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Jordan Bridges's Birthday 2024 – November 13, 2024

Jordan Bridges was born on November 13, 1973, in California, the United States, into a family of actors. Everyone in his family, from his grandparents to his father, and from his uncles to his brothers are well-known actors. He made his T.V. debut as Frankie Rizzoli in the T.V. crime drama, “Rizzoli & Isles.” He is the son of the award-winning actor, Beau Bridges and his wife, Julie Bridges. He made his acting debut in the 1982 T.V. movie, “The Kid from Nowhere,” which was directed by his father. He played recurring parts in the T.V. series, “Dawson’s Creek” and “Conviction.” In the 2011 movie, “J. Edgar,” he had one of his most well-known cinematic roles with the legendary actor, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Jordan Bridges

Birth date:

November 13, 1973


50 years, 8 months

Zodiac Sign:



6' 1"

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Net Worth:

$14.0 million

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Jordan Bridges is the son of actor Beau Bridges and his wife, Julie Bridges. Bridges made his acting debut at the age of five in the T.V. movie, “The Kid from Nowhere” (1982). He later made another appearance in the T.V. movie, “The Thanksgiving Promise” (1986), which starred the entire Bridges family. He gave up performing to enroll in L.A.’s Oakwood School because he didn’t want to be an actor. His passion for acting was reignited by the school’s concentration on fine arts.Bridges studied literature and majored in drama at Bard College in New York. He spent his junior year of college in England, where he studied at the esteemed London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art while living in a modest basement apartment in Chelsea. During this time, he saw West End plays for free. Although classically trained, he spent several years each as a waiter in New York and Los Angeles before landing jobs in movies, T.V. shows, and plays. He played the character called Nick Potter, a prominent lawyer from an old money family, in the N.B.C. series, “Conviction.”He is also well-known for his leading roles in movies, such as “New Suit,” “Samantha: An American Girl Holiday,” “Love Takes Wing,” and “Love Finds a Home,” as well as for his appearances in “Dawson’s Creek.” In the two-part, fourth-season opening episode of “Charmed,” he appeared in a guest role. He portrayed Tom Hastings, a recurring character, in the “Bionic Woman” T.V. series. Bridges starred in “Rizzoli & Isles,” a T.N.T. drama series. In 2002, Bridges married artist Caroline Sherman Eastman in a small ceremony in Hawaii. They have two children, Caroline and Orson.

Career timeline

His Acting Debut

Bridges makes his acting debut at the age of five in his father's T.V. movie, "The Kid from Nowhere.

His Movie Debut

Bridges portrays Travis Tilby in “The Thanksgiving Promise,” which features his entire family.

His T.V. Debut

He portrays Shane in two episodes of the American fantasy drama series, “Charmed.”

2010 — 2016
He Lands a Major Role

Bridges stars in "Rizzoli & Isles," a T.N.T. drama series.

He Acts With Leonardo DiCaprio

In the movie "J. Edgar," he co-stars in one of his most well-known film roles with DiCaprio.

Jordan Bridges FAQs

Does Jordan Bridges have siblings?

Yes, he has siblings.

Does Jordan Bridges have twins?

No, he doesn’t.

Was Jordan Bridges in the “Den of Thieves”?

Yes. He portrayed Lobbin’ Bob.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He comes from a renowned family

    He is the grandson of actors Lloyd Bridges and Dorothy Bridges, and the nephew of Jeff Bridges.

  2. His Russian roots

    Marvin Landfield, the maternal grandfather of Bridges, was born to Russian and Jewish immigrants.

  3. He is musically talented

    He plays the piano and the guitar, and also writes music.

  4. He’s skilled in kung-fu

    Bridges learned and practiced kung-fu for at least a decade.

  5. He married his wife twice

    The actor and his wife were married more than once: at The Burning Man Arts Festival in 2002, and in a simple ceremony in Kauai, Hawaii, in 2003.

Why We Love Jordan Bridges

  1. He is talented

    Bridges is talented and versatile. He is a brilliant actor as well as a skillful musician. He plays the guitar and the piano.

  2. He is dedicated

    Bridges worked various odd jobs and lived in a small basement flat in London during his university days before he became famous. He is focused and dedicated.

  3. He’s from a star family

    He represents a family of actors going back three generations. Bridges is the son of award-winning actor Beau Bridges. He is also the grandson of Lloyd Bridges and Dorothy Bridges and the nephew of Jeff Bridges.

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2022 November 13 Sunday
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2026 November 13 Friday