National Body Language Day - National Body Language Day aims to make us understand the people around better us as it brings awareness about nonverbal communication.

National Body Language Day 2024 – October 4, 2024

National Body Language Day usually occurs on the first Friday of October. This year, it falls on October 7 . This day intends to make people realize the power of body language as an important mode of communication. Be it a relationship with little verbal communication or something our pets want to convey, body language is too significant to ignore. One can easily learn it by doing research, watching YouTube videos, or attending TED Talks.

History of National Body Language Day

Body language is a form of communication in which physical behaviors instead of words, are used to express information. This includes facial expressions, postures, gestures, eye movements, touch, and the use of space. Body language is all about nonverbal communication, which is far more effective than verbal communication.Many a time, body language can become the preferred method of communication, particularly when there are language barriers or when you have to communicate with people who are either disabled or face issues with verbal communication.International body language expert Blanca Cobb is the reason we celebrate National Body Language Day. It is a known fact that body language fascinates people, and we want to learn how to read and use it to understand one another better. Cobb has been working in the field since 2010 and has analyzed the body language of celebrities; offered her services in legal cases, and dating and relationship studies; and offered incredible insights regarding networking. She stressed the importance of making body language day a national holiday to highlight the importance of nonverbal communication and help people better understand it.Contrary to common belief, body language is not reserved for humans. Animals, too, make use of body language to express themselves, and sometimes, in comical ways. So, next time your dog is rolling in an odd way or your cat decides to jump onto your lap after years of ignoring you, think about what it means in terms of body language and you will have all the answers!

National Body Language Day timeline

What Do We Call It?

The term ‘Kinesics’ is first used by anthropologist Ray Birdwhistell to interpret body motion communication.

The Distance Between Us

American anthropologist and cross-cultural researcher Edward T. Hall introduces ‘proxemics’ which is the study of distances between people as they interact with each other.

Body Language Pops Up

Singer and pop sensation Kylie Minogue releases her ninth studio album, “Body Language” as a social commentary on culture, flirtation, and sex.

A Best Seller

Australian body language experts and authors Allan and Barbara Peace publish their book, “The Definitive Book of Body Language: The Hidden Meaning Behind People's Gestures and Expressions.”

It’s Official

Body language expert, Blanca Cobb, and founder of TruthBlazer LLC, officially establish the National Body Language Day.

National Body Language Day FAQs

What are the four types of body language?

Everyone expresses their body language by using movements that are light and bouncy, soft and fluid, dynamic and determined, or precise and bold. Each of these four movements has a different meaning and can help interpret what someone is thinking or feeling.

What is considered good body language?

Good body language is positive body language that puts people at ease. This includes likeability, dignity, and openness. We communicate easily with those who display such positive body language.

What are negative gestures?

Defensive body language, such as movements and gestures that indicate insecurity, is negative body language. When people come across as being closed-off or hostile, it puts us off and shuts the passage for further communication and friendship.

National Body Language Day Activities

  1. Learn more about body language

    Various resources are available on the topic of body language. You can watch some YouTube videos and listen to some informative audio content to teach yourself some basic body-language interpretation.

  2. Analyze the body language of your friends and family

    This is a fun activity to do with your family and friends. Read up on the basics of body language, kinesics, and proxemics, and take what you learn to see how your loved ones interact with one another in terms of nonverbal ways.

  3. Spread the word on social media

    To discuss some hilarious body language interactions you’ve experienced, you can tweet your experiences with #NationalBodyLanguageDay. Post on Facebook, or start an Instagram image collection.

5 Insane Facts About Body Language

  1. Smiles can be deceptive

    There are over 19 different ways one can smile, but scientists believe that only six are for happiness.

  2. Eye contact can lead to trouble

    Unbroken eye contact is considered aggressive and confrontational, especially in Asian, African, and Latin American countries.

  3. Men express discomfort differently from women

    Typically, men tend to touch their faces when they feel uncomfortable, whereas women choose to touch their necks, jewelry, and hair.

  4. A shortcut to being attractive

    When people tilt their heads, they come across as more attractive to some.

  5. It’s made the record books

    Holding your arms behind your back indicates that you don’t want to be approached.

Why We Love National Body Language Day

  1. It can teach us about other people

    People are so incredibly different and have different ways of expressing themselves. By reading up on body language and observing more people, you can understand how non-verbal communication works.

  2. It helps us understand how we are perceived

    By learning about body language, we can also understand and become aware of how we are perceived and how our actions express what we are feeling. By learning cues and understanding our behaviors, we can reflect what we feel inside, to a good extent.

  3. It is a good way to interpret animal behavior

    For centuries, people have wanted to understand and communicate with their pets. Body language is the key to understanding their messages. By studying their body language, we can finally understand why they choose to act the way they do.

National Body Language Day dates

Year Date Day
2022 October 7 Friday
2023 October 6 Friday
2024 October 4 Friday
2025 October 3 Friday
2026 October 2 Friday