National Hug Your Dog Day - National Hug Your Dog Day means it's time you shower your very best friend with extra special love and attention. Here are ways to celebrate.

National Hug Your Dog Day 2025 – April 10, 2025

Our dogs deserve all the love and affection we can give them, which is why there’s a special day dedicated just to hugging them. It’s April 10: National Hug Your Dog Day.Hugging your dog releases a hormone in both pup and person called “oxytocin,” informally referred to as “the cuddle hormone.” Not only does a good tight squeeze strengthen your bond, it shows your pet that you care. Today is a day to celebrate your dog for all they do.So grab your dog and give them an extra cuddle today!

National Hug Your Dog Day timeline

13,000 BC
Dog #1

Scientists believe that the first pet dogs were domesticated wolves who lived with people in central Asia some 15,000 years ago.

First fire pups

Dalmatians assisted firefighters in the horse-drawn age.

The most famous dog

America's favorite border collie bounded into our hearts when Eric Knight published "Lassie.

Humane Society founded

On average, the Humane Society saves about 1.6 million dog lives each year.

Emotional support pup

A federal housing law allows emotional support and guidance dogs to bypass "no pet" restrictions in public housing.

ThunderShirt invented

This invention is a stylish vest designed to hug your dog very tightly during stressful situations, such as thunderstorms.

National Hug Your Dog Day Activities

  1. Go for a walk

    Take your dog for an extra long walk today or even to a local dog park. After seeing how happy it makes them, you’ll be wondering why you don’t do it more often.

  2. Go on a doggie date

    Bring your pup to a dog-friendly restaurant. Some have special treats so that you can dine together. If they’re an extra good dog, take them out for some ice cream after; just don’t give them too much.

  3. Celebrate dog history

    In honor of your pet on this sacred day, hold them tight, give them an extra long belly rub and cuddle them on the floor or couch while you watch your favorite dog movie together. From "Lassie" to "Scooby Doo," there are so many famous doggies to celebrate.

Why We Love National Hug Your Dog Day

  1. Dogs deserve a special thank you

    In addition to being unconditional lovers and expert cuddlers, dogs serve humans in many ways by holding important jobs, including jobs that humans are physically incapable of doing, such as sniffing for drugs and bombs.

  2. Dogs love to be loved

    Historically, dogs are pack animals which is why they hate being alone. Hence the barking, howling, and chewing on your favorite shoes when you’re not home. When you adopt a pet, you are their pack, so cut them some slack for forgetting personal space and give them an extra tight squeeze on National Hug Your Dog Day.

  3. Dogs are grateful

    Just you coming home is enough to make their day — especially on National Hug Your Dog Day. With many dogs, just the mention of the word "walk" is enough to get their pulse racing.

National Hug Your Dog Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 April 10 Monday
2024 April 10 Wednesday
2025 April 10 Thursday
2026 April 10 Friday
2027 April 10 Saturday