National Fourth Graders Day - Let's celebrate the magic of being 9 or 10 and show what fourth graders can do!

National Fourth Graders Day 2025 – January 13, 2025

National Fourth Graders Day is celebrated on the second Monday in January, which this year is  January 9. Fourth-grade students are taking on more challenges in math, reading, writing, social studies, science, as well as art, music, world language, and physical education. They work hard, yet still are guided by a wonderful imagination. They really shine when they are in charge of their own learning and usually shimmer brightest when they are able to use their creativity along with their newly-acquired skills. Let’s celebrate the magic of being 9 or 10 and show the world what fourth graders can do!

History of National Fourth Graders Day

National Fourth Graders Day was originally the suggestion of two teachers from New Jersey, U.S. Jillian Hagberg and Donna Hennessy are both fourth-grade teachers at the Community Charter School of Paterson who begin each day by having a discussion with their students about the national holiday being observed that day. The fourth graders love learning about the various holidays on the calendar, but noticed that one holiday was missing, National Fourth Graders Day. Fourth grade is a huge transitional stage for kids. Elementary schools started getting promoted in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1647. Since then, students have been stepping their way up the educational and social ladder. In fourth grade, academic expectations take a big leap, friendships become more genuine, and personalities start taking shape. There is also more emphasis on writing in fourth grade. Along with learning different writing styles, kids have to write longer assignments and learn to be more organized. An important aspect of fourth grade is to introduce kids to the larger society — how to behave in social situations, honing their communication skills while interacting with others, creating lasting friendships, and respecting those in authority, starting with their teachers. Building close relationships with their classmates and with their class teacher becomes more apparent, as children become more aware of their surroundings. This supportive and harmonious social environment encourages character development and personality growth in children to form what is essentially the extension of a happy family.The Class of 2021This has been a school year like no other and we want to pay a special tribute to the fourth graders who have persevered through the pandemic and still created some amazing work. This photo, provided by the Community Charter School of Paterson, showcases what life has been like for the class of 2021. 

National Fourth Graders Day timeline

The First Public School

The Boston Latin School is the first and oldest public school in the United States.

Elementary, My Dear Watson

Elementary schools start getting promoted in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1647.

19th century
Class Commences

The concept of Common Schools begins — the education of pupils of all ages in a single room with a teacher present.

Education for All

The United States passes the ‘No Child Left Behind’ law reform.

Zoom Classes

The coronavirus pandemic hits, forcing fourth graders all over the country to stay at home and take part in online learning.

National Fourth Graders Day FAQs

How long should a fourth-grader read per day?

20 minutes is the recommended reading time for a fourth-grader. But more importantly, the child should be interested in the story and genuinely enjoy what they are reading. 

How old is a fourth-grader?

Fourth-graders are mostly between the age of 9 and 10. 

What is the most difficult grade in elementary school?

According to teachers, the most difficult grade to teach in elementary school is kindergarten to first grade.

National Fourth Graders Day Activities

  1. Enjoy the work of a fourth-grader

    Do research online and enjoy some schoolwork created by a fourth-grader. Take a moment to enjoy some of their art or poetry — it’s great to be reminded of the wonderful imagination fourth-grade students have.

  2. Celebrate with compliments

    Compliment a fourth-grader on their stories, poems, artwork, or whatever else they channel their creativity into. You can also have classmates compliment each other on what they like best about their peers’ work.

  3. Be yourself

    Fourth graders, just sing, dance, eat, and be full of happiness! There is always homework to complete and quizzes to prepare for, but don’t forget to have fun!

Why We Love National Fourth Graders Day

  1. Fourth graders know how to find joy in learning

    Moving on from coloring projects and simple assignments, fourth graders are really dedicated to learning and know how to make it a fun experience. They make their teachers laugh, and they play and socialize between classes.

  2. Fourth graders know how to make school an awesome place to be

    Ready to take on new challenges every day, fourth graders make school an awesome place to be simply because they are so awesome!

  3. Fourth graders are usually the oldest students in their elementary school

    We love how fourth graders help younger students in any way they can. It is great to see them take responsibility at such a young age, and will undoubtedly become great adults in the future!

National Fourth Graders Day dates

Year Date Day
2021 January 11 Monday
2022 January 10 Monday
2023 January 9 Monday
2024 January 8 Monday
2025 January 13 Monday
2026 January 12 Monday
2027 January 11 Monday