National Judy Day - It's time for National Judy Day! Learn fun facts about this name and how to celebrate if you know a Judy or are one yourself.

National Judy Day 2025 – January 20, 2025

National Judy Day is celebrated on January 20. Judy is a female name. Sometimes it’s used as a given name but for the most part, it’s used as an affectionate diminutive of Judith or Jude. As for its origin, some people believe that it’s of Hebrew origin and means ‘praised,’ while others think that it’s of English origin and the meaning is “from Judaea.” Another less common theory is that it’s an Americanized spelling of the French surname Judet, from a pet form of Jude. Alternative spellings of this name include Judee, Judeigh, Judey, Judi, and Judie.

History of National Judy Day

The name Judy was first used in the 18th century as a diminutive form of Judith. Judy was the nickname of choice for almost all the Judiths born in the 1940s and 50s when the name was most popular. In 1946, it was ranked as the 11th most popular name in the United States. Nowadays, Judiths are much more likely to be simply called ‘Judith’ or ‘Jude’.As for the original name Judith, it was used on the European continent, being carried by several European royals, such as the 9th century Judith of Bavaria. Despite this handful of early examples during the Middle Ages, it did not become common as an English name until after the Protestant Reformation, which was a widespread movement to reform the Catholic Church in Western Europe that began in 1517. It culminated in the devastating 30 Years War, which ended in 1648.In the end, Protestantism became the dominant religion in parts of Europe. This had a profound effect on given names as the names of saints fell out of favor, and names appearing in the “Bible” came into fashion. In England, Puritans embraced names from the ‘Old Testament’ in the 17th century. In that book, Judith is one of the Hittite wives of Esau. This is also the name of the main character of the apocryphal ‘Book of Judith,’ in which she beheaded Holofernes, an invading Assyrian commander, in his sleep.

National Judy Day timeline

9th Century
The Earliest Use

Aside from being mentioned in the “Bible,” in Europe, several royals carry this name, such as Judith of Bavaria.

17th Century
Puritans Embrace Names From the ‘Old Testament’

After the Protestant Reformation and the 30 Years War, names of saints fall out of favor and names from the “Bible” become more common, such as Judith.

18th Century
Judy is First Used

Initially, it’s a diminutive form of Judith.

Judy Reaches its Peak of Popularity

It’s ranked the 11th most popular name in the United States.

National Judy Day FAQs

Does Judge Judy have a daughter?

Yes, she has two daughters. Their names are Nicole Sheindlin and Jamie Hartwright.

Who was Judy Garland's greatest love?

Judy Garland had five husbands, but her longest relationship was with Sid Luft. They were together for 13 years.

Is Renée Zellweger singing in Judy?

Yes, Zellweger was singing with her actual voice in this biopic about Judy Garland. She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal.

National Judy Day Activities

  1. Spend time with a Judy

    It doesn’t matter if it’s a family member, a friend, a partner, or an acquaintance. This is a day to show her some appreciation, so make sure it shows!

  2. Have your “me” time

    If your name is Judy, it means this is your day and you can do anything you want. Take at least some hours off to relax and do something you’ve been wanting to do this week, like watching a movie. You’ve earned it.

  3. Have a Judy-exclusive night

    Something you can do if your name is Judy and you know several others is to get them all together and go out. Take them to the bar or the club, have them meet, and have fun!

5 Fun Facts About The Name Judy

  1. 463,547

    That is the approximate number of people in the U.S. named Judy.

  2. The 132nd most popular name currently

    This is according to’s statistics.

  3. California has the most Judys

    There are 57,075 people in California with this name.

  4. Many fictional characters are named Judy

    Examples include Judy Hopps, the rabbit protagonist of “Zootopia,” Judy Jetson, the daughter from “The Jetsons,” and Judy Brownlee, from the soap opera “Shortland Street.”

  5. Famous people

    Many famous people share this name — some examples are American singer and actress Judy Garland, American activist and President of NOW Judy Goldsmith, and Irish journalist and researcher Judy Dempsey.

Why We Love National Judy Day

  1. Every Judy deserves love

    Some Judies out there may be feeling down today. This day is a good excuse to cheer them up if they need it.

  2. We love the name Judy

    We’ve already mentioned how the name means ‘praised.’ However, we also like Judy because it’s short, cute, and unique, as it’s not very popular nowadays. It gives off the vibes of a person who is good-natured and happy.

  3. It’s a day to think about famous Judies

    There are even more famous people named Judy that we didn’t mention, both real and fictional. Perhaps you’re a fan of Judge Judy? Or feminist artist Judy Chicago? You could use this day to enjoy their work.

National Judy Day dates

Year Date Day
2023 January 20 Friday
2024 January 20 Saturday
2025 January 20 Monday
2026 January 20 Tuesday
2027 January 20 Wednesday