National Jacob Day - National Jacob Day is a celebration of all the people named Jacob. Go out and appreciate your Jacob!

National Jacob Day 2025 – March 23, 2025

National Jacob Day celebrated on March 23 every year is a special celebration that appreciates, honors, celebrates, and shines the spotlight on everyone named Jacob around the world. Do you know how many people are in the U.S. named Jacob? There are more than 270,000 people in the world named Jacob. Yes, Jacob is one of the popular names in the U.S., and statistically, it is the 259th most popular first name. So, what is the meaning of the name Jacob? Were there any significant personalities in history who carried the name, Jacob? Read on to know more.

History of National Jacob Day

The origin of the name Jacob goes a long way back. The name Jacob is a cognate of James, which is derived from the late Latin ‘lacobus,’ which is, in turn, the name of the Hebrew patriarch, Jacob, the son of Isaac and Rebecca. In the ‘Old Testament,’ Jacob was one of the most important patriarchs of the tribes of Israel. The name Jacob has several meanings. The most common ones are from the Hebrew root ‘qb’ meaning “to follow,” “to be behind,” and “to supplant, circumvent, assail, overreach.”Jacob is traditionally used as a boy’s name. However, feminine suffixes like -ina or -ine, are added to create girl names such as Jacobina or Jacobine. There are many variations of the name Jacob. Some of them are: Jakob, Jakobus, Chacobo, Chaime, Yaqub, Yaqubun, Jakobi, Jagoba, Jakub, Hakob, Yakobo, Jaak, Jaap, Sjaak, Xacobe, Yakubu, Lacobus, Hamish, Seumas, and Yaakov. Jacob has a great appeal to a range of parents, with an image of honesty and warmthSome of the common nicknames for Jacob include “Cubby” because the last syllable sound of Jacob is ‘Kub.’ Jack is a common nickname for Jacob and so are Jake and Jay. In some other languages like Dutch, Swahili, and Polish, Kobe, Kobi, and Koby are also nicknames for Jacob.

National Jacob Day timeline

The Great Mathematician

Jacob Bernoulli, a prominent mathematician, is born.

The German Folklorist

Jacob Grimm, the author of “Grimm’s Fairy Tales,” is born.

The Chess Master

Jacob Carl Rosenthal, an American chess master, is born.

The Heart-throb

Australian actor, Jacob Elordi, is born.

National Jacob Day FAQs

What did Jacob do in the “Bible?”

Jacob received a special revelation from God, as God promised him lands and numerous offspring who would prove to be a blessing to the Earth. He named the place where he received his vision, Bethel.

Is Jacob a good name?

Jacob is one of the all-time classic name choices for baby boys.

Is Jacob a unisex name?

The name Jacob is commonly a boy’s name with a Hebrew origin meaning ‘supplanter.’ But there are many variations of the name Jacob, which have been given to girl babies as well.

National Jacob Day Activities

  1. Celebrate Jacob

    The best thing you can do on National Jacob Day is celebrate with all the Jacobs you know. Do you have a friend named Jacob? Call him and let him know that you care.

  2. Treat yourself, Jacob

    Wait a minute, are you a Jacob? This is the perfect day to plan your vacation or mini-vacation. Take a break from all the routine stuff and have this day to yourself.

  3. Throw a party

    If you are a Jacob or if you know someone named Jacob, invite all your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors, and throw a party. National Jacob Day is all about having fun!

5 Jolting Facts About Jacobs

  1. It was a popular name

    Jacob was the number one popular name in the U.S. from 1999 to 2012.

  2. The 1%

    In 2012, nearly 1% of all male babies born were named Jacob.

  3. It’s still popular

    In 2020, it was ranked as the 13th-most popular name for boys in the U.S.

  4. The feminine side

    Among Jacobs, 0.1% of the population are women.

  5. It’s common in India

    Jacob is a name that is quite common in India, especially in South India.

Why We Love National Jacob Day

  1. It’s a special day

    National Jacob Day is a special day for all Jacobs. During this celebration, Jacobs fill their hearts with happiness and peace, and wish the same to everyone.

  2. It’s a day to celebrate

    Although National Jacob Day is not that popular yet, it is an up-and-coming day. So, it’s a day to celebrate, enjoy, and honor your friends named Jacob and their role in your life.

  3. Everybody is unique

    Although there are hundreds of thousands of people named Jacob in this world, everybody is unique. National Jacob Day is one such day that reminds us that we all are unique as well as connected.

National Jacob Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 March 23 Thursday
2024 March 23 Saturday
2025 March 23 Sunday
2026 March 23 Monday
2027 March 23 Tuesday