National Angel Day - It’s National Angel Day, and we aren’t talking about mystical beings. Find the most interesting facts about the name Angel right here.

National Angel Day 2025 – April 16, 2025

National Angel Day is celebrated every year on April 16. We want to set the record straight since we know that this day might easily be misinterpreted. This holiday was created to honor human beings named Angel rather than divine creatures. The Greek word ‘Angelos,’ which means ‘messenger,’ is the source of the name Angel and can be used as a given name or the last name. The Bible and other religious literature use it frequently to represent divine messengers of God and other ultimate deities. There are numerous versions of the name Angel, which is particularly prevalent in nations that speak Spanish. Learn more about the name’s history and other fascinating details.

History of National Angel Day

Today we are celebrating Angels not only in character but in the name. It’s hard not to consider anyone named Angel a blessing, and that is because every time the moniker is mentioned, our minds automatically think of the divine beings found in religious and spiritual texts. We all want to feel like we are shielded by an unshakable force higher than us, and this might have very well been the thought behind parents naming their children Angel.The name ‘Angel’ is rooted in Greek and Latin origins. It derives from ‘Angelos,’ which translates to ‘messenger’ or ‘bringer of good news’ and is a gender-neutral name. So if you are looking for a name for your baby boy or girl rooted in profound spiritual and heavenly meanings, Angel might be the name for you.In the Bible and other religious texts, this term describes messengers of God. These divine beings often serve as intermediaries between God and humankind. They also double as our protectors and guides through our walks of life. Some examples of such angels in the Bible are Angel Michael and Gabriel.However, today our focus lies on our earthly friends named Angel. This name is most prevalent for boys in Spanish-speaking regions like Spain, Puerto Rico, and Chile, often as the variation Ángel. Although it is not as popular in English-speaking countries, Angel rose to the top 100 of the boy name charts by the late 1900s into the 21st century. In the United States, it is less prevalent in baby girls’ names chart, with other variations like Angela being far more common. It works great as both a given name and a surname.

National Angel Day timeline

The Hit Show

The television series “Angel” airs as a spinoff from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

Girls are Angels Too

This is the most popular year for girl babies named Angel.

It’s a Boy Thing

The highest ranking name for boys in the top 100 is Angel, which comes in at number 30.

Another Leading Role

A Puerto Rican movie “Ángel” is released this year.

National Angel Day FAQs

How popular is the name Angel in America now?

Angel’s popularity peaked for boys and girls between 1999 and the early 2000s when it reached the top 100 and 200 names, respectively. Angel is ranked 76 on the male naming chart and 440 on the girl naming chart as of January 2022.

What Japanese name means ‘Angel?’

The Japanese name for ‘angel’ is ‘Tenshi,’ and is usually used as an attributive term rather than a name. However, if you find someone named Tenshi, it would be a girl as the name is not so gender-neutral in this region.

Is today the same as National Be An Angel Day?

National Angel Day and National Be an Angel Day are not the same thing. While the first was designed to commemorate all persons named Angel, the latter was established to celebrate those who are nice to others and conduct good deeds, urging others to aid anyone in need. Every year on August 12, National Be An Angel Day is observed.

National Angel Day Activities

  1. Learn about angels

    Angel would not be the heavenly name option it is today without its original divine interpretation and roots. One way to be convinced about a name is to find significant figures related to such a name. Today you can begin your search by learning more about the first angels themselves. There are hundreds of articles online concerning various angels.

  2. Discover famous Angels

    As we just established, Spanish-speaking nations have a higher prevalence of the name Angel than English-speaking nations. However, there are still many famous people and fictional characters with the name Angel. Today, set a fun task for yourself and see how many well-known Angels you can find.

  3. Create some art

    There are numerous angels and angel-inspired artwork in the world today. Although most depict religious meanings, you can put your fun spin on it by creating a sketch, craft, doodle, or even painting about this name in honor of National Angel Day. Don’t forget to share your creativity and inspire others with the hashtag #National AngelDay.

5 Interesting Facts About The Name Angel

  1. There are numerous variations

    There are other variations of the name Angel, like Angelo and Angelino, that are not just found in Spanish and English.

  2. A boost in ranking

    When the T.V. show “Angel” aired in 1999, there was a boost in ranking, specifically for boys, with the turn of the century bringing it to the top 100.

  3. Fictional characters

    There are several movies, cartoons, and game characters named Angel, like in “X-Men: First Class” and “Dexter.”

  4. Other names can mean ‘angel’ too

    Other names, many of which are already names of angels like Gabriel and Raphael, can be translated directly to mean ‘angel.’

  5. Surnames are just as popular

    Angel is a surname used by many well-known people, including Asher Angel, Jack Angel, and Mark Angel.

Why We Love National Angel Day

  1. It holds a divine meaning

    One notable thing about this holiday is that it holds a divine significance. Even though this day honors the name Angel, it also makes us think of the celestial beings the term is associated with.

  2. It boosts popularity

    The name Angel has dwindled in popularity over the last few decades, regardless of its profound meaning. National Angel Day can serve as an inspiration for expecting parents, thereby increasing the popularity of this name.

  3. It celebrates a name

    This day is all about appreciating the name Angel and all its bearers. Our names are a part of who we are, and everyone should be able to have theirs celebrated.

National Angel Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 April 16 Sunday
2024 April 16 Tuesday
2025 April 16 Wednesday
2026 April 16 Thursday
2027 April 16 Friday