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Jeremiah Raber's Birthday 2025 – January 17, 2025

Jeremiah Raber, born on January 17, 1980, is recognized in TLC’s circles. The reality star’s career took off in 2012 after he joined the cast of the hit series “Breaking Amish.” The series, which was heavily based on the acclimation of certain Amish people in modern-day America, witnessed heavy ratings, making its cast popular. Raber has taken part in several projects since the show and its spin-offs. However, his controversial streak and rocky relationships have gained him tabloid attention. Raber’s story is heartfelt, so let’s celebrate him on his birthday!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Jeremiah Raber



Birth date:

January 17, 1980


44 years, 3 months

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5' 8.9"

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On January 17, 1980, Jeremiah Raber was born in Holmes County, Ohio, to Aaron and Mystic Raber. Raber is a reality T.V. star best known as the bad boy in TLC’s “Return to Amish.” As a toddler at 16 months, Raber was adopted by Aaron and Mystic, who was Amish. Together with his adoptive parents, Raber resided in the Pennsylvania Amish community. He claims he never fit into the Amish lifestyle and always wanted out, hence, when Raber finally saw an opportunity to escape the culture, Raber seized it with both hands. Raber is a Capricorn and became an original cast member of “Breaking Amish” in 2012. He appeared on 10 episodes of this show and eventually started dating his co-star, Sabrina Burkholder.In 2013, Raber was cast in the spin-off “Breaking Amish: Brave New World,” released in May. Raber appeared in eight seasons before the show ended. In 2017, Raber joined the cast of another spin-off, “Return to Amish,” a show which aired from 2014. Raber appeared in 29 episodes from 2017 to 2021. This is when the reality star went on a quest to find his biological father, who turned out to be his mother’s brother-in-law.Raber has three children with his ex-wife Naomi Stutzman, a former Amish member. Their relationship started in 2002, and by February 2011, the pair divorced. In April of 2016, Raber was married to his second wife, Carmela Mendez, whom he met on Facebook. Although a series of controversies and domestic violence reports have been filed against Raber by his ex-wife and present wife, Raber is still married to Mendez.

Career timeline

Raber Starts a YouTube Channel

In November, he launches his YouTube channel and vlogs his daily life.

He Acts in the Spin-off

Being an original cast member of “Breaking Amish,” Raber is cast in the spin-off show.

He Joins Another Spin-off

Raber joins the show “Return to Amish,” and makes many personal discoveries.

“Return to Amish” Ends

Raber appears in 29 episodes until the show ends.

Jeremiah Raber FAQs

Did Jeremiah Raber find his father?

A D.N.A. test revealed his birth father as his mother’s deceased brother-in-law.

Where did Jeremiah Raber grow up?

Although adopted, Raber grew up in Holmes County, Ohio.

Was Jeremiah Raber’s show scripted?

Raber claims that the show wasn’t 100% real, as some bits were scripted with paid actors.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He was adopted as an infant

    Raber was taken from his birth mother at nine months and then adopted into his current family.

  2. He’s currently estranged from his family

    Raber hasn’t been in contact with his adopted family since 2012.

  3. He’s been arrested

    Following a domestic violence report by Mendez, Raber was arrested in 2017.

  4. He’s an ordained minister

    Raber got ordained to be a minister and can now officiate wedding ceremonies.

  5. He might not be entirely honest

    According to Raber’s ex-wife, he had driven a car before going on the show.

Why We Love Jeremiah Raber

  1. He’s very outspoken

    Within and outside reality T.V., Raber is an outspoken individual. You’ve probably caught some of his Facebook rants.

  2. He supports his kids

    Although his ex-wife claims he’s usually late with the child support checks, Raber always pays. He is a caring father.

  3. He wasn’t afraid to leave

    Raber wasn’t afraid to leave the Amish culture, which was the only thing he’d known since he was a toddler. He’s very courageous.

Jeremiah Raber’s birthday dates

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2023 January 17 Tuesday
2024 January 17 Wednesday
2025 January 17 Friday
2026 January 17 Saturday
2027 January 17 Sunday