Mallory James Mahoney - Mallory James Mahoney is a multi-talented actress and a vegetarian! Let’s dish out all the tea about her life!

Mallory James Mahoney's Birthday 2025 – January 31, 2025

Mallory James Mahoney was born in Fort Worth, Texas, on January 31, 2005. She is an actress known for her role as Destiny Baker in the Disney Channel ongoing series “Bunk’d” (2018 to present). Mahoney also played the role of Ainsley Riches in the 2020 Netflix series “On My Block.” Let’s celebrate her birthday!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Mallory James Mahoney

Birth date:

January 31, 2005


19 years, 5 months

Zodiac Sign:



5' 4"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$15.0 million

Mallory James Mahoney's Social Media:


Mallory James Mahoney was born in Fort Worth, Texas, on January 31, 2005, to Natalie Griffin and Michael Mahoney. She made her first appearance in a Chuck E. Cheese commercial when she was four. As a young girl, Mahoney excelled in her studies and was one of the most talented and gifted students in her class. She is currently pursuing her high school diploma because she’s serious about gaining a proper education and is not willing to compromise her studies at any cost.Mahoney made her acting debut in 2014, appearing as Jenny, the main lead, in the Sundance short film “Dig.” In 2016, she landed a role as Katy Cooper, alongside actress Sabrina Carpenter, in the film “Adventures in Babysitting,” an action/adventure comedy directed by John Schultz. The same year, Mahoney landed a recurring role in the Rooster Teeth online series “Day 5” and continued to play the role of Taylor in the Christmas fairy tale “Heaven Sent.”Two years later, Mahoney joined the cast of the T.V. series called “Bunk’d ” as Destiny Baker, a pageant girl. The show originally premiered on Disney Channel and is a spin-off series of the Disney Channel show “Jessie.” Mahoney has also appeared in the film “Tough Cookie” as Eleanor. In 2020, she began working as Ainsley Riches on the Netflix teen-drama series “On My Block.” She also starred in the Netflix film “The Sleepover” in the same year. A year later, she made an appearance as a guest judge on “Disney’s Magic Bake-Off.” Currently, Mahoney is working on various upcoming television and movie projects.

Career timeline

Appearing in “Adventures in Babysitting”

Mahoney plays the role of Katy Cooper in the Disney television film “Adventures in Babysitting.”

Landing a Role on “Bunk’d”

She lands the role of pageant girl Destiny Baker in “Bunk'd.”

Working in “On My Block”

Mahoney begins working on the Netflix series “On My Block.”

Making a T.V. Appearance

She appears as a guest judge on “Disney’s Magic Bake-Off.”

Mallory James Mahoney FAQs

What is Mahoney doing now?

Mahoney started her role as Destiny Baker on the Disney Channel series “Bunk’d” in 2018. She is currently working on the series.

Does Mahoney have curly hair?

Mahoney says her hair is naturally curly, and her biggest tip is to sleep on a silk pillowcase to help the curls not get too frizzy.

Is “Bunk'd” coming back?

“Bunk’d” has not been renewed for a seventh season.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She has a wholesome motto

    Mahoney’s motto is “Always leave a place better than when you came into it.”

  2. She’s vegetarian

    She’s been a vegetarian for eight years because of her love for animals.

  3. She’s an animal lover

    The actress has two dogs and often posts selfies with them on her social media.

  4. She’s a massive Marvel fan

    Mahoney loves Spiderman and Thor.

  5. She couldn't live without Instagram

    Mahoney couldn't live without her fans and loves being able to connect with them.

Why We Love Mallory James Mahoney

  1. She loves to watch basketball

    Mahoney’s favorite sport is basketball, but she's a little too short to play. So, she watches it on T.V.

  2. She likes Imagine Dragons

    Mahoney’s favorite band is Imagine Dragons. Her favorite album is “Night Visions.”

  3. She spends her off time with her parents

    Mahoney enjoys spending her leisure time with her parents and school friends. She feels like they help her come back to earth.

Mallory James Mahoney’s birthday dates

Year Date Day
2023 January 31 Tuesday
2024 January 31 Wednesday
2025 January 31 Friday
2026 January 31 Saturday
2027 January 31 Sunday