National Adopt a Rescued Bird Month - Adopt a Rescued Bird Month highlights the plight of abandoned birds. It also encourages those who are able to, to provide homes for them.

National Adopt a Rescued Bird Month 2025 – January 2025

Adopt a Rescued Bird Month is observed every January and is a great time to bring a new feathered friend into your home. Did you know that there are thousands of abandoned and homeless birds in need of adoption? These creatures are often left to fend for themselves in appalling conditions. Thankfully, with the aid of the Internet, you can see and learn about these birds before deciding which one to adopt. People who keep birds as pets prefer them for their delightful songs, playful nature, ease of care compared to larger animals, and their colorful plumage. Birds also blend well with people of all ages, making them suitable companions for both children and the elderly.

History of National Adopt a Rescued Bird Month

Keeping birds as pets began in ancient times, going back to the Greeks and the Romans. The most common birds as pets were ravens, parrots, pigeons, swans, doves, and magpies. People had a strong attachment to their bird companions and grieved for the ones who had passed away. For centuries after the classical period, birds were kept as pets across Europe. The practice soon spread to the Atlantic. Through the first decade of the 20th century, birds were the most popular pets in the U.S. People of all races and social rankings had birds in either cages or aviaries.The birds were adored for their company, charming melodies, and role as a symbol of fidelity. Blue Jays, Eastern Bluebirds, Indigo Buntings, Baltimore Orioles, and Northern Cardinals are some of the species kept as pets in the U.S. However, this type of pet-keeping was eventually outlawed. This is because the millinery industry slaughtered thousands of birds for their feathers, and wild bird exploitation led many species to the brink of extinction by World War I. It is still illegal to capture or kill migratory bird species. Unfortunately, tropical species aren’t covered under American laws. This is why people are allowed to have captive parrots away from their original habitats. A 2011 survey states that there are more than 16 million pet birds in the United States.Even though native songbirds in the U.S. are no longer kept as pets, they still have ‘honorary pet’ status. This means that people consider them special. When adopting a bird, do it through a reputable organization to ensure you’re not getting involved in wildlife trafficking.

National Adopt a Rescued Bird Month timeline

350 B.C.
A Philosopher Studies Birds

Aristotle mentions more than 170 kinds of birds in his work on animals.

77 A.D.
A Book About Birds

Pliny the Elder composes “Historia Naturalis Book X,” which is devoted to birds.

A Search for Bird Origins

The hunt for the ancestors of living birds begins with an Archaeopteryx specimen, the first known bird.

Britain’s First Law to Protect Birds

The Sea Birds Preservation Act is passed in the U.K. to protect birds.

National Adopt a Rescued Bird Month FAQs

Do all birds nest in trees?

While most people think that birds only nest in trees, some species build their nests on the ground, under roof eaves, in disused attics and church towers, while others dig small burrows in the soil.

How many bird species are there?

Most studies state that there are around 10,000 bird species on Earth.

What is the heaviest bird?

The ostrich is the heaviest species and can weigh as much as 287 pounds.

How to Observe National Adopt a Rescued Bird Month

  1. Adopt a bird

    If your lifestyle allows it, adopt a bird in need of a new home. If not, you can sponsor a friend or family member to adopt a feathered friend.

  2. Donate to bird protection agencies

    There are numerous organizations dealing with the care and rehabilitation of birds. Your donation will help them do more of this noble work.

  3. Go birdwatching

    Watching birds is the surest way of gaining an appreciation for these creatures. If this is an activity new to you, join a birdwatching group near you for some birdy fun.

5 Facts About Birds That You Need To Know

  1. They have a long life span

    Some bird species live for more than 100 years.

  2. They’re found everywhere

    Birds live on every continent on Earth, including Antarctica.

  3. Salt-proof birds

    Flamingos can withstand highly caustic environments due to their internal salt filtering system.

  4. The smallest bird in existence

    The bee hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world.

  5. Powdery feathers

    Powder down is a powdery substance produced by some species, such as cockatoos and egrets, on their feathers and skin.

Why National Adopt a Rescued Bird Month is Important

  1. We get to help animals

    This important month is a chance for us to help disadvantaged birds. From volunteering at bird shelters to adopting rescues, there’s no shortage of options for doing good.

  2. It’s family-friendly

    The old and the young can enjoy Adopt a Rescued Bird Month together. Being around birds is a cool way to bond as a family.

  3. A learning opportunity

    There’s so much to birds, more than we realize. Adopt a Rescued Bird Month takes us deep into the avian realm to discover their history, socializing, feeding, breeding, and migration habits.

National Adopt a Rescued Bird Month dates

Year Date Day
2023 January 2 Monday
2024 January 1 Monday
2025 January 1 Wednesday
2026 January 1 Thursday
2026 January 1 Friday
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