National Gordon Day - Wondering what National Gordon Day is? We have the answer for you!

National Gordon Day 2024 – June 29, 2024

National Gordon Day is celebrated on June 29 every year. Gordon is a reasonably popular name for children. The name is conventionally masculine, i.e., a name given to baby boys. The name was derived from the surname ‘Gordon,’ from a place in Scotland or France. The place name may have been derived from the British Celtic ‘gor’ (‘spacious’) and ‘dun’ (‘fort’). It is believed that the name Gordon was first taken up in honor of British Major-General Charles George Gordon.

History of National Gordon Day

Gordon is a name of Scottish, British, and French descent. The name was derived from the surname ‘Gordon,’ from a place in Scotland or France. The place name may have been derived from the British Celtic ‘gor’ (spacious) and ‘dun’ (fort). Today, many people have the personal name Gordon or have it as a last name.Common Brittonic is the name of the Celtic language spoken in Britain and Brittany. A language is a form of a group of languages called Insular Celtic. It is believed that Latin heavily influenced the Common Brittonic during Roman rule, which is especially true thanks to the spread of Christianity across Europe, considering that Latin was the language of the church for a very long while. Common Brittonic soon split into many other languages, known as Neo-Brittonic, like Welsh, Cumbric, Breton, Cornish, and Pictish. While it was spoken in the region for a long time, it was replaced in Scotland by Scottish Gaelic and Old English.Interestingly, some of the oldest written evidence of the language were inscribed curses. The language eventually became obsolete as it was replaced across the region by languages like Gaelic and Old English. Some languages survive in the form of loan words and names like Gordon.

National Gordon Day timeline

3400 B.C.
First Recorded Name

The earliest known name, Kushim, is recorded on a clay tablet.

313 A.D.
Spread of Christianity

Christianity begins to spread across Europe.


Major-General Charles George Gordon dies.

Gordon Ramsey

Celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsey, is born.

National Gordon Day FAQs

What is the source of the name Gordon?

The surname ‘Gordon’ is the source of the name.

Where did the Gordon clan originate?

The clan originated in the area surrounding the Scottish Borders.

How many Scottish clans were there?

Scotland has about 500 clans with members from across the world.

National Gordon Day Activities

  1. Appreciate a Gordon

    If you have a wonderful Gordon in your life, appreciate them. Pamper them with gifts or flowers and let them know you value them.

  2. Watch some “Hell's Kitchen”

    Watch a bit of Gordon Ramsey's "Hell's Kitchen" for some entertainment. It is an American reality competition cooking show hosted by Gordon Ramsay.

  3. Watch some “Masterchef”

    If the "Hell's Kitchen" high-stress environment isn't your thing, give "Masterchef USA" a try. It is also an American competitive reality cooking show where home chefs and amateur chefs can participate. Gordon Ramsay has been the celebrity judge for all its seasons.

5 Interesting Facts About Gordon Ramsay

  1. A Scott raised in England

    Ramsay was raised in Stratford-upon-Avon, England, despite being born in Scotland.

  2. He wanted to be a footballer

    Ramsay was on his way to becoming a professional footballer until he suffered a major injury.

  3. Becoming head chef

    Ramsay became a head chef at the young age of 27.

  4. He is a father of five

    Ramsay and his wife Tana have five kids together.

  5. He doesn't eat airplane food

    Ramsay refuses to eat airplane food and snacks before flights instead.

Why We Love National Gordon Day

  1. We get to know the history of a famous name

    Gordon is a popular name. It's great to find out where it comes from.

  2. It's an excuse to watch some Ramsay content

    Ramsay is an entertaining personality. We're suckers for any excuse to watch him call someone an “idiot-sandwich.”

  3. We want to appreciate the Gordons we know

    We enjoy expressing gratitude to those we care about. We welcome any opportunity to demonstrate our love for the Gordons in our lives!

National Gordon Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 June 29 Thursday
2024 June 29 Saturday
2025 June 29 Sunday
2026 June 29 Monday
2027 June 29 Tuesday