National Garlic Day - Here's another reason to love garlic: It's good for you! Spend National Garlic Day with us to learn about health benefits and cooking tips.

National Garlic Day 2025 – April 19, 2025

One thing’s obvious: There’s a certain something in the air during National Garlic Day.Did you know that Egyptians worshipped garlic as a god—and even used it as currency? That’s not all. Garlic supposedly gave strength to Greek athletes and warriors, warded off the evil eye, and protected maidens from evil nymphs. Not to mention, vampires. (Thanks, Dracula!)Just think about all the garlicky foods we love. There’s garlic bread and garlic fries for starters. If you feel as strongly about garlic as we do, celebrate with us on April 19.

National Garlic Day timeline

3000 B.C.
Let’s Trade

Upon reaching the Middle East, Indian traders introduce garlic to the Assyrian and Babylonian empires.

1325 B.C.
Garlic For the Afterlife

Well-preserved garlic cloves are present in the tomb of King Tutankhamen.

Miracle Cure

Medical books describe garlic as the best cure for smallpox.

Secret Weapon

Garlic is extensively used as a cure for dysentery and as an antiseptic during World War I.

National Garlic Day Activities

  1. Get in the kitchen

    Grab a garlic clove and get cooking! Whether you’re roasting garlic for a delicious topping or using it as a base for veggies, you’ll be cooking with what we like to call "The Gods' Ambrosia." (Okay, we don’t actually call it that, but it’s pretty darn delicious.)

  2. Take the garlic breath challenge

    This is something we just made up, but it’s the most delicious challenge you’ll ever undertake. Incorporate garlic into every meal of the day! No one will kiss you for the entire day, but it’s okay, because you’ll be eating well for every meal. (Plus, was anyone going to kiss you anyway? Just being real.)

  3. Be adventurous

    Try incorporating garlic in an unexpected way. Part of the fun of enjoying garlic is learning its different flavor profiles! Some unusual dishes include garlic ice cream, garlic rosemary almonds, garlic lollipops, garlic truffles — the list goes on. If you need us, we’ll be basking in garlic heaven.

Why We Love National Garlic Day

  1. Variety

    It can be sweet — through caramelization and roasting. It can be buttery and savory — through sautéing. It can be pungent and sharp — through slicing it raw. No matter how you slice, sauté, or roast it, garlic is a truly multifaceted plant.

  2. Health food

    Several studies have shown that garlic can reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol, both of which help improve circulation. But we’re not done — oh no. It’s also an anti-inflammatory food, which helps ease heartburn and ulcers.

  3. Flavor

    You know how sometimes when you’re cooking and realize you forgot to add seasoning, you dump salt by the tablespoon onto your food for a quick infusion of flavor? (Okay, we’re exaggerating, but you get the point.) Drop the salt and pick up the garlic! It’s a great way to add bold taste to your dishes without adding extra sodium or calories. It’s especially great for masking the bitter taste of many vegetables. Is garlic the secret to getting kids to actually eat their veggies? Probably not, but we can dream.

National Garlic Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 April 19 Wednesday
2024 April 19 Friday
2025 April 19 Saturday
2026 April 19 Sunday
2027 April 19 Monday