National Elias Day - Celebrate National Elias Day this year to embrace the essence of this unique name.

National Elias Day 2024 – June 7, 2024

National Elias Day is celebrated in full bliss on June 7 each year. Elias closely resembles the naming trends and popularity of Elijah. Since early America, both names have been around and in use when the government began documenting naming patterns. Elias was in moderate use around the start of the 20th century and has progressively declined in usage throughout the decades afterward. The name reaches an all-time low in the late 1950s before reversing direction. While not as common as Elijah or Eli on the most popular boys’ names list, Elias holds its own. The name is gradually edging onto the Top 100 list; given its present trajectory, we’ll have to wait a few years to see whether that occurs. Parents should consider Elias as an alternative to Elijah. It’s less fashionable and overdone, and it has a more pleasant tone.

History of National Elias Day

Elias is the Greek equivalent of Elijah’s Hebrew name and has the same Biblical roots. Elijah is mentioned in both the first and second “Books of Kings”. He was an influential Israelite prophet in the ninth century B.C. whose mission was to return Israelites to the worship of one God (Yahweh) and away from the pagan religions that were prevalent at the time. God personally summoned Elijah. Elijah’s name is derived from the Hebrew phrase ‘Yahweh is God’ or ‘Jehovah is Lord.’ He is regarded as having played an important role in the preservation of the Jewish religion by recognizing only one God.In 2 Kings 2:11, Elijah is whisked up to heaven by a chariot of fire and is never seen again. According to Jewish belief, Elijah is still roaming the planet and will appear when the Messiah is to be announced. Elias is also referenced in other religious holy texts, such as the Quran. In various cultures, Elias is not only a popular first name but also a prevalent last name. Like Elijah, the Prophet, Elias’s name connotes power and leadership in its bearers. Iliana is the feminine form in Greek. This is most likely why Christians identify John the Baptist, who announced the advent of Jesus, with Elijah.Elias, the Hellenized ancient Greek form of Elijah, has been around as long as Elijah and for a time superseded the name in Latin/English Bible editions. Elias, like Elijah, is making a resurgence in current use. The name has reached the top 100 in six states: New Mexico, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, California, and Vermont. These states must have missed the memo because Elias is charming for tiny boys, develops into a “cool” name for adolescents, and sounds distinct on adults. If that isn’t enough, Walt Disney’s middle name is Elias!

National Elias Day timeline

Elias Howe’s Invention

Elias Howe invents a Lockstitch sewing machine that assists in mass production.

December 5, 1901
Walt Disney is born

His son, Walt Disney born in Chicago and later becomes a pioneer in the U.S. animation industry.

March 11, 1961
Elias Koteas is Born

Koteas is born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and stars in films such as "Some Kind of Wonderful," "The Adjuster," and "Exotica.

Elias Pical Gets His “The Exocet” name

He gets his title with a left-hand punch, knocking out defending champion Ju-Do Chun.

National Elias Day FAQs

Is the name Elias in the Bible?

Elijah’s name is written as Elias in specific Bible translations, which means ‘Yahweh is my God.’ The Bible tells the account of his prophetic career in Israel’s northern kingdom under the reigns of Kings Ahab and Ahaziah.

How do you write Elias in Greek?

‘Ηλίας’ is the Greek form of the Prophet Elijah’s name. Elias is another spelling variation.

How common is the last name Elias?

Elias is the 2,074th most frequent surname in the U.S., with an estimated 14,922 people with the name.

National Elias Day Activities

  1. Show appreciation

    Show appreciation to someone named Elias. Let him know that his presence means a lot in your life, and be thankful for all that Elias has done for you.

  2. Learn the meaning behind the name

    If your name is Elias, find the best sources on the meaning behind your name. By knowing the meaning behind your name, you will be able to know more about who you are.

  3. Read a biography

    Read the biography of a famous person named Elias. Highlight the book's contents that make you feel inspired by their life stories.

5 Facts You Should Know About Elias

  1. Different language, different Elias

    In many languages, the name Elias is spelled differently.

  2. It’s a saint’s name

    To distinguish himself from the biblical prophet Elijah, Elias is often known as Saint Elias the Younger, or Junior.

  3. Mount St. Elias

    Mount St. Elias is the second highest peak in the U.S., standing at 18,008 feet or 5.5 kilometers.

  4. Ranked 956th most popular

    In the U.S., Elias is the 956th most frequently given name.

  5. 12 of 100,000 people

    In every 100,000 Americans, there are 12 people named Elias.

Why We Love National Elias Day

  1. They’re independent

    People with the name Elias have independent characteristics that tend to be on the quiet side and enjoy time away from communication. They are unique in their thinking and are often misunderstood. They tend to think a lot about their future and have visions of what it could look like.

  2. They’re ambitious

    They are people with ambitious characteristics are ambitious, dynamic, and charismatic. They have a strong desire to succeed in life. They are results-oriented and work hard to get what they want.

  3. They’re inventive

    They are people with inventive characteristics who are curious and alert, with an urge to discover new things. They enjoy being creative and looking for better ways of doing things. They often have broad interests and may try different activities or hobbies. They are often full of energy and like to be busy.

National Elias Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 June 7 Wednesday
2024 June 7 Friday
2025 June 7 Saturday
2026 June 7 Sunday
2027 June 7 Monday