National Kimberly Day - If you are a Kimberly, Kimberli or just plain Kim, today is all about you.

National Kimberly Day 2024 – October 11, 2024

It is hard to imagine that there are website pages solely dedicated in pursuing information on one subject only — anyone named Kimberly. People discuss how to correctly spell Kimberly, with or without an “ly” or perhaps adding just an “i” at the end. (Yes, really, they discuss this.) It’s the one place that famous Kims like Kim Novak, Kim Kardashian and Kim Jong-Un can safely share space. If you are a Kimberly or a Kimberli or just plain old Kim — National Kimberly Day on October 11 is all about you.

National Kimberly Day timeline

Kimberly was a pretty popular name

​If you are named Kimberly and you are 48 years old, there are more than 34,116 people just like you — so feel secure in the knowledge that you will never be alone.

​Kim Fields joined "Facts of Life" on NBC

​Kim Fields, as Tootie, was a regular on the "Facts of Life" sitcom.

​L'il Kim's new album rocked the Billboard 200

​Controversial rapper and all-around troublemaker L'il Kim released her second album "The Notorious K.I.M" — coming in at a respectable number four on the Billboard 200.

​​Kim Cattrall won a Golden Globe

​Actress Kim Cattrall walked away with a Golden Globe for her role in "Sex and the City.

Kim Yuna won the silver medal

​South Korean figure skater Kim Yuna won the 2014 Olympic silver medal in the ladies' singles. (She had won the gold in 2010.)

National Kimberly Day Activities

  1. Strike up a conversation with someone named Kimberly

    Of course, in order to find a Kimberly, you have to talk to a bunch of people during the search. Although the statistics state that one in every 66 Americans is named Kimberly, think of this as a novel way to meet new people. Whether or not you find a Kimberly is not the point. On the positive side, this could be a win-win situation where you make new friends and influence people.

  2. Make some Kimberly graffiti

    You know you want to do something different, maybe even a little reckless. How about coming up with some graffiti dedicated to all the Kimberlys in the world? Go ahead — bring out your inner Banksy and write Kimberly over and over again on every edifice you can find. (Make sure it's artsy — and legal, of course.)

  3. Create a new dish named after Kimberly

    Cook a dish and name it Kimberly something. The possibilities are endless. Kimberly Kardashian Corn Fritters, Kim Jong Un Black-Eyed Peas, or Kim Cattrall Salsa. Think outside the box. Impress your Kimberly with exotic flavors and sensual textures.

5 Kimberly Ice-Breakers For Your Next Party

  1. ​If you're an American girl, you're probably named Kimberly

    ​Since 1880, there have been 821,408 girls named Kimberly in the U.S.

  2. ​Kimberly has lots of compatible names

    ​If you aren't wild about the name, Kimberly, try these on for size — Kimberlyn, Kimberlydawn, Kimiko, Kimthu, and Kimiyo.

  3. In the U.S., throw a stone and you could hit a Kimberly

    ​For those of us who live for Kimberly statistics, there are currently 497,779 people in the United States named Kimberly and that number increases annually by 3,948.

  4. ​Kimberly may be unisex

    ​Although we tend to think of the name Kimberly as female, Kimberly was originally designated for males.

  5. ​There's a rock dedicated to it

    ​The next time you go hiking in the mountains, be on the lookout for a rock called Kimberlite which may contain diamonds.

Why We Love National Kimberly Day

  1. In numerology, Kimberly is number five

    Sometimes you have to refer back to the wisdom of the Ancients to discover what it means to be a Kimberly. In numerology, Kimberlys are people who thirst for travel and adventure in faraway places. These are renegades looking to break out of the restrictions of conformity. Number Fives i.e. Kimberlys are two sides of a coin — visionary optimists and unsettled rebels. Meet a Kim and you decide.

  2. It's an international name

    Kimberly seems to have originated from the old English meaning "fortress." Other sources point to the South African city of Kimberley, named for a Lord Kimberley, as the name's true source. Aside from that, you can find Kimberlys in France (spelled the same as in English but spoken with a French accent like that of Maurice Chevalier). There's Kimberli in Hungary and Kim as a male name in Russia which was actually Joachim and shortened to the familiar Kim.

  3. It's okay to have a nickname

    Kimberly has some cute nicknames. Consider Kim, Kimi, Kimmie and the gender bending Kym, which could allude to a male or a female. Rappers, who are always on the lookout for words that rhyme, will love that Kimberly goes with Wimberly. Okay, so it's not something that will come up in conversation every day, but hey, it could happen.

National Kimberly Day dates

Year Date Day
2022 October 11 Tuesday
2023 October 11 Wednesday
2024 October 11 Friday
2025 October 11 Saturday
2026 October 11 Sunday