National Back To School Prep Day - Do you have all the supplies that you need? Is the homework station set up?

National Back To School Prep Day 2024 – August 15, 2024

National Back To School Prep Day on August 15 captures the exciting new beginning that is the start of a new school year. Whilst you have no doubt been enjoying the fruits of the summer, this day is your opportunity to begin planning for the school year ahead. Do you have all the supplies that you need? Is the homework station set up? Now’s the time to be thinking about this stuff. For many of us, this coming school year will start on a different foot, with the pandemic meaning that there’ll be lots of virtual classes and hybrid learning. Education experts Brainly are tracking the largest school districts across the country to see what some of the most influential leaders in education will decide for their communities this fall. Take a look at the tracker to find out the latest updates. Whatever your circumstances it’s important to prepare adequately and be organized so that everyone is set up for a successful school year, and that’s why National Back To School Prep Day is here. You’ve got this!

National Back To School Prep Day FAQs

What online learning tools are available for my children?

We recommend Brainly as it is the online equivalent of a real-life study group and they do an excellent job of connecting students and parents with subject experts. 

What should be on my back to school checklist?

All of the learning resources such as pencils, books, and laptops. Once you have purchased all the necessary bits, you should also ensure that your children are establishing a suitable routine and that they have a suitable learning command center at home.  

How long is the school year?

In the United States, the academic year typically has around 180 school days.

National Back To School Prep Day Activities

  1. Get School Supplies Ready

    Find out what's on your school supply list and any other things you might want to consider purchasing. Special COVID-19 considerations may include facemasks, hand sanitizer, and blue light glasses to protect eyes while learning online.

  2. Create Your Learning Command Center

    This is a distraction-free area for your kids to do their homework and online classes whilst being able to stay completely focused. We know how hard it can be to keep kids’ attention on learning, so this is an important area that offers them everything they need such as textbooks, laptops, pens, and paper.

  3. Establish A Routine

    You don’t want the first day of school to arrive and find yourself caught unprepared. Start adjusting sleep patterns and creating a morning routine ahead of time, so when that exciting first day arrives both you and your kids are ready and raring to go.

5 Incredibly Useful Back To School Resources

  1. Brainly

    Brainly is the world’s largest online learning community with over 15 million monthly users in the U.S. The homework help platform connects students and parents to peers and subject matter experts to help them get unstuck on tough problems and go from questioning to understanding, and beyond. This will be particularly helpful for students with questions that they aren’t sure how to answer; the site essentially acts as the online equivalent of a real-life study group.

  2. Red Laser

    Red Laser is a great resource that helps you save time and money on back-to-school shopping. All you have to do is scan the item's barcode for it to compare online and in-store prices to locate the best deals.

  3. Book Creator

    This app is a simple way for students of all ages and levels to make their own ebooks. It’s a particularly useful tool for supporting students and schools that will be partaking in virtual learning due to COVID-19.

  4. Duolingo

    Duolingo is a great free resource to help your children with learning the basics of a new language. You could even learn along with them.

  5. Remember The Milk

    This website allows you to set up a family calendar that can be synced with Google Calendar. You can outline specific duties and assign tasks with specific time frames. Best of all is that all the family can see it.

Why We Love National Back To School Prep Day

  1. It’s a chance to build your children’s excitement

    That first day back at school is always a special feeling. The summer holidays feel like a lifetime when you’re young and going back to school can feel like it has come a bit out of the blue. This is a great chance to prepare your kids for what lays ahead and get them excited. It’s even more important this year as you may need to let them know about any new things that they should expect as a result of the COVID pandemic.

  2. The memories

    Going back to school is a chance for the family to collect some happy memories. Make sure you take plenty of photos of their first day back and make it feel like a special occasion.

  3. It’s a chance for the parents to prepare

    Back to school prep isn’t just about getting your kids ready, it’s about getting yourself ready too. You can start thinking about things such as meal prep and your own routine.

National Back To School Prep Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 August 15 Tuesday
2024 August 15 Thursday
2025 August 15 Friday
2026 August 15 Saturday
2027 August 15 Sunday