National Charles Day - On National Charles Day, join us and learn all there is to know about bearers of this name. If you are a Charles or you know one, tag them and let us all join in the celebrations.

National Charles Day 2024 – November 16, 2024

National Charles Day is observed on November 16 annually. It is a day dedicated to celebrating and increasing awareness of the name ‘Charles.’ This day also offers the opportunity to discuss famous people named Charles in the world, their contributions, and the uniqueness of their names. We also discuss the meaning of the name, nicknames, and variations. Charles is from the Germanic word ‘Karl,’ meaning a ‘full-grown man’ or ‘a man.’ William John Charles of Wales is regarded by many as the greatest footballer to ever come from Britain. Read on to get more facts about this wholesome name.

History of National Charles Day

National Charles Day is an annual event organized to dig into the roots of the name ‘Charles,’ its meaning, diminutives, related feminine versions, and what makes it precious. Charles is a masculine name rooted in the Germanic name Karl, which means ‘man.’ Others believe it comes from a common Germanic name, ‘element hari,’ which means ‘army’ or ‘warrior.’ It’s also derived from ‘ceorl,’ an old English word meaning ‘free man’; people used it to differentiate between freemen and ‘slaves’ or bondsmen.Charles became popular in Europe during the reign of Charlemagne ― ‘Charles the Great.’ He was Charles Martel’s grandson; Martel was a notable figure of the Franks. Subsequently, it became a name for kings of France, Portugal, Hungary, Spain, Sweden, and even Holy Roman Emperors. Mary, Queen of Scots, who grew up in France, introduced the name to the British royal family; however, it didn’t gain attention until the seventeenth century when Charles I, the Stuart King, bore it. Some diminutives of Charles are Chucky, Charlot, Charlie, Chas, and Chuck. The feminine forms are Charla, Charlie, Charlotte, Karleigh, and Sharla.Notable bearers of the name are Charles Darwin — an English naturalist, biologist, and geologist born in 1809. He contributed to evolutionary biology through works like “On the Origin of Species” and “Descent of Man.” Charles John Huffam Dickens, an English writer, and critic who died in 1870, is best known for his work “The Pickwick Papers,” published in 1836. Charles de Gaulle, a French army officer and statesman born in 1890 and died in 1970, led Free France against Nazi Germany in WWII. Charles, Prince of Wales, born November 14, 1948, is Queen Elizabeth II’s eldest son and heir to the British throne.

National Charles Day timeline

17th Century
The Name Becomes Popular in England

‘Charles’ becomes popular because of the influence of Charles I of England.

The Popular Book is Written

The famous book ‘A Christmas Carol’ written by Charles Dickens, which now has 13 editions, is published.

The Work by Charles Darwin

Darwin publishes his work "On the Origin of Species.

The Push by a President in Waiting

The then General Charles de Gaulle establishes 'Free France' which he uses to push for France’s liberation from the Nazis.

National Charles Day FAQs

When did the name Charles originate?

Charles originated in the eighth and ninth centuries.

What does the name Charles mean biblically?

There are no records of any Charles in the bible; however, among Christians, it means ‘strong and manly.’

How common is the baby name Charles?

Charles ranked in the top 50 most popular boy names in the U.S. in 2020.

National Charles Day Activities

  1. Celebrate all the Charles’ you know

    Rejoice with anyone named Charles. Send caring messages or anything to make them feel special.

  2. Share the beautiful findings

    Share the astonishing findings of the name with people. You can do this online or in person.

  3. Name a pet

    If you’ve got a pet, you can name it Charles. This act is a beautiful way of demonstrating your love for the name.

5 Facts About Famous Charles

  1. The most famous Charles

    The naturalist, Charles Darwin, is regarded as the most famous of all Charles.

  2. Longest serving Prince of Wales

    Charles, Prince of Wales, is the longest-serving heir apparent in the history of England.

  3. First royal birth in Buckingham Palace

    Charles, Prince of Wales, was the first prince to be born in Buckingham Palace.

  4. First Charles King

    Charles I of England is the first king to bear the name.

  5. Most famous politician

    The Belgian President of the European Union Council, Charles Michel, is the most famous politician named Charles.

Why We Love National Charles Day

  1. It makes people feel special

    Mapping out a day to celebrate people with a particular name makes them feel loved. They also feel appreciated.

  2. It celebrates people's achievements

    This day offers us the opportunity to appreciate and celebrate all people named Charles. It celebrates all their contributions to the development of humanity.

  3. It enlightens the public

    Many get to know more about the name. Its origin, meaning, variation, and nicknames get known.

National Charles Day dates

Year Date Day
2022 November 16 Wednesday
2023 November 16 Thursday
2024 November 16 Saturday
2025 November 16 Sunday
2026 November 16 Monday