Micro-volunteering Day - Today is Micro-volunteering Day. Make a change for the better through bite-sized actions.

Micro-volunteering Day 2025 – April 15, 2025

Micro-volunteering Day is observed annually on April 15. It’s to raise awareness of the microvolunteering concept and how it can empower worthy causes and individuals to make the world better through bite-sized actions. It’s also an opportunity for micro-volunteering platforms, volunteer-involving organizations, and individuals to connect in a synced effort to further their contributions and show the potential of the micro-volunteering concept.

History of Micro-volunteering Day

Micro-volunteering Day is the initiative of Help From Home, a leading promoter of micro-actions worldwide since 2008. Micro-volunteering Day was first held in 2014, attracting many organizations and thousands of people to dedicate some of their free time to good causes. The primary aim of Micro-volunteering Day is to engage individuals in micro-volunteering tasks; encourage organizations to support the idea; promote discussion on the concept; share photos plus stories via #microday or #microvolunteering. So, what is micro-volunteering?The term micro-volunteering was popularized in 2008 by The Extraordinaries (Skills For Change). And the concept of micro-volunteering has since grown, becoming a global force to connect people who want to spend some of their time on more impactful use through a small volunteering task. The growth became significant because micro-volunteering is “bite-sized, on-demand, no commitment actions that benefit a worthy cause.” It doesn’t take much of your time, only one to 30 minutes, and you’re done.Commonly, there are two types of micro-volunteering: Skilled, one-off tasks and Unskilled repeatable tasks. Whether playing games to contribute to research projects or volunteering via smartphone, you can create an impact. You can do micro-volunteering anywhere, during commercial breaks at home, in a traffic jam, during smoke breaks at work, or even in your pajamas in bed. That’s the upside of micro-volunteering. Besides, you can do micro-volunteering offline, such as picking up trash while walking on the street.

Micro-volunteering Day timeline

First Appearance

The term micro-volunteering appears for the first time on May 9 in response to a blog post on the mySociety platform.

The Extraordinaries

Jacob Colker and Ben Rigby co-found The Extraordinaries, a San Francisco-based social enterprise.

Micro-volunteering Day

Micro-volunteering Day is held for the first time.

Operation Stopped

Help From Home stops operating.

Micro-volunteering Day FAQs

Why is volunteering important?

It can help you develop a solid support system through regular contact with other people.

Is donating better than volunteering?

Either one is better; it just depends on personal preference. When you are short on time but have extra money, donating is the choice, and vice versa.

What is the most common form of volunteering?

In the U.S., the most common way of volunteering is fundraising for an event.

How to Observe Micro-volunteering Day

  1. Participate in micro-volunteering

    There are numerous micro-volunteering tasks. It can be writing articles for websites, creating simple infographics, or sharing ideas on social media.

  2. Spread the word

    Spreading the word about the micro-volunteering itself can be an act of micro-volunteering. The more people know, the bigger the impact micro-volunteering can bring. One of the best ways to do it is by using the hashtag #microday or #microvolunteering when posting something on social media.

  3. Volunteer offline

    Micro-volunteering doesn’t replace traditional volunteering. You may want to volunteer at homeless shelters, retirement homes, or local public libraries. Your help is still needed.

5 Facts About Volunteering You Need To Know

  1. Most volunteers enjoy it

    It is said that 93% of people enjoy the volunteering experience.

  2. It can improve wellbeing

    Reportedly, 22% of volunteers aged 18 to 24 say that volunteering helps them cut down on alcohol.

  3. Some feel it’s becoming too much

    Around 19% reportedly feel volunteering becomes too much like paid work.

  4. Non-volunteers need trust to do it

    Non-volunteers are more likely to serve if a trusted friend asks them.

  5. It helps you find a job

    Volunteering can help fill your experiences on the resume, leading to a better chance of finding a job.

Why Micro-volunteering Day is Important

  1. It’s convenient

    Micro-volunteering makes us more willing to participate. We can do it almost anywhere with less effort, and it takes less than an hour.

  2. It’s a good concept

    As we mentioned before, micro-volunteering doesn’t replace the traditional one. Instead, it compliments it. However, it’s still a good concept as t can reach more people globally.

  3. It gives us a sense of purpose

    Micro-volunteering or traditional volunteering can give us a sense of purpose. We use our time in meaningful actions, contributing to good causes.

Micro-volunteering Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 April 15 Saturday
2024 April 15 Monday
2025 April 15 Tuesday
2026 April 15 Wednesday
2027 April 15 Thursday