International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People - Support Palestinians and raise awareness of the growing conflict and injustices on International Day of Solidarity With the Palestinian People.

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People 2024 – November 29, 2024

International Day of Solidarity With the Palestinian People is observed on November 29 to raise awareness of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the horrors still occurring. The United Nations started this day to inform people about this issue and to stand with Palestinians during this difficult time with the hope that one day this conflict can be put to an end and reach a peaceful resolution.

History of International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

International Day of Solidarity With the Palestinian People is a global awareness day organized by the United Nations. The events for this day are held at the United Nations headquarters in New York and their offices in Geneva, Vienna, and Nairobi. This day is held on November 29 as this is the anniversary of Resolution 181 (United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine). This proposal was adopted in 1947 to attempt to settle the Israel-Palestine conflict by dividing the country into two states.Muslim Arabs have inhabited this land since 600 B.C. Palestine became part of the Ottoman Empire from 1500 to 1917 until it was conquered by the British. The real root of the problem started after the mass genocide of Jews during World War II, fueling the need for Jews to find a safe home. The Zionist movement had already been aiming to establish a nation-state for Jews in Palestine. The British had previously promised to establish the Jewish nation in 1917 to win the support of Jews during World War I.In 1948, David Ben-Gurion, the Jewish Agency Chairman, proclaimed the State of Israel. This received support from the U.S. who instantly recognized them as a nation and the British, who retreated from Palestine. This prompted the beginning of the first Arab-Israeli War. Israel fought and won against the Arab League. The war ended with Palestinians agreeing to sign the partition plan, taking 60% of the land. This was followed by the Six-Day War in which Israel won control of 85% of the land despite Palestine having a bigger population at the time. This day recognizes the partial win and raises awareness of the work still needed to reach peace for Palestinians.

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People timeline

600 B.C.
The First Inhabitants

Arabs first inhabit the land.

World War II Ends

World War II ends with the genocide of six million Jews.

The ‘Nakba’

Palestinian society and homeland are destroyed, leaving Palestinians in a diaspora.

May 14, 1948
The State of Israel is Proclaimed

Israel is proclaimed as a nation.

The Six-Day War End

The Palestinians are defeated and the Six-Day War comes to an end.

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People FAQs

How old is Palestine?

The earliest human remains found here date back to around 1.5 million years ago.

What language do Palestinians speak?

They speak Arabic in a Palestinian or Shami dialect.

Does Palestine have a flag?

Yes, the flag has three stripes — black, white, and green.

How to Observe International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

  1. Keep talking about it

    The most important thing we can do right now is to give visibility to the issue. We can do this by continuing to shed light on the conflict and show our support to Palestinians without choosing sides.

  2. Raise awareness

    Host an event in your local community to help raise awareness of this issue and clear up the many misconceptions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Organize an event and invite your community to listen.

  3. Donate

    There are many ways you can donate to show your support for the cause. The M.A.T.W.-Project is helping Palestinians in many ways. You can choose the amount of money you plan to donate and where you want it to go, such as rebuilding homes, providing fresh water, or providing medical care packs.

5 Important Facts About The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

  1. Nine countries recognize Palestine

    Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Turkey all recognize Palestine as a state while the U.K., the U.S., Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, and Mexico do not.

  2. Millions of Palestinians are in diaspora

    More than six million Palestinians are in diaspora due to the continued mistreatment — Israelis continue to bomb and destroy the homes of many Palestinians.

  3. This is the longest-standing conflict

    The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has lasted 54 years, with many growing up never having seen their homeland.

  4. Palestinians are now allowed in Israel

    Palestinians are now permitted to step on the State of Israel but have very restricted movement.

  5. There are still attempts at peace

    There have been many propositions to find a peaceful resolution — the U.N. continues to try to find a fair solution to this long-standing conflict, and there is still hope on the horizon.

Why International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People is Important

  1. People are suffering

    Raising awareness can help shed light on how critical the situation is. 80% of Palestinians depend on donations for assistance and 1.8 million people have food insecurities. Not to mention the ongoing threat of violence against Palestinians.

  2. People are struggling to separate people from government

    It’s important to acknowledge that many Jews oppose the current situation. Many will point fingers at Jews and forget that the problems come from the government and not the people.

  3. The conflict affects everyone

    The conflict does not just affect people living in Palestine and Israel — it has spread to Jews and Muslims all over the world. It’s important to tackle this issue to hopefully unite people again.

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People dates

Year Date Day
2022 November 29 Tuesday
2023 November 29 Wednesday
2024 November 29 Friday
2025 November 29 Saturday
2026 November 29 Sunday