National Earl Day - Mark this day by celebrating legends named Earl who have made history.

National Earl Day 2025 – June 9, 2025

National Earl Day is celebrated every year on June 9. It is a rather unique celebration. We don’t hear the name ‘Earl’ often nowadays as it has become fairly uncommon, so through this fascinating holiday more people can be inspired to see the beauty in the name and carry the legacy forward.

History of National Earl Day

National Earl Day was created by Roger Slack in 2016 in honor of Earl Baltes. It was approved for the 2016 opening day of the Dirt Late Model Dream at Eldora Speedway, which was founded by Baltes in 1954. When the day was created by Roger Slack, he ensured that it coincided with the opening day of this prestigious dirt racing event.Earl Baltes was a bandleader who later became a dirt racetrack owner when he transformed the Eldora Ballroom into Eldora Speedway. He later expanded the track and began promoting more tracks and events. He promoted some of the highest-paying short-track races across Ohio and Indiana.In the year 2016, Eldora Speedway events were still going strong. Other events such as the World 100 and the King’s Royal, which is part of the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series, are held annually at Eldora Speedway.National Earl Day looks to celebrate all the Earls out there and some of the greatest achievements by people with that name.

National Earl Day timeline

Eldora Speedway

Earl Baltes creates the Eldora Speedway by purchasing the Eldora Ballroom.

The Eldora Speedway is Lengthened

Earl Baltes expands the track into half a mile from the initial quarter-mile length.

A Favored Track for Sprint Cars

Eldora Speedway becomes the favored track for sprint cars.

Earl Monroe and the Baltimore Bullets

Earl Monroe is the first-round pick for the Baltimore Bullets.

National Earl Day FAQs

What is National Earl Day?

National Earl Day honors famous people named Earl, along with their specific achievements. 

Who are some of the famous Earls?

Some of the most famous Earls are Earl Baltes, Earl Scruggs, and Earl Monroe, to name a few. 

Is Earl a common name now?

Unfortunately, there are not many people now with the name Earl, however, National Earl Day aims to celebrate the unique name. 

How To Celebrate National Earl Day

  1. Visit the Eldora Speedway

    Visit the Eldora Speedway sometime during June as that’s when the Dirt Late Model Dream takes place. You can attend the event with your friends and enjoy it.

  2. Read up about other famous Earls

    While Earl Baltes is quite popular and is an inspiration behind the day, you can look up other Earls. Learn about how other Earls have made a name for themselves or contributed to society.

  3. Honor anyone in your life named Earl

    Do you have a friend or family member named Earl? National Earl Day is the time to honor and recognize them. Send them a small present or a little note appreciating their presence in your life. Or find a stranger named Earl and send them a kind, anonymous message!

5 Facts About Famous Earls That Will Surprise You

  1. Earl Scruggs

    Earl Scruggs was influenced by his son’s taste in music and developed an interest in the sound of an electrified banjo.

  2. Earl Monroe

    Earl Monroe was elected into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

  3. Earl Warren

    Earl Warren headed the investigation into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

  4. Earl Baltes

    Earl Baltes created the Eldora Speedway where many events take place to date.

  5. Earl Hines

    Earl Hines was one of the most influential figures in developing the jazz piano.

Why National Earl Day Is Important

  1. It celebrates a unique name

    The name Earl is unique across the globe. Not too many people are given that name nowadays. National Earl Day is dedicated to celebrating those with this rather rare name.

  2. It celebrates genuine achievements

    National Earl Day celebrates very specific achievements attributed to some famous people with the name Earl. A particular Earl created the Eldora Speedway with his talent and passion and now it’s where his legend lives on.

  3. It’s a fun celebration

    Celebrating National Earl Day does not have to get serious. It’s a quirky celebration and can be enjoyed in several fun ways.

National Earl Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 June 9 Friday
2024 June 9 Sunday
2025 June 9 Monday
2026 June 9 Tuesday
2027 June 9 Wednesday