National Band Director’s Day - This National Band Director’s Day, let’s honor those who are passionate about music and have dedicated themselves to teaching it to others.

National Band Director’s Day 2024 – May 20, 2024

National Band Director’s Day, which is celebrated on May 20, honors the school band directors and conductors who work hard to make students’ experiences at sporting events greater and teach music to budding musicians. The day is an opportunity to thank band directors and recognize the long hours they put into their work. Football games just wouldn’t be the same without the great music played by the school band!

History of National Band Director’s Day

Band Directors do more than just assemble the school band and create music. Making sure that the students selected for the school band can all synchronize with each other, monitor their performances, and oversee rehearsals are all part of the Band Director’s job. They are also responsible for some tasks behind the scenes such as budget planning and recruiting.The National Band Association was founded on September 11, 1960, and is the largest professional organization for bands in the world. Its purpose was to not only promote music, but also its educational significance. Music does make learning fun, and school events just wouldn’t be the same without the school band providing some awesome background music. The organization is dedicated to achieving the highest level of excellence for band music and has set the standard. It is open to everyone interested in music and bands, with or without experience. Their member roster includes a diversity of students and professionals, all together for the love of music.On National Band Director’s Day, schools, students, and parents thank band directors who work hard to bring out the inner musician in students and pave the way for them to become musical prodigies. The day recognizes their hard work and promotes band performances at schools throughout the country. The quality of band music is promoted, and it is also a day for students to consider joining the school band to recognize their potential.

National Band Director’s Day timeline

15th Century
Early Conductors

Performances at the Vatican are assembled by slapping a roll of paper (instead of a baton) to maintain order and an audible beat.

17th Century
Change of Roles

The role of the key musician evolves to not only compose music but also to lead and conduct, usually from the composer-performers chair.

19th Century
A New Musician

A new type of musician emerges, the composer-conductor.

September 11, 1960

The National Band Association is founded.

National Band Director’s Day FAQs

What does a conductor do in a band?

The conductor balances the music and keeps it going at a steady pace.

Do musical conductors have to do anything?

Without musical conductors, the influence of one band member playing may overpower the rest.

What is a conductor's music stick called?

The music stick used by the conductor is called a baton.

National Band Director’s Day Activities

  1. Honor a band teacher

    Express your gratitude toward your band teacher. Surprise them with a meaningful gift.

  2. Celebrate in your school

    Have a fun National Band Director’s Day celebration at your school! If you can manage, arrange for a little ceremony with faculty and students present.

  3. Give your band director a shoutout

    Band directors are the unsung heroes of school events. Give your band director a shoutout on social media for all their great work and even greater music!

5 Facts They Don’t Tell You About Being A Band Director

  1. It’s not just about football season

    When football season is over, the band directors take it indoors to practice music with their bands for other events.

  2. Having a musical instrument is disciplinary

    The best way a band director can maintain discipline during practice is to ensure that the students are focused on playing the musical instrument; this way none of the students can chatter or mess around during a session.

  3. The first music session is difficult

    The first day band directors hear their students play sometimes makes them want to pull their hair out.

  4. They set up practice

    Band directors are in charge of setting up the chairs and stands, followed by tearing them down after practice.

  5. They need to protect their hearing

    Band directors often suffer from hearing loss after years of teaching.

Why We Love National Band Director’s Day

  1. Band directors finally get some spotlight

    There are national days for doctors, engineers, computer scientists, and more. It is great to see professionals such as band directors get their own day!

  2. Band directors are mentors

    Band directors are teachers and mentors, who have guided students through school life. They have helped students deal with difficulties by channeling their emotions into music, and we love them for it.

  3. Band directors are true music education advocates

    Most youngsters are fans of pop music and instrumental music no longer holds as much sway today as it used to in the past. Band directors need to be given due credit for keeping the passion for instrumental music alive among children.

National Band Director’s Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 May 20 Saturday
2024 May 20 Monday
2025 May 20 Tuesday
2026 May 20 Wednesday
2027 May 20 Thursday