National Ashley Day - Treasure the moments with the Ashleys in your life this National Ashley Day.

National Ashley Day 2025 – February 6, 2025

National Ashley Day is celebrated every year on June 2. We all know at least one (or several) Ashleys. The name Ashley is easy to pronounce, sounds elegant, and is a hit in almost every English-language-speaking nation. Interestingly, it is one of those rare names that have sustained its popularity over the years. Although a unisex name, more girls than boys are likely to be named Ashley. It is also a common middle name and a rare surname too. It’s a common name in pop culture as well.

History of National Ashley Day

The name Ashley is of Old English origin and means “ash tree.” It was originally a surname attributed to a person who lived near an ash tree clearing. It comprises the Old English words ‘æsc’ and ‘leah.’ Thus, anyone living in one of the numerous places in southern and central England, close to a forest, would be named Ashley. How cool is that!The name of Captain John Ashley appears in the Virginia Charter of 1609. For more than two centuries, his descendants settled around Norfolk, Virginia. A part of the family settled in Pittsburgh in the early 19th century. From there, Ashley might have become a popular surname. Ashley was incredibly popular in the 1990s, especially when it ranked number one in 1991. Since then, its fame dwindled slightly but is still fairly popular. Some notable personalities include Ashley Benson, Ashley Greene, Ashley Monroe, Ashley Tisdale, Ashley Olsen, Ashley Judd, and many many more! Interestingly, Ashley has also been in huge demand in pop culture, appearing as a character name in “Recess,” “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” “Criminal Minds,” “Young and the Restless,” and “Once Upon a Time.”According to Social Security Administration data, Ashley has somewhat decreased in popularity today. It held a position in the top 10 names list until 2006, the top 50 names list until 2013, and the top 100 names list until 2016. Despite the bump in its popularity, Ashley has stayed in the top 200 names list and continues to be more popular than its sister spelling, Ashleigh.

National Ashley Day timeline

“Full House”

Ashley Olsen stars as the character, baby Michelle.

“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

Tatyana Ali plays the role of Ashley Banks.


Pamela Adlon voices the animated character of Ashley Spinelli.

“High School Musical”

Ashley Tisdale stars as Sharpay Evans.

National Ashley Day FAQs

What are the usual nicknames for someone named Ashley?

Some of the nicknames for someone named Ashley are Ash, Asher, Dashley, Lay Lay, Lee, and Leigh.

Does the name Ashley have any variants?

Some variants of the name Ashley are Aisling, Ashleigh, Ashlea, Ashlee, Ashli, Ashlie, Ashly, Ashlyn, Ashlin, and Ashlynn.

Is Ashley a common surname?

In the United States, 39,792 people were recorded as having Ashley as their last name which makes it the 725th most popular surname in the country.

National Ashley Day Activities

  1. Watch a show that has an Ashley in

    Celebrate National Ashley Day by watching a fun show that features a character named Ashley. You would be spoilt for choice as there are so many cool shows out there that you can check out like “Recess,” “Criminal Minds,” “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” “Young and Restless,” and so many others!

  2. Celebrate Ashleys

    Ashley is a much-loved name and we all know an Ashley or two! On National Ashley Day, tell the Ashley in your life how much you love them and write them a thank you note for being there for you.

  3. Give a shoutout on social media

    Not a lot of people know about National Ashley Day. Get more people to become aware of it by giving all Ashleys a shoutout on social media.

5 Interesting Facts About The Name Ashley

  1. It is an old name

    The name Ashley first appeared in use in England in the Middle Ages.

  2. One of the first settlers in America

    Ann Ashley was recorded as having arrived in America in 1623.

  3. It was a boys’ name

    The name Ashley was used only for boys from 1917 until 1938.

  4. Ashleys are all things good

    Ashleys are believed to be intellectual, thoughtful, and introspective.

  5. Ashley Olsen is one of the richest Ashleys

    She and her sister Mary-Kate are valued at $300 million.

Why We Love National Ashley Day

  1. It’s a popular name

    Ashley has enjoyed popularity since the 1900s so much so that it was the most popular name in 1991! On National Ashley Day, we celebrate a name that is timeless and continues to be loved.

  2. Beloved namesake characters

    Another great thing about the name Ashley is how it is such a favorite choice for fictional characters! From cartoon shows to crime dramas, we all have a fictional Ashley whom we love.

  3. We love our Ashleys

    But most importantly, National Ashley Day is all about celebrating our beloved Ashleys who are generous and kind. It is a day to celebrate their wonderful presence in our life.

National Ashley Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 February 6 Monday
2024 February 6 Tuesday
2025 February 6 Thursday
2026 February 6 Friday
2027 February 6 Saturday