Jeremiah McDonald - One of the craziest YouTube video ideas came from Jeremiah McDonald. Find out more about this fantastic content creator from Maine.

Jeremiah McDonald's Birthday 2025 – January 28, 2025

Jeremiah McDonald, born on January 28, 1980, is an American content creator, actor, filmmaker, and YouTuber. McDonald is a pioneer of modern visual entertainment. He got everyone’s attention in 2006 when he released “A conversation with my 12-year-old self” on YouTube. Jeremiah recorded a part of the video in 1992 when he was 12. And in 2006, he responded to the questions he raised in 1992 — creating a unique masterpiece. The video went on to get more than 10 million views on YouTube. He studied film and acting at Rockport College in Maine. We’ll help you celebrate this visionary here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Jeremiah McDonald

Birth date:

January 28, 1980


44 years, 5 months

Zodiac Sign:



6' 3"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Jeremiah McDonald's Social Media:


Jeremiah McDonald is a famous American YouTuber. Not to be confused with an American professional footballer who also goes by the same name. Born on January 28, 1980, McDonald comes from a creative family. His mother was an art teacher, while his father was John McDonald, the W.G.A.N. talk-radio host, storyteller, humorist, and author. He grew up in the Oxford Hills region of western Maine. His zodiac sign is Aquarius. While in high school, he received training in acting and pantomime from legendary mime artist Tony Montanaro at his Celebration Barn school. McDonald graduated from Rockport College in 2002 with an Associate’s degree in film writing and directing.McDonald’s career started in 1992 when he was just 12 years old. In “A conversation with my 12-year-old self,” The 12-year-old McDonald picked up a video cassette recorder and spoke about things that matter to him and how much he has grown since he was 10. McDonald then leaves a message to himself not to play the video till the future. In 2012, Jeremiah mixed a video he recorded as an adult with the older video. He answers questions he had as a kid and talks about everything that happened in between. Eventually, McDonald created a masterpiece. Many viewers were in disbelief. Some believe a child actor played the 12-year-old McDonald. When he posted the video on YouTube, he wasn’t expecting the kind of attention he received. He was overwhelmed. Basking in the recognition he received in 2012, McDonald opened a Tumblr page, where he began to post more videos.In 2009, Jean Lambert-Wild took him to Caen, France, where he created calentures for the D’Avignon festival. His other viral hits include “Jazz Dispute” and “Youtube is My Life.” McDonald’s art falls under the category of absurdist humor.

Career timeline

McDonald Records Part of a Hit Video

McDonald records the first part of his hit video when he is just 12 years old.

He Graduates From College

He graduates from Rockport college with an associate degree in acting.

He Goes to France

He receives an invitation to France from renowned French theater director, Jean Lambert-Wild.

McDonald Goes Viral

“A conversation with my 12-year-old self” brings the filmmaker into the limelight.

Jeremiah McDonald FAQs

Is Jeremiah McDonald a football player?

Two popular persons bear the name Jeremiah McDonald. One of them is a football player, while our guy here is a content creator.

Is John McDonald related to Jeremiah McDonald?

Yes. John who hosted W.G.A.N. is Jeremiah McDonald’s father.

What is Jeremiah McDonald's net worth?

His net wort is about $1.5 million. The content creator has done well for himself.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. McDonald worked remotely

    Unusual in the 2000s, Jeremiah McDonald and his collaborator worked remotely and did not meet physically for many years.

  2. He is related to John McDonald

    John McDonald, the popular W.G.A.N. radio host, is Jeremiah McDonald's father.

  3. He was afraid to go to France

    When he received an invitation from Jean Lambert-Wild to come to France, McDonald was scared since there was no way to know if Jean was who he said he was.

  4. Tony Montanaro is his favorite teacher

    Renowned mime artist Tony Montanaro is McDonald's favorite teacher.

  5. His hit video took 20 years

    His short film “A conversation with my 12-year-old self” took more than 20 years to create.

Why We Love Jeremiah McDonald

  1. McDonald is determined

    For many years, McDonald kept honing his craft despite receiving little to no money from it. We love that kind of tenacity.

  2. He is talented

    Oh, we love talented people. Making people laugh is hard work, and he does it effortlessly with his absurdist humor.

  3. He spreads good vibes

    McDonald's unique comedy makes lots of people happy — including us. What’s not to love about him?

Jeremiah McDonald’s birthday dates

Year Date Day
2023 January 28 Saturday
2024 January 28 Sunday
2025 January 28 Tuesday
2026 January 28 Wednesday
2027 January 28 Thursday