Jobs in Golf Month - It's Jobs in Golf Month and we've got the lowdown on all the different careers you can explore within the golfing world.

Jobs in Golf Month 2025 – February 2025

Jobs in Golf Month occurs annually in February and runs throughout the whole month. It was created by the Professional Golfers’ Association in 2002. The aim of Jobs in Golf Month is to promote employment services to golf employers and potential employees and increase access to those interested in the wide variety of jobs available in the golf industry.Jobs in Golf month works in conjunction with PGA Employment Center. During this month, employers who are seeking to fill positions can post jobs online at They can also make use of the many employment services provided. These include the job posting board and regional PGA Career Consultants who assist in finding qualified candidates that will meet the needs of the employer.

History of Jobs in Golf Month

Jobs in Golf Month was created by the Professional Golfers’ Association. The PGA of America is the world’s largest working sports organization which was formed in the United States in 1916. It was the idea of businessman Rodman Wanamaker to establish and elevate the standards of the profession and growing interest and participation in the game of golf.From October 10 to 14, the inaugural PGA Championship was conducted at Siwanoy Country Club in Bronxville, New York. Thirty-two golfers competed with Jim Barnes taking the win. In 1927, the Ryder Cup began and was hosted at Worcester (Mass.) Country Club. This was a competition that matched PGA Professionals to their counterparts from Great Britain. The Ryder Cup has since become one of the pre-eminent events in all sports. The Ryder Cup was canceled from 1939 to 1945 due to World War II but resumed in 1947.In 1956, the PGA celebrated its 40th anniversary. It had 3,798 members and 31 geographical sections. The PGA moved into its national headquarters in 1981 and the building was expanded in 1990 to accommodate the growing departments and staff. A second building was opened in 2001, which houses the Finance, Championships, and Information Systems departments.The PGA of America conducts more than 30 tournaments for its members and apprentices and displays its brand as the “gold standard” of the profession.

Jobs in Golf Month timeline

The PGA is Founded

On April 10, the PGA of America is founded with 35 charter members.

The PGA Championship is Canceled

The PGA Championship is canceled due to World War I.

“The Professional Golfer of America”

The PGA of America publishes the first issue of “The Professional Golfer of America,” which is later renamed “PGA”

‘The Player of the Year’

The PGA ‘Player of the Year Award’ is established and the first recipient is Ben Hogan.

The 50th Anniversary

The PGA of America celebrates its 50th Anniversary and has a total of 5,837 members.

Patriot Golf Day

Patriot Golf Day is launched to raise money for educational scholarships for children.

Jobs in Golf Month FAQs

What jobs can I get in golf?

There are numerous career paths one can follow in the golfing world. Some are golf teachers, golf professionals, gold writers or clubmakers, and repairers.

Can you make a career in golf?

Yes if you have enough dedication, skill, and drive to succeed.

What are golf course employees called?

PGA teaching professionals are sometimes called assistants and work underneath the head pro.

Jobs in Golf Month Activities

  1. Play golf

    Celebrate National Jobs in Golf Month by playing golf. There’s no better way to celebrate.

  2. Teach someone how to play golf

    Spread the love for the sport. You can do so by teaching someone how to play golf.

  3. Visit the driving range

    Pay a visit to a driving range! It’s the best place to practice your swing.

5 Interesting Facts About Golf

  1. Its invention

    Golf was invented in Scotland in 1457.

  2. Tees became popular in the 1920s

    Before tees became widespread, players would use mounds of sand as tees.

  3. Golf has been played on the Moon

    Two sports have been played on the Moon and golf was one of them.

  4. Tens of thousands of golf courses

    There are over 34,000 golf courses in the world and counting.

  5. Golf is the 10th most popular sport

    With 450 million fans, golf is the 10th most popular sport in the world.

Why We Love Jobs in Golf Month

  1. It promotes golf

    We love all sports and golf is one of our favorites. This month is dedicated to those in the golfing profession.

  2. It helps the unemployed find jobs

    The month is dedicated to placing employers with the relevant employees. We think it’s a great initiative.

  3. It's educational

    Jobs in Golf Month aims to educate the public about the various professions within the golfing world. Learn all you can this month.

Jobs in Golf Month dates

Year Date Day
2023 February 1 Wednesday
2024 February 1 Thursday
2025 February 1 Saturday
2026 February 1 Sunday
2027 February 1 Monday
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