National Garfield the Cat Day - Come “shed” tears of laughter recognizing this lovable feline, as Garfield the Cat Day puts summer into full swing with lasagna and laughs.

National Garfield the Cat Day 2024 – June 19, 2024

He’s witty, he’s sassy, he’s blunt, he’s saucy…he’s, well, Garfield. On June 19, National Garfield the Cat Day celebrates the world’s most opinionated feline. With insights ranging from global politics to his infatuation with lasagna, Jim Davis’s lovable tabby cat has endeared himself to audiences of all ages around the world. So, come enjoy a few candid one-liners and some heartfelt laughs on this warm summer day, and leave admitting that, deep down, we all want to know what our pets really think about us.

National Garfield the Cat Day timeline

3100 B.C.
Cats become deities

The earliest evidence of felines as deities comes from an Ancient Egyptian 3100 B.C. crystal cup decorated with an image of the cat-headed goddess Mafdet.

June 19, 1978
Garfield first debuts

Originally rejected by the King Features, Post-Hall and The Chicago Tribune-New York News agencies, United Feature Syndicate accepted the retooled strip and debuted it in 41 newspapers.

Garfield becomes a cover cat

Garfield makes the cover of People magazine as America’s #1 personality.

Garfield becomes a high flying feline

Garfield blows up as the giant Garfield helium balloon makes its debut in the Macy’s Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade.

National Garfield the Cat Day Activities

  1. Write your own comic strip

    Learn to write and draw like the legendary Jim Davis. With sketch artists to aid in your quest for comedic brilliance, explore the comic strip world and bring your own ideas and characters to life.

  2. Try a lasagna blind taste test

    How well do you know Garfield’s favorite dish? Ricotta, sausage, squash…doritos?! Throw on a blindfold and delve into the depths of Garfield’s psyche as you try and decipher the plethora of ingredients that make our tabby cat’s mouth water.

  3. Liven up your Monday

    Ah, Mondays – what a day indeed. Can you come up with the best, worst thing about that detestable day? Have no fear, you’re in a safe place – we are all on the same side here. Let’s see who can articulate their “fondest” memory about the wretched day, and earn Garfield’s eternal praise.

Why We Love National Garfield the Cat Day

  1. Cats are sacred

    Ancient Egyptians considered cats, or “Mau,” to be sacred, and domesticated cats became known as symbols of grace and poise. If you know Garfield, then you know, without an ounce of doubt, he unequivocally agrees.

  2. Learn opinion versus perception

    An opinion is a belief regarding something, whereas a perception is how we see that belief relate to other things. Is there a difference? Ask Garfield – he’ll give you his opinion, or rather, his perspective…well, one way or another, he’ll give you plenty to think about.

  3. Laughter is the best medicine

    Enjoying a good laugh is for everyone – it relieves stress, lowers blood pressure, and fires up your immune system. What better way to stay healthy than to explore Garfield’s sardonic truisms on anything and everything, laughing all the way?

National Garfield the Cat Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 June 19 Monday
2024 June 19 Wednesday
2025 June 19 Thursday
2026 June 19 Friday
2027 June 19 Saturday