  2. One-of-a-kind pieces

    We love finding the trendiest and freshest artwork on Minted! Minted provides the first look and has the last word on upcoming trends in the art world.

  3. A platform for everyone

    An all-inclusive platform for artists where there’s no bias? We are all for it!

Independent Artist Day™ dates

Year Date Day
2023 April 3 Monday
2024 April 3 Wednesday
2025 April 3 Thursday
2026 April 3 Friday
2027 April 3 Saturday