National Alicia Day - National Alicia Day is a holiday dedicated to honoring all the Alicias around the world, from your friends and family members to the world-famous Alicias.

National Alicia Day 2025 – April 27, 2025

National Alicia Day is celebrated on April 27 to honor all Alicias worldwide. This is the day for you to spend time with anyone you know with this name or to celebrate the famous Alicias around the globe from Alicia Keys to Alicia Rhett. Give a shoutout to any Alicia you know to let them know they are loved! Read on to find out more about the interesting history of this name. Alicia is a feminine name meaning ‘noble natured.’ The name is pronounced as ‘ah-liss-ee-ah’ or ‘ah-lee-cee-uh’ in Europe and as ‘ah-lee-sha’ in English and Spanish.

History of National Alicia Day

The name Alicia comes from the Germanic ‘Adelheid’ — which produced the English form, Adelaide — and it is a variant of the name Alice. ‘Adelheid’ is an Old High German name meaning ‘nobility’ that goes back to the early Middle Ages. From the name, Adelheid, Adelaide was derived. From this, the Old French shortened the name to Alice.Old High German is the earliest stage of the German language, and it covers a group of Germanic dialects. This language used both Latin and runic writing forms. Both German and French come from the same proto-language. Some French terms were derived from Old High German. The two countries have a long history together, so it’s no wonder they’ve adopted each other’s names.The name Alice was and remains very popular in Europe. It only became well-known in the U.S. during the Victorian Era due to the daughter of Queen Victoria, Princess Alice, who was born in 1843. Its popularity rose even further due to “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carrol, published in 1865, turning people’s attention to this European classic. The name has many variations today, such as Alicia, Alison, and Allie. It has other forms like Alisa in Russia and Aliki in Greece. This name has become popular in the U.S. with varied pronunciations and spelling, such as Alesha. This pronunciation is the Latin form of the name.

National Alicia Day timeline

Medicine and Activism

The Argentine physician, Alicia Moreau de Justo, founds the Feminist Socialist Center of Argentina and the Feminine Work Union of Argentina.


Alicia Rhett plays the lead in “Gone with the Wind.”


Alicia Ostriker publishes her first poetry collection, writing Jewish feminist poetry.


Alicia Keys’ career begins and she goes on to produce some of our favorite hits.

National Alicia Day FAQs

What is short for Alicia?

The name Alicia has a few possible nicknames depending on the preferred pronunciation, like Allie, Licia, Alyssa, Alice, or Lisha and Aleesh. Cia or Lacy could make creative options.

Is Alicia a rare name?

Alicia is a much more common name these days, but it has gone down the list and was replaced with Alice.

Is Alicia a beautiful name

Alicia is a very beautiful and feminine-sounding name.

National Alicia Day Activities

  1. Appreciate an Alicia

    Know anyone named Alicia? Let your Alicia know that they are loved by celebrating them on this day. Whether it’s your friend or a family member, spend the day doing your Alicia’s favorite activity.

  2. Honor an Alicia

    There are so many great Alicias out there that gave us music, art, film, and more. Make a post on social media highlighting the achievements of your favorite Alicia to let their work be known.

  3. Suggest the name

    Alicia is a great name! If you know anyone expecting and looking for a classy and beautiful name, suggest the name Alicia to them.

5 Interesting Facts About The Name Alicia

  1. Alicia Ostriker revolutionized poetry

    Alicia Ostriker was working as an English professor in the 60s while writing poetry and raising children, and she was one of the first women to write about motherhood, a topic considered too private at the time.

  2. Alicia Rhett was a painter

    Alicia Rhett may be known for her role in “Gone with the Wind,” but few know that she was also a sketch artist and a portrait painter.

  3. It was more famous than Alice

    In the ‘80s, the name Alicia grew in popularity and was in the top 50 names, becoming more popular than the traditional Alice.

  4. It can be a boy’s name

    While Alicia is more common as a girl’s name, there are a few male Aleshas, like the basketball player Allisha Gray.

  5. You can spell it however you want

    This name gives you many spelling variations like “AlishaAlyshaAlesha” or “AlyciaAlisia.”

Why We Love National Alicia Day

  1. Everyone deserves a day

    Everyone deserves to have a day reserved to celebrate them. It’s a great reminder to spend time with any Alicia in your life, no matter how they spell or pronounce their name.

  2. It honors all the Alicias

    A lot of Alicias contributed to history. For that, they deserve a day to be celebrated and reminded of their greatness.

  3. It can be fun

    You can take the day to honor your chosen Alicia by watching “Gone with the Wind” or blasting Alicia Keys’ hits. It’ll be lots of fun!

National Alicia Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 April 27 Thursday
2024 April 27 Saturday
2025 April 27 Sunday
2026 April 27 Monday
2027 April 27 Tuesday