National Cory Day - It's National Cory Day. Are you Cory? If yes, then it's your day.

National Cory Day 2024 – July 17, 2024

National Cory Day is celebrated on July 17. It’s a day to celebrate and appreciate all Corys around the globe. If you are a Cory, then the day is yours. If you know any Cory, tell them about this day specifically for them. Both males and females use Cory as a given name or surname, a variation of the name Cora. Cora has Greek origins, and it is the maiden name of the Goddess Persephone. Other names related to Cory are Corey, Corrie, and Kory. To all Corys all over the world, celebrate your day today.

History of National Cory Day

National Cory Day is celebrated on July 17 and appreciates all Corys around the globe. The day was picked since it was Cory Efram Doctorow’s birthday, one of the well-known Corys. Doctorow is a Canadian-British blogger, journalist, and science fiction author who began selling fiction when he was 17. Besides that, he is an activist who supports the liberalization of copyright laws, arguing that copyright laws should not be in effect unless someone attempts to sell a product under someone else’s copyright.There are other notable people with Cory as their given name, surname, and even nickname. Corazon Aquino, for example, was nicknamed Cory. Maria Corazon “Cory” Sumulong Cojuangco Aquino was the 11th president of the Philippines and was the first female president in the Philippines and even in Asia — serving from 1986 to 1992. Called the Mother of Democracy, she proclaimed Linggo ng Kalayaan — a week observed before the Philippines Independence Day to strengthen nationalism and to instill the value of freedom and democracy.Cory is a variant of the Greek name ‘Cora,’ the maiden name of the Greek goddess Persephone, meaning ‘honest’ or ‘virtuous’ in Gaelic. Derived from the Gaelic word ‘coire,’ which means ‘from the hollow’ or ‘in a cauldron,’ Cory is also a variant of the spelling Corey that is more popular. The name Cory or Corey had a gender-neutral history in the U.S. Nowadays, the name Cory is ranked relatively high as a masculine name in Northern Ireland and Scotland. To all male and female Corys around the globe, happy National Cory Day.

National Cory Day timeline

George Cory

Sir George Edward Cory, an English-born South African chemist, and historian best known for his six-volume publication "The Rise of South Africa," is born.

The Female President

Maria Corazon "Cory" Sumulong Cojuangco Aquino is born in Paniqui, Tarlac, Philippine Islands.

Cory Booker

Cory Anthony Booker, the first African American U.S. senator from New Jersey, is born.

Cory Doctorow

Cory Efram Doctorow is born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

National Cory Day FAQs

When did the name Cory become popular?

The name Cory has been popular since 1951 as a boy’s name.

Is Corey a good name?

The name Corey, a variation of Cory, is thought to denote a gift of gab — the natural ability to persuade others.

How do you pronounce Cory?

The U.K. transcription of Cory is two syllables: “KAW” + “ree.”

National Cory Day Activities

  1. Spread the word

    Many probably don't know this day exists. Tell others about National Cory Day so they can celebrate it with the Corys they know.

  2. Host an event

    If you are a Cory, you may want to hold an event inviting Corys around the neighborhood. You can then celebrate National Cory Day with your fellow Corys.

  3. Learn about the name

    As a Cory, you may want to learn about the name given by your parents, especially when there's a day to celebrate it. Or if you never thought about it. You may ask your parents why they thought about this name for you. You can also share stories with Corys about it.

5 Other Notable People Named Cory

  1. Judith Alexander Cory

    Judith Alexander Cory is an Oscar-nominated make-up artist, nominated in the category of Best Makeup in the 1994 Academy Awards for the movie “Forrest Gump.”

  2. Mark Cory Rooney

    Cory Rooney is a Grammy Award-winning American songwriter and record producer who has written and produced songs for artists, including Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, and Marc Anthony.

  3. Socorro Alicia “Cory” Rastrollo Quirino

    Cory Quirino is a Filipino television host, author, and beauty pageant titleholder — also a former licensee and national director of Miss World Philippines and Mister World Philippines.

  4. Donald Webster Cory

    Donald Webster Cory was the pen name of Edward Sagarin, an American professor of sociology and criminology and a writer whose book "The Homosexual in America: A Subjective Approach" is regarded as "one of the most influential books in the history of the homosexual rights movement.

  5. Cory Walker

    American comic book creator Cory Walker is well-known for his work on the "Invincible" television series.

Why We Love National Cory Day

  1. To celebrate Corys

    In the U.S., there have been reportedly a total of 126,466 males and 6,532 females named Cory. National Cory Day is to celebrate and appreciate all those Corys.

  2. A reason to build a relationship

    There could be a Cory or Corys who initiate holding an event to celebrate National Cory Day. It can be a chance to build a relationship among Corys.

  3. To share stories

    It can be interesting to talk about the meaning behind one's name. Some of you Corys may already know it. You can share the stories with your fellow Corys on National Cory Day.

National Cory Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 July 17 Monday
2024 July 17 Wednesday
2025 July 17 Thursday
2026 July 17 Friday
2027 July 17 Saturday