Little Things Mental Health Campaign - Join the Little Things Mental Health Campaign and take care of yourself. Let’s reflect together on the importance of mental health and general well-being.

Little Things Mental Health Campaign 2025 – January 2025

The Little Things Mental Health Campaign, or #littlethings, is a mental health and wellbeing campaign observed in January. It was created by the H.S.E.’s National Office for Suicide Prevention, in partnership with over 25 other organizations. The objective of the campaign is to highlight little things an individual can do to improve their mental health, including keeping active, talking about problems, drinking less alcohol, and eating and sleeping well. Though mental illness is an immensely complex and harrowing experience, the campaign holds that little things can improve your sense of wellbeing, at least a little.

History of Little Things Mental Health Campaign

Different conceptions and ideas of mental health have existed over time. The closely related concept of ‘mental hygiene’ has been around in literature since 1843, and the first International Congress on Mental Health was organized in 1948, in London. Today’s beliefs surrounding mental health can be traced back to the development of public health, clinical psychology, and other branches of knowledge. Technical references to mental health as an independent discipline date back to 1948 when the International Health Conference decided to establish the World Health Organization (WHO) and a Mental Health Foundation was created in London, in 1949.The WHO’s Expert Committee on Mental Health later defined mental health and mental hygiene in 1950. According to them, mental hygiene refers to “all the activities and techniques which encourage and maintain mental health. Mental health is a condition, subject to fluctuations due to biological and social factors, which enables the individual to achieve a satisfactory synthesis of his own potentially conflicting, instinctive drives; to form and maintain harmonious relations with others, and to participate in constructive changes in his social and physical environment.”Today, mental health is seen as a dimension of health, essential to the achievement of “good” health. However, many people continue to conflate health with the absence of disease. Consequently, mental health is often viewed simply as the lack of mental illness. There has, however, been a recent call to acknowledge that mental health means far more.

Little Things Mental Health Campaign timeline

Mental Hygiene

The term ‘mental hygiene’ is mentioned in literature for the first time.

The International Congress on Mental Health

The first International Congress on Mental Health is organized in London.

The First Mental Health Foundation

A Mental Health Foundation is established in London.


‘Mental hygiene’ is defined during the second session of the WHO’s Expert Committee on Mental Health.

Little Things Mental Health Campaign FAQs

What are the four types of mental illness?

There are many types of mental illnesses, including, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, psychotic disorders, and eating disorders.

What defines mental health?

Mental health is defined by a person’s emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

What are the warning signs of mental illness?

There exist many indicators of mental illness including disturbances in mood and sleep, excessive fears, tiredness, e.t.c.

How to Observe Little Things Mental Health Campaign

  1. Check in on yourself

    Before anything else, check in on yourself. Try to understand how your mental health currently is.

  2. Confide in someone

    If you are feeling conflicted or helpless, confide in a supportive loved one or counselor. You are not alone.

  3. Talk about it on social media

    Mental illness and mental healthcare are still somewhat taboo. If you are comfortable with it, talk about the topic on social media.

5 Facts About Mental Health And Illness

  1. Severity

    A bulk of mental health issues are commonly mild to moderate, short-lived mental health conditions.

  2. Gender

    Gender can play a role in the prevalence of mental illness, along with the manifestations of particular symptoms.

  3. The impact of diet

    An individual’s diet can impact their mental health.

  4. Sleep and depression

    Sleep disturbances are correlated with depression in individuals.

  5. Social isolation

    Social isolation can be a catalyst for several mental illnesses.

Why Little Things Mental Health Campaign is Important

  1. It encourages checking in on your mental health

    The Little Things Mental Health Campaign aims at improving individuals’ mental health. The campaign thus encourages people to check in on themselves.

  2. It empowers people to take care of themselves

    The campaign encourages people to do things to nourish their mental health. It’s incredibly empowering.

  3. It brings up the conversation about mental health

    Mental health is still a very taboo concept. The campaign sparks a conversation about mental health.

Little Things Mental Health Campaign dates

Year Date Day
2023 January 2 Monday
2024 January 1 Monday
2025 January 1 Wednesday
2026 January 1 Thursday
2026 January 1 Friday
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Little Things Mental Health Campaign
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