Liberace Day - Liberace Day is on February 4 each year. And in true ‘Mr. Showmanship’ spirit, we’ll be celebrating it in style.

Liberace Day 2025 – February 4, 2025

Liberace Day is celebrated every year on February 4. The epitome of showmanship, Wladziu Valentino Liberace was a flamboyant pianist and one of the world’s greatest entertainers. Some have bravely gone on record to say Elvis Presley had nothing on Liberace. That the musician has his own holiday is a testament to Liberace’s greatness. “Lee” to his friends loved ornate pianos and further enhanced their look with candelabras. Although he rocked rhinestone costumes and flaunted his wealth, there’s so much more to Liberace than meets the eye. Liberace Day is celebrated each year on the anniversary of his death.

History of Liberace Day

Liberace was born on May 16, 1919, in Wisconsin to parents of Italian and Polish descent. He learned to play the piano by ear at the wee age of four. His father (a classical musician) scrimped and saved to enroll his son in music lessons in the hopes that Liberace would go the classical music route too. But things turned out differently.Before making it big, Liberace played in clubs, theaters, and at weddings. He got through the Great Depression by playing in cabarets and strip clubs under the moniker “Walter Busterkeys.” By the early 1940s, he began touring the Midwest. His dream was to play for the masses instead of a niche, classical crowd.Liberace’s signature sound combined elements of pop, classical, ragtime, and honky-tonk – a fresh sound that appealed to what would soon become a massive fan base. In the 1940s, he went on to perform in major shows across the United States. This was when he found his space and identity as an entertainer. Although Las Vegas was like a second home to him, he performed throughout the country.Liberace’s shows were famously over the top and left everyone star-struck. Although he left fans mesmerized, his critics felt that the extravagance was a distraction from a lack of “real” musical talent. In August 1985, Liberace was diagnosed with H.I.V. The musician chose to keep his illness a secret and never sought treatment. Liberace’s last television appearance was on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in December 1986.On February 4, 1987, he died from pneumonia as a result of AIDS. He lives on through his music, and Liberace Day is celebrated on February 4 of every year.

Liberace Day timeline

Baby Steps

Liberace learns to play piano at the age of four.

Praised for Showmanship

During this time, Liberace moves from playing only classical to experimenting with different genres.

 “Liberace,” the Phenomenon Officially Arrives

The musician performs in major clubs across the United States and bills himself as “Liberace.”

A Show of One’s Own

“The Liberace Show” makes its television debut and launches him to dizzying career heights.

Liberace Day FAQs

What is the meaning of Liberace?

“Liberace” is short for Wladziu Valentino Liberace. He was a pianist and entertainer from the United States famous for exaggerated performances and outlandish clothes.  

How did Liberace become so rich?

Liberace’s unconventional music and act had a huge following. He was known to wear extravagant costumes and had a large supporting cast on stage. Liberace’s Las Vegas act contributed to his wealth.   

What is Liberace famous for?

The pianist combined elements of classical, pop, honky-tonk, and ragtime in his music. He also hosted a television show called “The Liberace Show” and appeared in a few films. 

Liberace Day Activities

  1. Play the piano

    What would Liberace do? We’re pretty sure it involves a piano. Whether you already know how to play or need to sign up for piano lessons, showing appreciation for this instrument is one way of honoring Liberace’s legacy.

  2. Connect with Liberace enthusiasts

    Indulge in Liberace appreciation sessions with other fans. There are plenty of online forums and communities. You could also look up the work done by the Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts.

  3. Watch movies and documentaries dedicated to him

    Liberace continues to make a phenomenal impact on pop culture. Artists still mention him in their lyrics and celebrities regularly pay fashion tributes to him.

5 Interesting Facts About Pianos

  1. Pianos have over 12,000 parts

    Out of these 12,000, at least 10,000 are constantly moving.

  2. Part of the percussion family

    Although a stringed instrument, the piano technically uses a hammer to hit the strings that create sound.

  3. Strings of steel

    A grand piano’s strings can resist weights up to 60,000 pounds.

  4. It teaches “harmony”

    Since a piano has 88 keys, it’s the perfect instrument for students to learn the fundamentals of music theory.

  5. Enhances early development

    Playing the piano enhances memory, fine tunes motor skills, and boosts self-esteem.

Why We Love Liberace Day

  1. It’s a reminder to follow your heart

    Liberace rose to fame driven by passion, talent, and grit – against all odds. His story inspires us to follow our heart’s desires and keep going.

  2. it goes beyond stereotypes

    Despite naysayers and critics, Liberace proved that music genres don’t belong in a box. He smashed that proverbial box and all the dogma inside it. We celebrate his courage and that he remained true to himself. {It’s a musical trip down memory lane

Liberace Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 February 4 Saturday
2024 February 4 Sunday
2025 February 4 Tuesday
2026 February 4 Wednesday
2027 February 4 Thursday