National Jude Day - Celebrate National Jude Day by appreciating and honoring anyone you know called Jude, whether ordinary or famous, fictional or real!

National Jude Day 2024 – September 19, 2024

National Jude Day falls on September 19. This holiday celebrates everyone around the world named Jude whether they are famous or not. This name has become very popular for those wanting a simple and sweet name for their child or an ordinary-sounding biblical name. It’s a great name for Christians wanting to honor their religion or for non-religious folk wanting a classic that’s not outdated or overused.

History of National Jude Day

The name Jude has origins related to Germany and Ireland and came to England in the wave of migrations in 1066 following the ‘Norman Conquest.’ It was first found in Warwickshire where it was used as a surname. The name is derived from the Old English word ‘juge’ meaning ‘judge’ and means ‘an officer of justice.’ The name spread further across the world as the English migrated to North America, Australia, and Ireland.The first name Jude is the Hebrew version of the name ‘Yhuda,’ meaning ‘praised.’ There are several variations of this name, such as ‘Judas’ and ‘Juhah.’ This name is very popular amongst Christians and Jews as there exist many religious figures with this name and its variations. Jude the Apostle is one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus as mentioned in the New Testament. The Twelve Apostles were the disciples of Jesus during the first century. They were his followers and helped teach Jesus’s message. Jude became a saint for loving Jesus and has caused many miracles. Jude confronted those that attempted to distort the message of Jesus. He is not to be confused with Judas, another one of the Twelve Apostles, who is known for betraying Jesus.The name Jude was not popular in the US until 1954. It fluctuated in the chart but grew in popularity in the late 60s after the Beatles released their hit single “Hey Jude.” The name then went back down the charts until 1999 when it again became popular due to the release of “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” starring Jude Law. Since then, this name has been a favorite.

National Jude Day timeline

1 A.D.
The Birth of the Oldest Jude

Saint Jude the Apostle is born.

The Release of a Hit Single

The Beatles release their single “Hey Jude.”

The Outstanding Movie Performance

Jude Law stars in “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” his best and most notable role.

The Youngest Goalscorer

Jude Bellingham becomes the youngest goalscorer in Borussia Dortmund at only 16.

National Jude Day FAQs

What is the name Jude short for?

Jude can be short for Judah or Judas.

Is Jude a boy or girl’s name?

Jude is originally a boy’s name but is now considered unisex.

Is Jude old-fashioned?

Jude is a classic name that first became popular in the 50s and it does have strong religious connotations. However, it’s not viewed purely as a religious name.

National Jude Day Activities

  1. Honor a Jude

    Listen to “Hey Jude,” watch “The Talented Mr. Ripley” and “The Fosters,” or read “Jude the Obscure.” There are so many great works related to this awesome name!

  2. Spend time hanging out with a Jude

    If you have a friend named Jude, spend the day doing their favorite activity. It is always a great feeling to spend time with a dear friend.

  3. Suggest the name for a baby naming

    Keep this great name popular by suggesting it to anyone you know who’s pregnant! Who knows, your suggestion may just come up tops.

5 Fun Facts About The Name Jude

  1. “Hey Jude” had a different name

    It was originally sung as “Hey Jules” but was later changed because Jude was easier to sing.

  2. It’s River Phoenix’s middle name

    If you’re a fan of River Jude Pheonix but find that River is too daring of a name, we have an alternative for you.

  3. The name inspired a book

    The main character of “Across the Universe,” a musical film inspired by Beatles’ songs, named one of its main characters Jude.

  4. Jude Law’s first name isn’t Jude

    The famous actor was born David Jude Heyworth Law but has always been called Jude by his parents.

  5. The name is becoming unisex

    While this was previously a male name, more girls are being named Jude and it’s slowly become more unisex. It can even be a nickname for Judith.

Why We Love National Jude Day

  1. It’s a sweet name

    Jude is a great name for a gentle and loving soul. This holiday may inspire people to keep it popular.

  2. It has a great history

    The name Jude has a rich history, especially with its many mentions in the Bible. This is a great name for those wanting to honor their beliefs with a sweet and short name.

  3. There are many great Judes

    There are so many great Judes out there. Take the day to celebrate all the Judes you know!

National Jude Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 September 19 Tuesday
2024 September 19 Thursday
2025 September 19 Friday
2026 September 19 Saturday
2027 September 19 Sunday