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National Beer Day 2025 – April 7, 2025

Every April 7 is National Beer Day, a time where we can raise a toast to the oldest and most venerable of all beverages. People have been making beer for over 5,000 years; in fact, the oldest recorded recipe we know of is for beer.

When is National Beer Day 2025?

Cheers to National Beer Day on April 7! No matter how you pour it, a love of beer is shared by enthusiasts on this day.

History of National Beer Day

Beer is the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic drink, and it’s easy to see why. It comes in hundreds of types, flavors, and proofs. People have been drinking it for thousands of years; scientists have found evidence of beer production dating to 7,000 BC. Ancient Mesopotamians wrote poems about it, and considered it proof of divine existence. The Ancient Egyptians used it in a number of religious ceremonies. In Medieval Europe, monks made beer their monasteries, elevating the craft of brewing to an art form. Today, only water and tea are more widely consumed than beer, and over 35 billion gallons of beer are produced worldwide per year. National Beer Day celebrates the day in 1933 that the Cullen-Harrison act was signed into law, reversing the prohibition on selling beer in the United States. In 2009, a Virginian man named Justin Smith decided to commemorate this historic day, and created his own unofficial National Beer Day. Since then, it has been recognized by the state of Virginia, and unofficially by millions of brew aficionados nationwide.One of the best things about beer is the sheer number of varieties that exist. IPAs, Pilsners, Stouts, Sours… the list goes on and on. In terms of alcohol content, beer usually ranges between 4-7% ABV, meaning you can sip a cold one on a hot summer day without much worry of intoxication. Last but not least, it’s sold in six-packs, so you can share with your friends!

National Beer Day timeline

11000 B.C.
Pioneering the Pint

Early humans begin producing beer-like beverages in the ancient Middle East.

The Pursuit of Hoppiness

Germans in the Bohemian region perfect the process of flavoring beer with hops.

The Beer Boom

The invention of the steam engine kicks off the Industrial Revolution, and changes the way beer is produced.

A Brew Era

Craft breweries start opening in the United States at an exponential rate.

Traditions of the Day

Cheer “Bottoms up!” with your pals on National Beer Day! Traditions on this day include having a good time and making great memories over servings of beer. Some people have made it an annual tradition to celebrate Beer Day by buying a round for their friends. These fun times make their way to social media with popular hashtags that you can find at the bottom of this post.Festivities beyond the regular ‘Happy Hour’ take place in breweries and pubs, with great specials and offers. Some places take it up a notch and serve beer in custom-designed glasses and offer beer on the house! Of course, beer can’t be enjoyed without the bartenders and waiters who provide quick service and great conversation, so tipping them generously and verbally showing them some appreciation is encouraged.  

By the Numbers

$40.2 billion – the gallons of beer consumed every year all over the world.

68.9% – the percentage by which brewing jobs increased in the U.S. since 2016.

4,613 – the number of dollars contributed towards the economy by the beer industry in 2018.

812 – the number of people employed by the beer industry.

8.4 million – the price of the world’s most expensive beer – Allsopp’s Arctic Ale.

2–7 – the number of dollars contributed to the U.S. economy by Oregon’s beer industry.

74.7% – the percentage of gross domestic product the beer industry in the U.S. contributed in 2018.

60.5% – the number of people who work in malt-beverage retailing.

50 billion – the temperature at which lagers should be stored.

8% – the percentage decrease in the risk of developing kidney stones by drinking beer moderately.

National Beer Day FAQs

What’s the difference between types of beer?

There are many differences between types of beer, but the main ones are taste, color, and ABV. Try different varieties of beer to find the one you like best, and then explore within that genre.

What’s an IBU?

An IBU, or international bitterness unit, is a measure of a beer’s bitterness. The lower the number, the less bitter.

Are there discounts for this holiday?

Yes! Many bars and specialty beer shops recognize April 7th as National Beer Day, and run promotions and sales accordingly. Stop by your local beer haven and ask them for details.

National Beer Day Activities

  1. Head to a craft beer bar

    These days, there are tons of venues serving local and regional specialty brews. These establishments are on top of the beer scene, and have constantly rotating menus, so check back in often to see what’s new. 

  2. Tour a Brewery

    Brewing beer is half science, half art. Taking a tour of a local brewery will help you appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating your favorite IPA or stout. Added bonus — there are usually free samples.

  3. Pick up a variety six-pack

    Maybe you feel like enjoying your beer in the comfort of your own home, or around a backyard fire. That’s fine — most beverage distributors or specialty beer stores allow you to create a mix-and-match six-pack for you to take with.

5 Beer Facts From Around The World

  1. BYOB

    Per capita, the Czech Republic consumes the most beer of any country.

  2. Booze on the go

    In many countries, including Belgium and South Korea, fast-food restaurants serve beer.

  3. Hoppy birthday!

    In England, it is common for boys to drink a “yard” of beer on their 18th birthday — three pints, end-to-end without, stopping.

  4. Beer and cheese

    Milwaulkee, Wisconsin, calls itself the beer capital of the world, hosting America’s four largest breweries.

  5. Beer as old as time

    The oldest continuously operating brewery is found in Austria, and opened its doors in 1040.

Why We Love National Beer Day

  1. There are tons of beers to try

    Now more than ever, there are an endless variety of beers hitting store shelves. Experimenting with a crazy new brew can be a lot of fun.

  2. Beer is communal

    As one of the most widely consumed drinks in the world, it’s easy to find someone to clink bottles with. Beer pairs nicely with almost any social gathering, because there’s a beer for almost everyone.

  3. Beer can be healthier than other alcoholic beverages

    With a lower alcohol content than wine or liquor, beer can be a safer and healthier choice for those looking to imbibe, but not overindulge. Enjoy a brew or two without much fear of a nasty hangover. 

National Beer Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 April 7 Friday
2024 April 7 Sunday
2025 April 7 Monday
2026 April 7 Tuesday
2027 April 7 Wednesday