National Adam Day - You’ve heard of the first man, but have you heard of National Adam Day? Here are the top tips on making sure you celebrate all Adams equally.

National Adam Day 2024 – November 8, 2024

On National Adam Day, which falls annually on November 8, we celebrate the first man. Okay, maybe not literally, but according to the Bible, God created the first man as a physical manifestation of his being and named him Adam, which later came to be synonymous with the concept of the first man. But enough about that, let’s shift our focus to the Adams of today. From Sandler to Driver, we’ve had some great ones. And that doesn’t include the Adams we know in our personal lives, who we choose to celebrate on this special day.

History of National Adam Day

Perhaps the most prominent Adam of all is the one from the Bible. According to Genesis, the personal name Adam, which was given to the first man, is also a known Hebrew name for a man. It is derived most likely from the Hebrew ‘adamah,’ which means ‘earth.’ It was widespread as a personal name among non-Jews throughout Europe throughout the Middle Ages. The surname may be found in one form or another in most European countries.Many scholars and historians have considered the deeper meaning of the name ‘Adam,’ especially considering its importance in biblical texts, and have suggested that the correct interpretation of the name is ‘son of the crimson soil.’ It was famously reintroduced as a cowboy name in the 1960s but is not as popular as it once was, being entirely supplanted by newer A-names like Aidan, Avery, and Axel. Of course, there have also been the fictional Adams that have captivated viewers across the globe. Its most notable contemporary bearer is Adam, a character on the H.B.O. television series “Girls.”Historically, Adam did not enter the U.S. Top 100 until 1970, reaching number 18 in the early 1980s. Nonetheless, Adam is no stranger to the limelight. Adam Sandler and Adam Carolla play up the name’s comedic aspect, while vocalist Adam Levine gives it an edgy, pop-rock vibe.

National Adam Day timeline

1200 B.C.
First Man

Biblical texts appear with the name Adam, detailing the making of the first man by God.

Adam in the Sistine

Michelangelo’s fresco painting, “The Creation of Adam,” is completed in the Sistine Chapel.

The Runner-Up

Adam Lambert becomes the runner-up on the eighth season of “American Idol” before having his breakout album.

My Kitchen Rules

“Burnt,” an American drama film, premieres starring Bradley Cooper as a chef, Adam Jones.

National Adam Day FAQs

Is Adam a God?

According to Mormon Fundamentalists, following the birth of mortal offspring and the establishment of the human race, Adam and Eve returned to their celestial thrones, where Adam serves as God and is the Heavenly Father of people. Later, Adam returned to Earth to be the actual father of Jesus and to the ancient prophets.

Are Queen and Adam Lambert still together?

They’re still touring together, with many dates scheduled for the Queen + Adam Lambert: Rhapsody Tour in 2022. Get your tickets and join in on the fun.

How much is Adam Sandler's net worth?

In 2022, Sandler’s net worth was reported to be $480 million, and he inked a three-movie contract with Netflix for more than $350 million. He continues to make news with new announcements and deals every other month, making him one of the most successful American comedians today.

National Adam Day Activities

  1. Read Genesis, in the Bible

    In the Bible, Adam is the name given to the first man that God created. The story is detailed in Genesis one to five, the first few chapters in the biblical text. To celebrate National Adam Day and the creation of Adam, read the first chapters of the Bible and analyze how he was created. If you understand that, you can tell your friends and family and have an in-depth discussion on what Adam means to society.

  2. Marvel at Michaelangelo’s artwork

    The story goes like this, Michelangelo was invited back to Rome in 1505 by freshly elected Pope Julius II and given the task of constructing the Pope's mausoleum, which was to comprise forty sculptures and be completed in five years. Years later, in the Sistine Chapel, he completed his most well-known work, “The Creation of Adam,” an homage to the creation of man. When in Rome, visit the chapel and take it all in.

  3. Listen to Adam Lambert

    Since 2009, Lambert has sold over three million albums and five million singles, and he continues to make new music on his own and as a new member of the iconic British band, Queen. Pop over to Spotify and listen to some of his biggest hits like ‘Whataya Want from Me’ and ‘Ghost Town.’ Celebrating National Adam Day by listening to Lambert’s music is a great way to spend the special day.

5 Interesting Facts About Adam Sandler

  1. He’s a Grammy winner

    Sandler's debut comedy album, "They're All Gonna Laugh at You," was nominated for a Grammy and certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America in 1993.

  2. He is a college graduate

    Sandler attended New York University and worked as a resident assistant for his fellow students.

  3. He was on “The Cosby Show”

    Sandler's first regular Hollywood role, at the age of 18, was on "The Cosby Show.

  4. He is a philanthropist

    Sandler donated $1 million to the Boys and Girls Club in his hometown of Manchester, New Hampshire, in 2007.

  5. His most famous film is an animation

    Sandler has been a box-office hit for well over two decades, but his most successful film to date is "Hotel Transylvania 2.

Why We Love National Adam Day

  1. It’s one of the most well-known names in history

    The fact is that Adam is probably the most well-known name in the world and throughout history. So, we love how many Adams there are in the world. Imagine if we could get all the Adams in one location to have a massive celebration on National Adam Day? It would be a celebration to remember.

  2. Many religious people value Adams

    The religious significance of the name Adam is beyond widespread. As the first man in the Bible, many religious folks have named their sons Adam, and many continue to do so even in modern times. The long history and symbolism behind the name set it apart from the rest and is what makes us want to honor it.

  3. We get to laugh out loud

    Adam Sandler, the actor, and comedian, is perhaps the most famous Adam in entertainment at the moment for his long history of creating goofy characters in films for both adults and children. So, when people celebrate National Adam Day, it is pretty common to put on a film starring, and probably created by, Sandler. We love to laugh, and on this day, we get to do it as much as we want to.

National Adam Day dates

Year Date Day
2022 November 8 Tuesday
2023 November 8 Wednesday
2024 November 8 Friday
2025 November 8 Saturday
2026 November 8 Sunday