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Kory DeSoto's Birthday 2024 – November 9, 2024

Kory DeSoto, born November 9, 1986, is an American YouTuber who is best known for uploading pranks, collab videos, DIY, challenges, reaction, comedy videos, and vlogs on his channel. As a popular YouTuber, many of his fans have demanded his merchandise. At the moment, he mostly sells custom-made stickers with prints of him along with his best friend, Colleen Ballinger. Let’s celebrate his birthday with exciting insights into his life right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Kory DeSoto



Birth date:

November 09, 1986


37 years, 8 months

Zodiac Sign:



5' 11"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Kory DeSoto's Social Media:


Kory DeSoto, aka Korsoto, is a popular YouTuber these days, but his start was rocky. In March 2009, when there were only a few YouTubers, DeSoto took to social media and launched his YouTube channel. Soon after, he published his first video. His channel content mainly focuses on pranks and challenge videos, as well as some comedy videos and fun interviews. The two most popular videos on his channel are, “100 Layers of Condom” and “Frozen Gay Best Friend Version,” garnering three million and two million views, respectively. Other popular submissions include “Americans Try Japanese Snacks” and “What’s in My Mouth Challenge.”Since his debut, DeSoto has been popular on the internet. He was featured in several Colleen Ballinger videos. A year after launching his channel, he starred in a web series called “Matt and Kory Show.” The show aired from 2010 to 2013. Furthermore, he appeared in the ‘Rod Trip with My Uncle’ episode of ‘Haters Back Off’ alongside Colleen Ballinger and Angela Kinsey. In addition to YouTube, DeSoto is extremely active on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.On his Instagram account, he frequently posts photos and videos with his older brother and niece. DeSoto’s YouTube channel has around 460K subscribers and his Instagram account has around 315K followers. His Twitter account has around 130K followers while his Facebook account has around 5.5K followers.

Career timeline

The YouTube Channel is Launched

DeSoto creates his channel when there aren't many YouTubers yet.

The Web Series Launch

Being a visionary, DeSoto starts a web series called the "Matt and Kory Show.

The Most Popular Video

DeSoto releases "Americans Try Japanese Snacks! W/ Colleen Ballinger," which is his most popular video with over five million views.

The Netflix Series

DeSoto guest stars in the series "Haters Back Off," written by his friend Colleen Ballinger.

The Teen Choice Awards

DeSoto achieves success and is invited to attend the Teen Choice Awards.

Kory DeSoto FAQs

Is DeSoto related to Colleen?

No, he’s not. They are just good friends.

What does the name Desoto mean?

In Spanish Soto means “grove” or “small wood.” Soto (also spelled Desoto, Delsoto, de Soto, or del Soto) can also be a habitational name from any of several places called Soto or El Soto.

Is Kory DeSoto Asian?

He has Japanese and Puerto Rican ethnicity.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. About his age

    DeSoto once lied about his age to a gentleman he met on the street.

  2. The truth or dare

    DeSoto once had to chew gum already chewed by his friend in a game of truth or dare.

  3. He has a secret crush

    DeSoto has a crush on Sofia Vergara's husband.

  4. He uses relationship apps

    DeSoto has already admitted to using dating apps because he doesn't go out much, so using apps is a good option for meeting new people.

  5. The sneaky friend

    DeSoto has farted and blamed his friends.

Why We Love Kory DeSoto

  1. He’s very close to his mom

    DeSoto once posted a picture with his mother, where he mentioned that he loves to play Bingo with his mother for seven hours. However, he never told us her name.

  2. Coming out

    DeSoto came out and told his followers. We know this is never easy, but he served as an example and inspiration for his fans.

  3. Professional life

    DeSoto is very open about his professional life. He shares about his upcoming projects, and what he’s planning for the future.

Kory DeSoto’s birthday dates

Year Date Day
2022 November 9 Wednesday
2023 November 9 Thursday
2024 November 9 Saturday
2025 November 9 Sunday
2026 November 9 Monday