International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day - International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day celebrates the organic, hand-crafted, and traditional art of cheese making.

International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day 2025 – April 20, 2025

International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day is on April 20 this year. Appreciate the delectable taste and texture of raw-milk cheese to celebrate. The main question is this — how is raw-milk cheese different from any other cheese? Raw milk cheese is made from organic and unprocessed milk, while most industry-manufactured cheese is made from pasteurized milk and contains preservatives. The industry-grade preservation process does kill the microbes but also kills the unique flavors. Though everyone will agree, killing microbes is more important than some flavors or textures. The biome present in milk consists of both good and bad bacteria. When preparing raw milk cheese, skilled artisans can strike a balance so that we enjoy the best of both worlds.

History of International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day

The exact origin of cheese cannot be carved out, though, some evidence shows that it was discovered around 8000 B.C. when goats and sheep began to be domesticated. It is safe to assume that the discovery must have been an accident, when milk was left aside for a long time, a tangy and sour-tasting curdled milk must have emerged as the first cheese.Over the years, the art of cheese making was perfected by artisans across the globe but there have been instances when bad cheese has caused a catastrophe. So, when the process of pasteurization was discovered, the government was quick to mandate it to prevent loss of life from milk products gone bad.Most preservation processes either use artificial preservatives or heat to kill the bacteria in the milk. These processes ensure that the cheese produced is safe but also robs it of the distinct flavors that the little organisms are capable of rendering during fermentation.Preservation techniques are also employed during the production of raw-milk cheese but they are tailored not to follow the typical methods of mass-producing industries.International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day was started by Oldways Cheese Coalition in 2015 to celebrate the “flavor, diversity, and history” of raw milk cheese. Oldways Cheese, a group of producers and retailers of raw milk cheese, advocates its preservation across the world.

International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day timeline

8000 B.C.
A Discovery

Cheese is discovered.

Pasteurisation is Discovered

Louis Pasteur discovers the process of killing microbes in milk by heating it.

Mandate to Pasteurize

The Food and Drug Administration mandates the pasteurization of all milk products, with a few exceptions.

Oldways Cheese Coalition

International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day is established.

International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day FAQs

Is raw-milk cheese safe?

Yes. When prepared with care and hygiene, raw-milk cheese can be as safe as pasteurized cheese, if not more.

How long does raw cheese last in the fridge?

At least seven days after opening and most hard cheeses can stay up to three to four weeks.

Is mozzarella a raw cheese?

The F.D.A. requires that all producers making mozzarella in the United States use pasteurized and not raw milk.

International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day Activities

  1. Eat a cheesy meal

    Cook, dine-in, or take out a cheesy meal. Make sure it is only raw-milk cheese on your plate today.

  2. Go on cheese tasting sprees

    Take help from your neighborhood cheesemonger or go on a tour to a fromagerie to find your favorite raw-milk cheese. It’s bound to be an exciting experience.

  3. Spread the love

    Share your love for raw-milk cheese on social media with fun hashtags such as #RawCheeseDay. Introduce your friends to raw-milk cheese by inviting them over and treating them to your favorites.

5 Interesting Facts About Raw Milk Cheese

  1. Off-white

    The natural color of raw milk cheese is off-white or a light yellow.

  2. A complete protein

    Raw milk cheese is a complete protein, also containing fat, carbohydrates, multiple vitamins, and minerals.

  3. Milk and cheese

    Making one pound of cheese requires about 10 pounds of milk.

  4. Cheese caves

    Caves known as cheese caves are used for the proper aging of cheese.

  5. Can be consumed by all

    Individuals with lactose intolerance can consume cheese.

Why We Love International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day

  1. Cheese helps our gut

    Raw milk cheese with its plethora of good bacteria maintains a healthy gut biome and improves digestion. We love this!

  2. Handcrafted with love

    The raw-milk cheese-making process is majorly manual. It is done by artisans who have perfected the process over years and decades.

  3. Everything's better with some cheese

    Fries, toast, and even broccoli take a turn for delicious heaven when dipped in cheese. See what else you can add it to today.

International Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 April 20 Thursday
2024 April 20 Saturday
2025 April 20 Sunday
2026 April 20 Monday
2027 April 20 Tuesday