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Minhyuk's Birthday 2024 – November 3, 2024

Lee Min-hyuk, or simply Minhyuk, is a singer and MC from South Korea. He debuted in the South Korean boy group Monsta X, formed in 2015 through Mnet’s survival show “No Mercy” under Starship Entertainment. Already an established entertainer, in 2019, Minhyuk decided to expand his repertoire and engage in other activities. He has since taken on hosting a weekly radio show, he has become a brand ambassador for a premium luggage brand, and also a global brand muse for a sportswear clothing brand. Minhyuk is also the inspiration behind a Korean-based shoes and accessories brand and the new face for a Korean and Japanese skincare range brand. We are excited to celebrate this star’s birthday today.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Lee Min-hyuk



Birth date:

November 03, 1993


30 years, 7 months

Zodiac Sign:



5' 8.11"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$5.0 million

Minhyuk's Social Media:


Lee Min-hyuk was born in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, on November 3, 1993. In 2014, he competed in Mnet’s survival show “No Mercy.” In the show’s finale, Lee was the final member confirmed to be one of the seven contestants debuting in Starship Entertainment’s new boy group Monsta X. In 2015, Minhyuk debuted with Monsta X with their first E.P. “Trespass.” In 2017, the group released their first studio album, “The Clan Pt. 2.5: The Final Chapter.” On Monsta X’s second studio album, “Take.1 Are You There?”In 2019, Minhyuk released a mixtape single, ‘Ongsimi,’ with a music video released through Starship Entertainment’s YouTube page. The song featured group member Joohoney and Minhyuk described as ‘E.D.M. Hip Trot.’ He also began expanding his repertoire and dabbling in acting and hosting. Later that year, he became one of the three M.C.s for S.B.S.’s “Inkigayo,” alongside Naeun and Jaehyun, hosting the show every Sunday.Minhyuk is a credited writer and composer for three tracks of Monsta X’s sixth album, “All About Luv.” In 2020, Minhyuk launched the “Vogue Ship Show” on Naver Now, a weekly radio show focused on creating art while connecting with fans. Most episodes of the radio show hosted guests, usually other K-pop idols, including members of g.o.d., labelmates such as Jeong Se-Woon and members of Cravity, as well as groupmates from Monsta X. A few months later, Minhyuk was announced to be an M.C. for the new K.T. Seezn program “Back to the Idol,” alongside Eunhyuk.

Career timeline

The Monsta X Debut

Minhyuk debuts with five other members in the group Monsta X.

The Invite to ‘She’s My Type’

Minhyuk receives an invitation to participate in the soundtrack of ‘She's My Type.’

The Global Ambassador Role

Minhyuk begins working as the global ambassador for Evian.

The Debut Into Modeling

Minhyuk becomes one of the faces of Olive Young's Vegan Beauty campaign.

Minhyuk FAQs

Is Minhyuk in B.to.B or Monsta X?

Lee Minhyuk belongs to Monsta X, and another Lee Minhyuk is a member of B.to.B.

What is Minhyuk's ideal type?

He seems to have a preference for girls that are curvy and fair-skinned.

Does Monsta X’s Minhyuk have a sister?

Yes. Minhyuk has a younger sister.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He has a favorite boy group

    Minhyuk’s favorite boy group is Big Bang, and G-Dragon is his favorite member.

  2. He has a favorite girl group

    Minhyuk’s favorite girl group is Sistar, and Hyorin is his favorite member.

  3. He’s into self-care

    Minhyuk massages his eyes before going to bed.

  4. He an extrovert

    Minhyuk’s the most outgoing among Monsta X's members.

  5. He has a surprising type

    Minhyuk prefers dating older women.

Why We Love Minhyuk

  1. He loves animals

    Minhyuk had a dog for 13 years. Taking care of an animal for over a decade requires a lot of dedication, love, and special care, and Minhyuk seems brim-full of it.

  2. He loves his group

    Minhyuk's favorite thing about Monsta X is that the team is free-spirited and energetic. It doesn’t matter that there are differences between the members; he truly loves them, and we can see that in his interactions.

  3. He's curious about everything

    Minhyuk is an avid researcher and he will spend time on the internet just looking up new information. That's why he always has a lot to talk about and share!

Minhyuk’s birthday dates

Year Date Day
2022 November 3 Thursday
2023 November 3 Friday
2024 November 3 Sunday
2025 November 3 Monday
2026 November 3 Tuesday